The first time I had a sperm injection from another person.

I had a long day at work and came home to rest. When I opened the front door, there were candles burning in the hallway and roses on the floor. I followed the trail of candles and roses into the living room. My boyfriend was sitting at a beautifully set table, waiting for me with a romantic meal. We ate together and enjoyed each other’s company.

After dinner, we sat on the sofa to end the evening comfortably, I thought. My boyfriend started kissing me and stroking my belly, I liked it, our kisses slowly became wilder and his hand moved to my thighs, I enjoyed every touch and just waited for him to go to my already wet hole, but he took his time and pulled up my top, there he sucked on my nipples, they were immediately hard.

His fingers slid over my wet clit. I moaned slightly, he suddenly got up and left, I had to wait for him to come back. But he called me to come to him. I got up full of anticipation and ran to him in the bedroom. He was already waiting for me by the bed and was standing in front of me, I saw his thick hard cock, I couldn’t wait to suck it, he blindfolded me and pushed me down on the bed. I felt something cold on my hand, I already knew what was coming, he tied me up, so I lay there blindfolded, my hands tied and my pussy wet.

I was excited because I didn’t know what to expect, every touch seemed more intense, it drove me crazy with horniness waiting for his big cock. He stroked my wet pussy and slowly put two fingers inside me. I started to ask him when I would finally get his cock, but he just pushed his fingers harder into my wet hole. I begged him to finally fuck me, but he just laughed and said it’s coming. He listened to my fingers and knelt next to me, I felt him press his thick glans against my lips so I could suck his cock nicely. Now I heard our doorbell, he jumped up and went to the door, I still lay naked and tied up in our bed and didn’t know to whom he was talking. The door slammed shut, and I heard footsteps coming towards me. My boyfriend sat down next to me on the bed and continued to caress me as if nothing had ever happened.

As he continued to finger my pussy, I felt another hand on my body, my nipples were being gently massaged, I enjoyed it even though I didn’t know what was happening, it made me incredibly horny. Someone was kneeling next to me again, I heard a pair of pants being unzipped, I felt a glans pressing against my mouth to blow. When I opened my mouth slightly, I quickly realized that it wasn’t my friend’s cock. It made me horny, not knowing who the unknown third party in our bed was. My boyfriend continued to finger me in the meantime, I could hardly hold back, I’m so horny as I haven’t been in a long time. The strange cock was pulled out of my mouth, I was curious what would happen now. I felt my friend coming towards me and heard his voice whispering in my ear.

Well, do you like it, bitch?

Before I could answer, he kissed me lightly and knelt beside me again. I felt his hard, thick cock, he rubbed it against my lips, I opened my mouth full of desire. I want to suck him. Just as I had his cock in my mouth, I noticed how the stranger pushed my legs apart and rubbed his bare glans over my clit, I tried to close my legs again, but the stranger wouldn’t let me, I was defenseless. My friend rammed his cock deeper into my mouth and told me, “I should enjoy how I’m going to be his slut now. When he had said it, the stranger pushed his naked cock into my tight, wet hole. He saw how I liked it. I tried to moan, but the cock in my mouth made it hard for me. I sucked, hornier than ever.

The stranger fucked me faster and faster, my friend told him to inseminate me, I tried to stop him, but he moaned and squirted his whole load into my pussy. I felt the cocks being pulled out of my mouth and out of my pussy, now the stranger was kneeling next to me, pushing his cum covered cock into my mouth to suck it clean. I licked over his glans. My friend was kneeling between my legs. He looked at my strangely spattered pussy. And he saw the strange sperm coming out of me. He rubbed his glans over my cum-filled hole and rammed his cock in with a powerful thrust.

I screamed along with him. I sucked the foreign cock again to its full length and thickness. I played with my piercing on his glans, he enjoyed it. My boyfriend fucked me with every thrust, the foreign sperm deeper into my pussy. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I came while still sucking the stranger’s cock. I noticed how my boyfriend’s cock slowly began to twitch. He moaned and squirted his cum into my pussy as well… I continued to suck the strange cock until he was about to come, he got up, kneeled between my legs again and pushed his cock all the way in.

I moaned again and enjoyed it. After only a few thrusts, I moaned loudly and came again. The stranger rammed his cock harder and harder into me. He couldn’t take it anymore and shot another load of cum into my unprotected pussy. They both got up. I heard them get dressed and leave the room. The front door slammed shut, and I heard footsteps coming into the bedroom, my boyfriend sat down next to me on the bed and asked me.

How does it feel to be his bitch? Spanked by a stranger in our bed. It was awesome… ;).