I made the final preparations for my work day. I checked my makeup, packed my lunch, grabbed my coat and car keys. After I opened the car, my cell phone rang. I glanced at it, Irene … and decided to call her back while I was driving. Photo by Julia.

She’s a good friend of mine who I haven’t talked to in a while. She tells me about a long weekend she had planned with a friend, which she had just canceled. She asks if I would like to go with her to Bilbao; I am immediately excited. Furthermore, she tells me all the details and we agree to meet at the airport.

A few days later the time comes and I feel naughty getting dressed. It will only be a short flight, so comfortable clothes are not necessary. I grab a black dress and put it on, no panties today! I feel naughty as I stand in front of the mirror a few minutes later and see that I am a little fuller than I was two years ago when I bought the dress. My breasts and butt look great. I chose a short dress and high heels. My hair falls down my back in waves. Even I have to admit that I look good today. I stuff the rest of the goodies into my carry-on and let the boy next door drive me to the airport. I know he secretly has a crush on me. He’s only twenty and I’m almost forty, so I’m being cautious. I see him watching me get in and manage to keep his attention as I carefully guide the seatbelt between my breasts.

I arrive at the airport early … as usual. I decide to go out on the terrace, where there is a café with a nice view. I am already in a holiday mood. Most of the tables are empty. There is only a couple watching the planes, a family with a baby and a man sitting alone at a table. He is drinking espresso and looking at his cell phone. I decide to get a cup of coffee and sit in his line of sight. Yes, I am playful today and YES, and a man in a BOSS suit excites me. As I walk past his table, I notice that he smells incredibly delicious. No idea if it’s his aftershave … or just him. As I sit down, his gaze catches mine and his eyes widen a little. A slight grin appears on his face. I’m sure I blush immediately. I cross my legs. His gaze travels over my body, from my blushing cheeks along my front to my crotch. A shiver runs through me. I squirm. He looks down again, his grin slightly wider. Time passes. I drink my coffee and realize it’s time to get ready to check in.

I get up, grab my bags and leave the terrace. I see movement right next to me, and the man gets up as well. He follows me. I walk to the gate, past people, past shops. He is still right behind me. When I get in line to go through passport control, he is still there. I can smell him. The air is electric. I know he must feel it too. We pass through the checkpoint and I take a moment to figure out which gate to go to. He approaches me. “Follow me,” is all he says, and I don’t know why, but I follow his command.

I follow him through the corridor. There are fewer people here. We walk for quite a while until there are no more people. You turn to me and grab my hand, pulling me into a room. “Hi.” You say, grinning at me. I’m too stunned to answer. I just look at you. What am I doing here? I’m not usually this kind of girl. I open my mouth and before a single word can come out of my mouth, you kiss me. You kiss me like there is no tomorrow. I moan with pleasure. This is not just a kiss, this is lust and lustful lust! I grab your shoulders and let you grab my chin. You push my head back a little to penetrate my mouth even deeper with your tongue.

I grab your head with one hand and your tie with the other. I pull you closer to me, as if that were possible. You growl, I moan. Your hand goes from my thigh up under my dress. You notice that I’m not wearing panties, you growl even deeper. I hear a certain sound and you push my legs apart, exposing my now wet womanhood. For a moment, you look down. “Gorgeous! You’re beautifully bald!”

Your fingers find my wet and slippery labia and slide into my sheath. I gasp, but you don’t let go of my mouth. Your tongue fights with mine as you finger my pussy with two and sometimes three fingers. I’m a little embarrassed to let a stranger take me in an airport office, but I’m too close to my orgasm to stop. I moan and feel you controlling me completely. My pussy squeezes your fingers and you have no doubt that I am about to come on your fingers. You let go of my mouth to bring your mouth close to my ear. I hear your heavy breathing. My right-hand slides to your crotch. I can feel your powerful sex. You must be as aroused as I am. I can’t control myself and moan uncontrollably. This causes you to cover my mouth with your hand.