I’m 68, so I’m considered a “woman of age.” I’ve got life experience and I don’t judge others. I don’t want to be judged by others either! Unfortunately, I lost my husband when I was 48. He died suddenly of a heart attack. I have one son, who is almost 18. We struggled together through this period.

He met a great girlfriend after three years, and they got married two years later. It was a nice, stable relationship. I didn’t want a relationship at the time. My husband died several years ago, and I was already pretty much on my own. I had a good friend who came over often. One weekend, my son, 24, was with me and so was this friend. We went out to dinner together and then had another nightcap at home. My son went to bed, and we had another drink. Well, one thing led to another.

A 54-year-old widow and a 56-year-old nice man after a few drinks… We went to my bedroom and had sex. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. After more than six years, we had sex again. It was nice, but not particularly exciting. It did become more exciting when around 1 a.m. my room door was tried to be opened. I had locked it. You should know that through my room you can go to the bathroom.

So whoever was at the room door was my son. He heard and understood the situation. And he went downstairs to use the bathroom. But for me a huge inexplicable horniness arose. He had heard us! Can that be? I’m pretty open about my life. So the morning after, my boyfriend was gone, and I thought about these things. I knew that his relationship wasn’t going well sexually. And then, this doesn’t happen often, this is real, and it’s not a story for this site. In the morning after, I was in the bathroom, showered, 54-year-old woman, reasonably attractive, open, spontaneous.

My son comes into the bathroom, and I’m naked. He looks a little taken aback. But he doesn’t leave. I say, “It doesn’t matter if the door is open and we’re both naked. It’s just a draft.” I don’t know how I got that idea, but it was to break the tension. He said, “Mom, I wanted to go into the bathroom tonight, but your door was closed…” At that moment, there was no more talking. He knew I was horny, and I knew he was horny. We went from the bathroom to bed. We had sex. I’ve never had such an incredible orgasm.

My son was just as affected. After this moment, we both agreed to restrain ourselves from having sex with each other again. It was a moment of pure horniness, affection, and so on, and it was superb for us! It was a life moment to cherish always. So, just for the people who think this cannot be done, yes it can be done. We are all human beings with needs, and it may be that they are triggered. My advice is, if you’re not harming anyone, give in to it!