Alma worked as a location manager in the retail industry. She traveled far and wide to find new locations for her employer’s chain of stores. It was common for her to sleep in hotels several nights in a row, often working late into the night until the new location was ready for its official opening. Photo leather lover Alma.

She had four more long days this week, her partner Charles was skipper of a sailing yacht that was rented out to companies as a charter vessel. Sometimes for a few days, but this had been a two-week trip along the southern French and Italian coasts. He had sent her a few messages. He would be home this Friday night, but had no idea of an arrival time. “I’ll be there, but no idea what time.” After finishing her work week, she drove home. She wanted to be with him, to hold him again. To feel his body against hers. To give him the excitement that had been raging between her legs for days. The fire couldn’t be put out by her Satisfier or her vibrator.

She knew he would come home the next evening or night. At the hotel, she had showered and shaved her armpits and pussy super tight. And yes, she used her vibrator to satisfy the hunger in her pussy. But it hadn’t helped much. She had let the thing vibrate gently in her pussy and fallen asleep that way. THREE times! She had come and had been startled awake by the orgasms thundering through her body. But no one could make her come like Charles! His big, strong but also soft hands. His skilled fingers, his horny lips and of course his rock hard cock… She could hardly wait, one more day of work, familiarizing the girls in the store with the latest gadgets of the checkout and ordering system and then home. He would be home for the next few days after a two-week trip. Fourteen days without his immediate attention, his touch and smell.

It was late Friday afternoon. The girls knew what they needed to know. The first deals had been made. They had agreed to call if something didn’t work out. She got home around eight, the whole drive she had been looking forward to a shower, a horny set and a drink before going to bed.

She walked into her front door, threw her jacket on the couch and went into the kitchen to get her bottle of Captain Morgan. She grabbed a glass from the cupboard and poured a few fingers of rum into the glass. After unscrewing the cap from the liter bottle of Coca-Cola, she poured it into the glass and filled it to the brim. The deliciously sweet aroma tickled her nose. She grabbed a sprig of mint and stirred it into the glass, taking a sip to make sure it was strong enough. She walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to her bedroom, set the drink on the dresser, unbuttoned her shirt, slid the panels over her shoulders, and tossed it on the dresser. Alma reached around and unhooked her bra and tossed it with her blouse.

She grabbed her drink and sipped as she looked at her body in the matching mirror on the closet door. “Nice breasts for a woman of forty,” she thought and took a big gulp of her rum and coke. With her left hand, she caressed her breasts and shamelessly squeezed her nipples. Pain is so close to pleasure! She knew. She found a top and pulled it over her head, undid her pants and let them slide down her bottom and along her legs, then folded them and hung them over a hook. She picked up the nearly empty glass and decided to have one more before going to bed. She went downstairs to the kitchen to refill the glass. A little more rum and a little less coke than last time. As she walked back up the stairs, her thoughts returned to Charles and she wondered when he would be back. She hoped it would be the next morning; she hadn’t heard from him yet.

She went back to the bedroom, sat down on the edge of the bed, and sipped the rest of her drink. Alma put the glass on the nightstand next to the bed, leaned back on the big soft pillow and closed her eyes. Within seconds, she was asleep.

Alma awoke slowly to the sound of rain. She left the confines of her sleep, finding the rain deliciously relaxing, but soon realized that the sun was shining through the slats of the blinds on her east-facing window. “That water I hear is coming from somewhere in this house, not out there,” she thought. Hoping this was not a serious water leak, she quickly got out from under the covers. Wondering what was going on, she awoke from her stupor. She stood up, pulled her panties and top back on, and walked down the hall to the bathroom. “That must be the shower,” she thought, shivering at the thought of Charles naked, she began to tremble and her nipples swelled. The image of his naked, six-foot-tall body flashed through her mind as she walked to the bathroom door and opened it.

The bathroom was full of steam, which only added to the horniness rising inside her. The shower curtain was partially drawn. As she took in his soap-covered body and watched the water and soap flow over his back and ass, she softened. Her nipples became hard under her top as she knew she wanted to push her breasts into his back at that moment. As he stood in the shower, Charles felt the cool air coming from the doorway, he started to turn around when he felt her body against his. Her arms wrapped around him as she pulled his naked body against hers. She let her hands slide along his stomach and felt his cock getting hard as her hand reached it.

She had not removed her top and panties when she stepped into the shower. As the water pulled the thin fabric tight against her breasts, he turned and pulled her tight against his body and hard cock. Her nipples poked through the wet material in his chest as his cock rubbed against her body. Her panties were soaked from the shower water, her pussy getting wetter from the pleasure she felt. “God, I’ve missed this body,” Charles said as she stepped back and gently rubbed her nipples through the soaked material. “We need to get rid of your clothes,” he groaned as he reached out and pulled the top over her head. His mouth went greedily to her breasts. He kissed her nipples and bit them gently with his lips. His hands went from her back to her ass as he pulled down her panties. He knelt and licked her stomach, and she pushed her pelvis forward. She put her left leg on his strong shoulder and pressed his face against her womanhood.

As he gently licked her there, moans of pleasure came from her mouth and throat. She pushed him away. “Get up!” she moaned. Alma’s hand found his hard cock and stroked it gently as he sucked on her hard nipples. He reached back and found the bottle of soap and poured some over her breasts, then pulled her against his body, the slippery feel increasing their pleasure as they moved together. “I need to see that beautiful shaved pussy I’ve been missing for so long,” he moaned as he pulled back.

Alma leaned her shoulders against the cold wall and pushed her pussy forward, offering her pussy to him. “KNEW!” he only eagerly obeyed. She spread her legs so he could take in her bare mound. She opened her lips to him and pointed to her clit. “Go on then … do it! ” He came forward with his mouth and slowly began to lick her lips and clit. The warm water flowing over her body, his hands on her bottom and his tongue on her clit quickly brought her to an orgasm that made her body shake with pleasure.

When she pressed his head against her womanhood, he knew she wanted him to keep licking and her orgasm would continue to thunder. When the last bit of strength from her orgasm was over, Charles sat up. “Now it’s your turn,” she whispered, leaning forward to take his cock in her mouth. She sucked it, licked the tip of his swollen cock, played with the base of his balls, knowing when his body was about to shoot its load. When she felt the muscles in his legs tighten, she grabbed his ass and stood up. With her hand she pulled him down. With a loud moan, he announced his orgasm. She felt his body react as his cum shot from his hard cock onto her stomach and against her tits. He hung bloodlessly against her as they kissed and caressed each other. As their strength slowly returned, they washed each other’s bodies, paying special attention to each other’s nipples, her pussy and his sex. “We’re not done yet,” she whispered into Charles’s’ ear. “I want that cock in my pussy.”

She reached down to turn off the water and opened the shower curtain all the way. She grabbed a towel from the heater and began to dry off his body. She paid special attention to his hard ass, kissed his bottom and ran her hands all over his body. Using only the soft towel as a barrier, she played with his hard sex. “Did he miss me?” she asked in a vacuum as she gently ran the skin over the hard shaft. Charles moaned softly. “Turn around!” she sounded stern, he obeyed. She bent down and kissed his cock, licking from his heavy balls over the veined mace. She pulled his foreskin down and sucked on his head. His hand went to the back of her head and he gently pushed her down so that his sex slid deeper into her mouth. She sucked and sucked. He released her head for a moment and she pulled back.

Alma took his hand and stepped out of the shower and led him into the bedroom. She put him back on the bed and said, “I want you inside me. Your cock deep inside my body” She climbed onto the bed and straddled him with her legs spread. She looked at him briefly as she took his cock inside her. “You are mine!” she moaned as his cock slid deeper and deeper into her. His left hand went to her ass, with his other hand he cupped her sensitive breasts. “We’re not going anywhere,” Charles agreed hoarsely as he pumped his cock into Alma’s pussy.

It was going to be a great reunion after a long journey.