An ebony Cougar that you want to spoil. Yes, that’s right. I hope your tongue is good and can handle the many movements. Iyana is sitting in the sunshine, her table is by the window, and she is live from home. Considering the languages she uses, English and French and the daylight at the time of writing, she is European. Nice, huh, when you can meet her.

But for now, first through the camera, the Mistress is online for you. Or better the other way around, getting ready is what you do anyway. The Mistress in this case is a 36-year-old ebony woman in black lingerie. On her table is a series of toys ready for her to reach a climax quickly. You may operate them for her.

Furthermore, Iyana wears high hooks and has a hard time staying off her organ. Beautifully put, isn’t it? The Mistress gives a whole series of hand kisses with the same hand. I believe your tongue is up for a new challenge. And of course, we also have male Masters.