Anonymous stories of a secret love

The secret love between my niece and me

This story took place in the 1990s. I waited a long time and was also somewhat ashamed how it could come to this. My wife is no longer alive, and her niece Lucine now lives in France. I have no longer contact with her; the name has been changed. The name was taken...

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Sex with my Ex

I am Julia, a woman of 35 years and live a happy life in a village in beautiful Kolding. My husband and I are well off and have a beautiful child. We are both often busy with a lot of work, and I am especially busy with the little one. My husband also has a hobby...

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Simon and his Halloween night with two girls

For years, I, Simon, have been an employee at an amusement park during Halloween. We are dressed up and transformed into horrible creatures for the sole purpose of scaring people and creating a real Halloween atmosphere. When the weekend gets there, I catch the train...

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He approached the good-looking optician

Being single and horny is not a nice combination. To satisfy your libido, having a partner is handy and delicious. Of course, you can go a long way with your fingers and your toys, but I obviously prefer to go for the "real thing. Unfortunately, sex partners are...

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The sexy woman from Africa

This story describes an experience years ago in Africa. I am a German man of 58 years old. My fantasy preference in this story is such a pretty dark woman. About 20 years ago I worked for an international organization advising medium-sized private companies on...

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The girl next door is also a sexy webcam model

When I have to work at home, I sit in the attic and look out over our own and the neighbors' garden. The neighbors are a couple with two daughters. The oldest girl next door is about 22 years old and quite a pretty girl. I knew she was a webcam girl (photo above) too....

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Spying through the window on naked Eileen

After finishing my education and being in a roommate relationship, I found myself on the "wrong track" in the big city. My student days had been fine, but I felt I was now done with the city, and perhaps a little annoyed by the way things had turned out. I applied for...

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I was an escort girl and I wish to go Back

Now that I have a little more time, and I'm enjoying myself quite a bit, I decided to share my wonderful escort experience with you. Lucy is my name, I'm 42 years old and mother of two children who live in rented accommodation elsewhere, since four years I'm divorced,...

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Mother and I have a Secret

When I was 16 years old, my father, a famous architect, was killed in an accident on a country drive. Our family was devastated at the time, my mother just sobbed for weeks, if it hadn't been for my grandma she would probably have completely collapsed and had no...

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