So, you are the Master and subject her to your fantasy, which at times is probably on the edge. The subject is Katerina and by now you have seen her picture. A blonde 34-year-old lady who loves latex, leather and tying up your genitals.

“My favorite position in the front u can watch me in my eyes.”

The Mistress has quite a collection of photos on her page and after looking at them it is also clear to me what she means by role play. She also plays the submissive role of a waitress.

“KISS me like you miss me/ FUCK me like you hate me”.

How nice, her camera is in HD. And so is the sound. Can you at least hear the music well? She’s not a big talker. Today she is wearing a leather jacket with leather boots up to the knees. In her hands, a silver keyboard and sitting on a heavy brown chair with a lion’s head at the end of the armrest. Suddenly the Mistress is cheerful, putting on a big smile. How nice, so I don’t get punished or a sore ass.