After a whole week of 10-hour days and various meetings in the evenings, it was Saturday. We were finally going to have a day out together, to a conference, but we were going to go together.

That is, until the phone rang about 10 minutes before we had to leave. It was the babysitter. She was letting us know that she wasn’t coming. I couldn’t figure out how and why. I was already one step ahead. The solution just didn’t come. The solution was that I would go alone and my wife Agnes would stay with the children. But that was not what we wanted. But for the moment it was the only solution. If there was a babysitter, she would follow me. I started the 4-hour drive. I arrived fifteen minutes before the start of the congress. The congress would run from 2pm to 6pm and would be full of speakers. Then there was a break and in the evening hours there could be parties. I decided to go home immediately afterwards, unless my wife was also coming. At 4pm, I was able to make a very brief phone call home. No babysitter before 7pm, so we agreed that I would come home right after.

I open the front door at 9.30 with my sleepy eyes. There was a dim light on in the living room. I close the door and take off my coat. I take off my shoes too, they pinch tonight. I open the connecting door to the living room. My wife was sitting on the corner sofa, farthest away from me. Next to her is a younger man, Thomas, the boyfriend of one of the babysitters. She, Ilse, is sitting on the part of the corner sofa that I am now behind. They look heated. They seem to be having a good time. My head has to change gears. I have just finished a four-hour drive in a good three hours. I turn and walk to the kitchen to get a drink and ask if the others would like one. I flop down on the sofa next to Ilse. Her boyfriend Thomas is still leaning against my wife. She remains silent. Ilse looks at me with a sultry expression. “Am I disturbing you?” I ask. I looked at them in turn. My wife is the one who answers. “Sorry, darling, but we’re a bit tipsy, we’ve had a bit too much to drink. So Ilse and Thomas are staying the night.” I look at her. “Just a little tipsy or am I disturbing you?”

My wife looks at Thomas and then at Ilse. “Actually, yes, I didn’t expect you to be home yet.” I look at my wife and wonder if what I’m thinking is true. I know that she thinks Thomas is a nice boy and that she would like to have sex with him, but that she would never do it because of Ilse. “Go on with what you were planning. Pretend I’m not here. At the same time, my wife turns her head towards Thomas and starts to French kiss him. Ilse, who has been sitting next to me the whole time, looks at me and whispers, “If Thomas goes with her, you can fuck me. Do you want that?” I look at her and then at the other two. “Is that what you wanted?” Ilse nods. “Agnes has already licked me and sucked Thomas off and was just about to fuck Thomas when the front door opened.” I look at my wife, she leaves no stone unturned and grabs Thomas’s cock and pulls it out. Ilse bends over and opens my trousers. Her hand grabs my cock, which quickly stiffens at her touch. My wife climbs onto Thomas’s lap and pulls up her skirt, a pair of underpants she is not wearing. Soon Thomas’s cock is in her pussy and she goes up and down on his cock. Ilse slowly undresses me. “Do you want to fuck me? Fuck me?” I ask slowly in a whisper. Ilse crawls on my lap after taking off her trousers. I feel her taking my cock into her tight pussy. Just the thought of fucking her instead of my wife almost makes me come. Luckily I manage to hold it back for a while.

Ilse is wiggling up and down deliciously and I can feel her pussy squeezing hard from time to time. Thomas moans and I have the impression that he has just come in my wife’s pussy. I can’t put it off any longer either, so I squirt Ilse’s pussy completely full and she comes too. The girls slide back onto the couch and take a sip of their drink. I look at my wife. She has mischievous eyes and licks her lips. I suggest we go to bed, the four of us. We all take off our clothes and roll naked into bed. I fuck Ilse one more time, this time in her ass, and when I have left my marks there too, I must have fallen asleep. In fact, I can’t remember the rest of the night.

Sunday is a busy day with the children. I hardly have time to talk to my wife. It is only when the children are in bed that we have time for each other. I ask her if she has any regrets about last night. She shakes her head. I fell asleep and I don’t know what happened last night.
She tells me that Ilse and Thomas were making out on the couch before I got home. They got into a conversation and Ilse confessed that she wanted to see Thomas with someone else. He had cheated on her in the past, but now she wanted to be there when he had sex with someone else. I knew that my wife had a soft spot for Thomas. She had sucked him off before. One evening, when Ilse and I went out to walk the dog, he was lying lazily on the couch. Agnes was kneeling on the floor next to him and sucking him. He came into her mouth and she swallowed. A few minutes later, Ilse and I returned. This time it was different. Ilse was also sitting on the couch. My wife had put on a skirt for the congress. When Ilse stood next to her in the kitchen and told her that she knew about Thomas, she asked Ilse if she was angry. Ilse shook her head and said “not anymore”. But that was why she was late today. My wife told Ilse that it would never happen again, and again Ilse shook her head.

“Will it, later while I watch you will suck Thomas and then fuck him. Then we’ll see.” From then on, Thomas sat next to her and recordings were played of my wife preparing herself with a cucumber, a vibrator and a beer bottle. Ilse fingered herself while Agnes jerked off and gave Thomas a blowjob. And just before she was about to climb on his cock, I came home. After I fell asleep, Thomas fucked Ilse while she licked him. “Ilse is good at licking,” she said. Thomas took her once more and then Ilse fisted her. She came. Then they left. She didn’t want to stay. Thomas took Ilse again while Ilse licked her again. When they got back upstairs, it was so late that the children woke up. She took the children downstairs so I could sleep. I needed that too. When I asked her if anything else had happened, she hesitated to answer. I looked at her and whispered, “Tell me, you’ve sucked him, fucked him, you’ve been licked. What don’t I know then?” She is doubtful, but slowly she stutters out that she was also fucked last night, downstairs, after she had been licked. I nod. In my ass and filled me up there too.” “Did you enjoy it?” I ask her and she nods. “Worth repeating?”

She nods again. “But not from you, you’re too fat, yours hurts.” “Ilse had no problem with it, you know,” I defend myself. She nods. “I know who let Thomas put his fist in her ass while he fucked her in the pussy. They are also deliciously experimental.”
The days fly by without us having much opportunity to talk. When I get home on Wednesday, Ilse is there. My wife had her own appointments and Ilse was there to babysit. She used to do that all by herself. I flop down on the sofa next to her and ask if she and Thomas have talked about the weekend. I apologise for falling asleep and tell her that I had been working long hours during the week and had done a lot myself that day. It was no problem and yes, she and Thomas had talked about it and there were no problems. They had both enjoyed themselves. I look at Ilse again. She remains a delicious girl. Do you want to go home later or stay the night? I ask her. She shrugs her shoulders. Thomas wasn’t here and she didn’t have to go home. I ask her what she would most like to do. She looks at me and slowly stutters, “Lick Agnes while you fuck me in the ass”.

I lean over and kiss her on the cheek. “Blow me first, I’ll put Agnes down for you later.” Ilse turns her head and starts to kiss me. She takes my hand and presses it to her crotch. “Finger me well first, with many fingers,” I reply, “the hole fist and nothing but the hole fist,” Ilse nods. “Gladly,” she whispers.

I open her trousers and pull them down. Her thong comes down with them. Her naked pussy glistens. Slowly I work my way up and finally she has my whole hand in her pussy. It feels very tight. With my other hand I massage her bottom. A moan is the result. I look at her and whisper, “You’re a horny girl, do you want me to do your ass too?” She moans a little louder, and I press a finger harder against her sphincter. It takes me a lot longer to get all my fingers a bit inside her asshole. Then I push harder and slowly her asshole stretches a little more and my hand slowly goes deeper into her asshole. Once inside her ass I make a fist and move up and down a bit. Further and further I go into her asshole. My other hand fingers her cervix. Ilse cums. Instead of pulling my hands out of her body I just push them deeper into her body. Her pussy is not much deeper. Her ass, on the other hand, takes up almost the whole of my forearm. Ilse moans longer and a little harder. I take my hand out of her pussy and massage her clit. It is super sensitive and she comes almost immediately.

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