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Reward in kind from a beautiful woman

I usually join her upstairs on the second floor at my leisure, a quick kiss on her cheek and then I walk to the living room. Lina is then in the kitchen making a cup of tea. When the tea is ready, we catch up in the living room. Often it's about family troubles, work,...

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Super hot horny holiday

It was an incredibly busy period last few months. It seemed like all the losses in corona time had to be made back in six months. I did understand the pressure, especially since things could go wrong again next autumn. I also did feel that I couldn't keep this up for...

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My strange son

I'm actually a little worried about my son. Maybe they are worries about nothing, but still. A mother is supposed to worry if something is wrong with her son. Photo by Milf Soft Body. Maybe there is nothing and he just likes to be alone. He just likes to read. He just...

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Lustful fuck with a horny milf with the move

It was a long time ago. I must have been about 20 when my friend asked me if I could help him move his aunt. Of course, I agreed, and so he picked me up on Saturday morning around 8. 00 am. When he spoke of his aunt Arya, I thought of an older lady and was all the...

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I had sex with my mother’s best friend

My parents had regular parties at home and that night there was another one. I had arranged with a friend to go out, we went to a party. Photo from Lithuanian woman, Lilly. At 8 p.m. my friend called to say that she had a fight with her parents and couldn't go out. I...

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His big cock felt so good!

Hopefully you will post this story you people from Cougarfetish. It sounds a little cliché about his big cock and not so plausible, but it really happened to me yesterday and I'm still totally enjoying it. Here it goes! Just call me Cindy, German girl, even though...

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You keep looking at my sexy breasts

"I do think it's rude that you keep looking at my breasts and up my skirt." Ten minutes earlier my mother had just left, and at the same time a beautiful mature lady had sat down on the couch across from me. My mother had smiled politely at her as she left me. Read...

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Sex with my 64-year-old mother-in-Law

Hello Cougerlovers. The whole thing happened in reality. I am 42 years old German man and have a wonderful Russian girlfriend for a year, but sexually it is so-so. But my mother-in-law is complete different. Edit: photo is by Jennifer. Edit: photo is by Jennifer. I...

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Blowjob From 2 Hot Older Ladies

A story about a man on vacation in Spain who meets two older ladies. They are lesbians, but he is still able to get a blowjob after quite a bit of beer. A photo accompanying the story is of an elderly live woman, who speaks Spanish and German named Rubi It was hot....

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