Erotic stories about webcam women

Looking for an erotic story?

If you are looking for a short erotic story, or perhaps a longer and much more detailed sex story, then look no further. There are erotic stories for all tastes, orientations and all kinds of people. On CougarFetish we keep it the straight category and more "tough...

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The girl with the leather jacket

I was at a birthday party at my buddy's place in January, it was his wife's birthday. They always have very nice birthdays and a lot of their friends come, and they are all friends of the same age that I have known for at least 20 years. The same crew has been coming...

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The beautiful wide hips of an Italian camgirl

This story was created thanks to the blond DHL delivery girl who came to the door with her beautiful wide hips. A strong prick in the lower abdomen hit the men's heart. Fortunately, webcam woman Lola with her wide hips brought the helping hand. The Italian was on the...

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Leona worked online but not now

Leona worked online and her "workplace," as it is called, needed to be modernized. The photo is of a very in-demand webcam model. So is the second photo. You can see her. She sits across from him in the middle on the couch in his apartment. Leona, 39, a sturdily...

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Fantasy story about sexy webcam girl Gloria

Hi, I'm Martin and this is a fantasy story I came up with during covid. Back then I was watching a lot of webcam girl Gloria. Still do by the way, during a private show I jerk off together with her. My wife is abroad a lot. Martin sat quietly at the garden table...

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I got my first ejaculation story

I will tell you here how I got my first ejaculation, by self-help. I was about 12 years old in the late seventies and could feel that something started to happen with the boy between my legs. Over the last year I had grown hair, and I also noticed that it sometimes...

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Behind his laptop chatting via webcam

'Could you do a little softer,' 'then just turn your laptop down.ยด Fabian sits behind his laptop in semi-darkness, chatting via webcam with his wife in Austria. To finish his latest novel, he has been sent on a retreat to Austria by his publisher. Three weeks in a...

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Caught during webcamming ๐Ÿ™„

Hello dear readers, after not posting anything for a while, I would like to share something again about webcamming. My life was very wild for a while, but since I got back into a steady relationship I have calmed down again. I have been living together for quite some...

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Beautiful BBW wife Julia behind Sex Cam

My beautiful BBW wife Julia. How she changed last year from an a-sexual woman to a horny sex beast. Her hunger is not yet satisfied. In fact, her quest is far from over. If you've read this story, you'll know why. After we had visited a couple of couples clubs and...

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