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So soon the time will come, I will meet him. I wonder what he’s like. I did see a picture of him…. Still, I couldn’t really tell from it what to expect from this man. The clock is ticking, stupidly I can’t seem to get myself to take enough action. I’m messy unorganized and doing 10 things at once. From what? Is it tension? I do feel calm actually, but I know myself. I can completely block when tense, the weird thing is just that I haven’t had this before when meeting or dating someone. We’re only having coffee, damn it. Come on now, pull yourself together….

When I get in the car I see that I am going to be fifteen minutes late. Yes, no good idea to meet with who knows your future spanker. So I email him. That I am late. No excuses yet, I’ll get to that in a minute. On the way I am stuck behind a van that is turning off and waiting far too long. Plus 3 minutes. Then I am almost in front of the garage, I seem to have forgotten my damn wallet…. So I have to drive on, outside the center to find an unpaid parking space. By the time I find it, it’s 10 minutes away. I’m already 28 minutes late. I’m still in my car, now all stressed out. I haven’t had an email back from him, wouldn’t he have left already? Parked well and truly, put everything away and calmed down, I get out of the car, start walking. It’s going to be a long walk. Especially with these heels on. Then my smartphone vibrates… Mail from him… Fuck even the subject he has changed to “Too late!” I open the mail and the first shock shoots through my stomach. “It’s 1:36 p.m.. You’re way late! Am really quite upset…that’s going to be a big spanking! Grr” I reply that I forgot my wallet, and so have to walk a bit more because of parking. With an I’m sorry and I never have.

He responds sweetly… “I’ll wait for you”. I throw another scoop of self-loathing on top and expect it will be over by now. Oh because I am so pathetic… Zoo I’ll get out of it the way I always do… I arrive at the coffee shop, don’t see him sitting on the terrace. I am having a little inside joke. Nice opening line: How well you waited for me! Very well. No, let’s not do that. A bit shy, apparently. When I walk into the tent I see him sitting there. He recognizes me immediately and stands up, embracing me with 3 kisses. He immediately responds to my being late by saying that I made him wait a long time and that I know what that means. Hmm okay I feel that in my lower belly. Yes, I do… The question is. Only threaten or execute? From that moment on, I intend to find out. I’m going to do this. He asks me if I want to sit outside, yes I do. At least there they don’t hear us as quickly as here!

Only then I feel that I am more nervous than I thought. He points out that there is a patio door there, and I walk past it, not seeing him. Once outside I see a little table in the furthermost corner of the terrace, if he didn’t let me stop I’d be right there with my butt in the rainwater on the seat of the chair. Even exchanging the wet chairs for dry ones is awkward. Inwardly I curse at myself. If he hasn’t noticed, he’s probably having fun now. Bigmouth on the mail… Yeah right… I move to the sun, he comes and sits next to me. Immediately I notice that if I want to look at him, I stare directly in the sun. Okay, why don’t I dare sit down? And no I’m not going to ask. Hell… I throw in first, already stumbling, that I was late because I was helping my mom with work tasks. That’s not entirely a lie… I do that on a regular basis. It’s just that I didn’t do it just now, but oh well. He responds positively, with some form of understanding. He asks me to tell him something about myself, outside of work. What would interest him? Where should I start? When he notices that I am stuck, he starts to tell me himself. How he came to his love for spanking. Relationship background, situations experienced, examples of games already played with spanked, etc. I relax a bit in the meantime.

He is very open, talks to me on an equal level, makes me laugh several times. What reassures me most of all is how honest he comes across. The stories he tells are not superficial, they are personal and with a lot of feeling, they can hardly be made up or cobbled together. He comes across very warmly and I begin to trust him, smile sincerely more and more often. When he switches from a story to the feeling in your underbelly at threats when you know what’s coming, he puts his hand on that spot. And yup. I know the feeling… And there it is… For the second time today. I try to keep nodding normally responding and reacting.

Would he have noticed? A moment later, an example from another story. He grips my wrist tightly, speaking to me as he did to her. And yes there it is again…. Shoot. Paying attention… Keep nodding and answering. He looks at his watch. “I really have to go, it’s been long since you made me wait 45 minutes.” Oh well of course he has to come back. I know that will be a much-discussed topic…. I’m going to enjoy it. We both get up, he says to go pay then I can go. I expect another 3 fleeting cheek kisses as in a birthday kiss, almost right. He grabs my face with two hands, indeed kisses me 3 times on the cheeks, but calmly, softly, straightforwardly, and it gives me a sense of relief. As if this is literally the sign that it was good, that there is more to come. I don’t know how quickly to get off the terrace. I wave goodbye to him, walk around the corner, grab my phone, and start an email to him. That I am positively surprised, already knew and just experienced the gut feeling, and a joke….

My lateness, whether that was forgotten and forgiven. His answer soon comes, it makes me laugh, and yup my gut reacts violently. He thanks me for the compliment. He tells me that his first impression of me (despite my last appearance) is also fine. That forgiving and forgetting is not in it, and then, a very clear outline of what he is going to do with me…. gulp For both being late and carelessly forgetting my wallet…. The appointment is soon made…2 more weeks…. 2 weeks later: the first game I drive into the parking lot, it’s +/- 5 before the appointment time. I see that the restaurant is large, I realize that it will take some time to find him, so I can start looking carefully. I’ve figured out that I’m going to greet him about 10 minutes late, as if I’m late. Why is just to see how punctual mister is…. I get out of my car, walk down the parking lot… and fuck there I see him walking. Hm how much coincidence or bad luck can you have, my little plan is off. He greets me, again with three kisses and tells me he has been there for a while.

Together we walk up the path to the restaurant, shit there is a former classmate walking out the door! Don’t worry she can’t see through anything. Just greeting… How much “coincidence” can you have? He opens the door for me. A gentleman, I had expected that too I must say. We find a spot outside on the terrace, a secluded spot. We order a coffee and him a cappuccino just like last time. He asks me if I am tense. I start to laugh. Yes of course I am tense I admit chuckling. He tells me that he doesn’t have to and he will be careful with me. Careful? I will show him that I am not such a fragile little girl… I will not say that out loud of course. It’s quarter to 3, time to go to the rented room. Shit, the tension gets high right away. We walk to his car, he opens the passenger side door for me and I get in. Beige leather upholstery… Nice! The navigation indicates it’s a fifteen-minute drive, here we go. We get out of the car, walk a bit and then ring someone’s doorbell.

A man opens the door, he welcomes him, they know each other, I knew that. I shake hands with the man, introduce myself. I feel a form of shame, although the man will probably not be surprised by this at all. Still… The fact that he knows what we’re going to do… The man withdraws, we go up 2 flights of stairs. I walk into the attic room look around me in amazement. So much SM stuff… I’m familiar with that. Strangely enough, I find what we are about to do much more exciting than when I first tried the real full sub. I also see a jar of wooden slices and paddles and a vase of whips and canes. Was he going to use something like that? He already said he was going to be very careful and keep it mostly to his hands…. His hands. I can’t help but enjoy the idea that he thinks he can make things difficult for me with those alone.

I am used to it. We talk about the surroundings we are in, he tells me again to take it easy with me, and then he asks me to take off my shoes and socks. Okay, here we go. He makes himself comfortable while sitting down, tells me to come to him. Then he puts me over his left knee. I get to lean on my hands and toes. His hands go over my still leggings clad buttocks, my dress pushed up. “So girl… Now you’re going to get what you deserve.. You’re going to get an official spanking.” Pets Okay that doesn’t hurt. coming right up. I’m not responding. Pets Pets I’m still not reacting, feel the force rising slightly. Doesn’t hurt. Oh, it’ll be fine. “You thought a hand didn’t hurt huh?

This doesn’t hurt does it?” I answer with just a no. Grinning at that, he can’t see that. “But it can be that way Carla.” Pats PEts PATS PETSS At the first one my eyes already shoot open and I bite my teeth to keep from responding. Okay, that changes things… Fuck. “That’s a little different isn’t it?” I reply with only a yes. He gives another hard slap. Hey, shit!!! “Yeah what?” he asks me, I hear a voice change come through. That one does something to me…. “Yes sir,” I squeeze out somewhat wearily anyway. “Get up.” I scramble up. “Take off your leggings, put them away right there with your shoes.” I take them off and fold them. wait… why am I folding them … I wouldn’t normally do that either. Hm. “Come over here.” As I stand in front of him it is silent for a moment. “Your dress too because you’re getting hot and you have to work in a while.” I sigh deeply but take those off too. And hop I’m over the knee again. “Stretching legs further…” I put them further back. “Even further.” I step back even further. “Good boy…” “Now legs apart.” I do that too. “Further.”

Still, I put them further apart. “I was just warming up girl…” Then the caps fall again. Harder, faster, Now sound escapes my lips too. I can’t help it fuck that hurts…. My eyes are wide open, my breath is rushed, I feel tremendous adrenaline. I also feel the rebellion rising. Then he pulls my panties between my buttocks, they are now exposed. Then he repeats the spanking, but only on my right ass. Okay, that only hurts more. Often and hard on the same spot…. “You certainly know what’s coming next don’t you Carla?” he asks. … “You certainly know what’s coming next don’t you Carla?” he asks. Left yes duh…. I remain silent. “I asked you what…” I am still silent. PETSS “Well?” I reply gruffly left. “Very well.” Then it’s the left’s turn. Ugh I have to fight it off. I make noise, come on hold on I speak to myself internally. He now slides my panties all the way off my buttocks. “Do you know why I hit this spot especially a lot Carla?” No I don’t. “Because these are the spots you’ll be sitting on again soon…” Damn… He’s right. Then I get to stand up again. He puts me against a cross on the wall, with my nose to it. “Nose to it,” he says.

Then he asks me questions. Talks down to me. I am in rebellion mode I feel it incredibly strong. He obviously does too. The persistent 1 word speaking from me, him having to repeat his questions over and over again…. The sighs when I have to answer…. “I don’t like your tone and attitude” Carla. Step back.” I take a step back. “Further.” I step further. “Even further.” Geez, what does he want. I step further. “Great. Legs apart.” Sigh. I put them apart. I feel annoyance and with that I then annoy myself again. Still, it’s like this. “Bend forward, support on the crotch.” I do that too. “Lower!” Yes if you are talking about reaching for your buttocks then this is the perfect posture say…. In this position, I do get less trouble from talking…. A slight embarrassment takes the place of that.

Again a couple of big spanks on my bottom, then I hear him do something. What I can’t tell. “Come here.” I stand up, turn around. There’s a kind of black bench ready, with a cushion that I expect I should lie on with my pelvis. And indeed. Once I’m lying down, my buttocks are once again the victims of his hands. Is he hitting even harder or does it seem that way because my buttocks are already battered? “Have you ever had to deal with the belt?” he asks me. “I can put this one exactly where I want, exactly as hard as I want…” He continues to tell me as he removes his belt from his pants. “Because I still owe you one, don’t I?” Oh watch out now he gets to the tardy part. “How much were you late last time Carla?” he asks. I don’t answer but know. 46 minutes…. Very bad actually. “Hm that was at least 10 minutes so I’m going to hit you with the belt 10 times too.” Inwardly I chuckle. 10 minutes, beautiful keep it up. I clamp down in preparation. Pets Okay I can have that one. Pets I even like him…. 8 puffs later, he switches back to his hand. When I answer again with only a yes to his question, he’s fed up. “The next time you don’t address me with 2 words, you’ll get 10x with a wooden slice and I can assure you that really hurts.” I don’t answer. “I can’t hear you Carla!” The voice immediately sounds a tone sharper. “Yes sir,” I reply.

But I can’t resist, to 1 of the next questions I answer again with 1 word. Yes, I must know to what extent I can make something? Well not much. “I always keep my promises girl…. The slice 10x, you count, understand?” Pats… “One.” Ooo but I’ll get through that. Pats “Two” Haha 8 more. I haven’t made a sound yet…. Pats Fack…. “Three” Ok so he didn’t hit hard…. Pats aii…. “Four” I can hear from my own voice that I don’t sound so steady anymore. Pats aii… “Five” It almost sounds like a sob. Come on hang in there you can do this…. Pats ….. “Six” Pats….. “Seven “That hurts huh girl?” He strokes my bottom for a moment before continuing. Pats….. Pats…. Pats I clamp my jaws together tightly, clasp my hands around the side rail of the bench. As if to bury my fingers in it…. “If you don’t count I’ll just keep going.” Oh fuck! “Eight” Pats ….. I have to swallow before I can bring it out. “Nine” Pats ….. The ten I almost throw out.
Relief overpowers the pain and I am able to control the tears. After his hand takes over for a moment more he walks around me. “Those buttocks of yours obviously still need some training girl…”

Then I am allowed to stand up again. He comes and stands in front of me, I look at the ground. He lifts my chin, wants me to look at him. I do so fleetingly but decide not to hold out. Come now that’s a sign of surrender. I focus on one point on his chest. “Just thought I’d check to see if you’ve had enough,” he says. The urge to my chin strengthens, an unspoken command to look at as yet. I don’t. “Apparently you haven’t yet.” Hey what? He shifts some kind of piano stool that I have to lie on top of. “Have you ever had it with a straw Carla?” Oh help… To reinforce his words he lets the swish be heard in the air…. And it works…. My poor tummy…. Then he Swats on my bottom…. Again and again. Oddly enough, I resist these now better than I’m used to from myself. Is it because of the build-up and amount today, I wonder? Again I am allowed to stand up. He shows me a slice. “You go over the knee one more time Carla…. We’ll finish with this one, and with my hand.” He takes a seat on a stool and again I lie across his left knee, supporting myself on my toes and hands, legs spread at his will.

On the other hand, it feels especially too fast. Pats fuck. I groan at it and hear it clearly myself. PATS, Pats, PATS like to bite through Carla come on…. Pats, pats, Pats And then I can’t hold it in I come up and…. He stops. “Come on girl… It’s done it’s good.” He pulls me into his lap. Holds me, comforting but also proud…. That’s what it feels like. I get confused by it. Huh? I’m just… How am I supposed to react? I feel tears stinging, can’t admit them yet. He puts my head against his chest, kisses me on the forehead. “You did good girl… Come on…” Then it’s time to get dressed. He sets me on my feet, holds me firmly standing once more, then lets me do my thing. We still talk there in the little attic after. According to the clock, we’ve seriously been up there for an hour…. Time to go downstairs. We say hello to the landlord, I notice that he does look at me inquisitively. This time I am not ashamed. I feel proud… I did it.