A little spanking gives you extra lust!

Spanked by a stranger in our bed

The first time I had a sperm injection from another person. I had a long day at work and came home to rest. When I opened the front door, there were candles burning in the hallway and roses on the floor. I followed the trail of candles and roses into the living room....

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I’m his blowjob slut

I'm Paula and I recently started a relationship with Roger. Actually, we have a very normal and nice relationship. In general, we have an equal relationship, we communicate well, and we decide about everyday things together. We have a good and healthy sex life. We...

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Her first-time appointment for Spanking

Photo for illustration. Looking for a live Spanking Mistress of your own? Check out this strange German woman. So soon the time will come, I will meet him. I wonder what he's like. I did see a picture of him…. Still, I couldn't really tell from it what to expect from...

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Spanking on my 50-year-old Pussy

Our woman who loves spanking is Emma. You can see her live on Topless.cam With an expiry date of thirty years on my marriage certificate, the routine has begun to sink in. We still fuck, but there is not much in the way of regularity or mutual excitement and desire....

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The train Score 98%

The train

After five years of marriage, things began to slow down. My husband was busy with his work, often...