It was a hot summer day when I met Natalia Volkov for the first time.

She was a beautiful woman with long, wavy hair and a dazzling smile. I was immediately captivated by her beauty and innocent eyes. We met through an online chat room and have been inseparable ever since.

Every night we made time for each other, she would sit in front of her webcam and I would watch her dance for me in her beautiful lingerie. The way she moved, the sensual look in her eyes and her seductive body drove me crazy with desire. I couldn’t help but get a hard-on every night just thinking about her.

One night I finally decided to step up and tell her how I felt. I was tired of just watching and wanted more. I wanted to feel her, taste her, breathe her scent and hear her moan with pleasure. So I decided to invite her for a private session.

She walked in and I was immediately enchanted by her beauty. Her black lingerie accentuated her beautiful curves and I couldn’t wait to touch her. We started talking and I soon realized that we had a strong chemistry. I told her about my feelings and to my great relief she reciprocated.

She stood up and slowly began to dance in front of me, her eyes focused on me as she moved seductively in front of me. I could no longer contain my excitement and reached out to her to grab her hips. But she pulled back and smiled mischievously. “Not so fast,” she whispered, “I have to tie you up first.”

I was surprised by her suggestion, but it only increased my desire for her. So I let her lead me and let her tie me to the bed. She looked at me with a horny look in her eyes and I knew I had made the right decision.

She crawled onto the bed and climbed on top of me, her delicious scent overwhelming me, and my hard-on only got harder. Natalia ran her hands all over my body, planting kisses on my neck and chest. Then she whispered in my ear, “Can you smell my pussy? You got me so excited.” And indeed, I could smell her arousal, it was driving me crazy with desire. She lowered herself and began to ride me, turning her hips and shaking her breasts. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of her tight pussy around my hard-on. I could hear her soft moans as I thrust deep into her and it only made me hornier.

When she felt I was about to cum, she stood up and bent over, her pussy right in front of my face. I let my tongue slide over her glistening pussy and she moaned with pleasure. She began to ride me while I licked her and in no time we both came moaning and screaming with pleasure.

Exhausted and sweaty, we lay side by side on the bed, our hands still intertwined. Nataliavolkov looked at me and kissed me, her eyes full of love and gratitude. I knew that this was only the beginning of our passionate relationship and that many adventures would follow. I was in love with this webcam girl and I knew I would never let her go.