Being single and horny is not a nice combination. To satisfy your libido, having a partner is handy and delicious. Of course, you can go a long way with your fingers and your toys, but I obviously prefer to go for the “real thing. Unfortunately, sex partners are usually not available when you really need them. With any luck, you’ll run into ‘one-night stands’. Photo good-looking Ali. Would you be her sugardaddy?

But sometimes everything falls together and you experience a batch of sex you generally only dream about. Sometimes everything works out for a few splashy orgasms and for now you can move on with average horniness that gives your life a nice thrill and keeps your eyes open for the next encounter and a new adventure.

About such a splashing encounter I want to tell. I am Ali, 23 with a good and sporty figure with C tits and as I said I am single. In the past, I have had some long and short relationships. But I have been single for a year now so I regularly have a one-night stand. I work as an optician. Not an industry that is associated with erotica and sex.

But of course there are exceptions and my experience is proof of that.

But of course there are exceptions and my experience is proof of that. One afternoon, close to closing time, a customer came in who I estimate to be in his late 40s. He looked sporty and had a nice charisma, which gave me tingles in my stomach. And the thought “if I could!” came to me. He was dressed lightly because it was summer. My attire, too, was limited to the minimum permissible in an “eyewear store.

I let him look around for a while, which gave me the opportunity to take a look at him. A well-built, athletic, forty-something with an erotic look. My pussy responded enthusiastically to that. “Good afternoon, welcome, what can I help you with.” The man looks at me smiling. “My eyes are not getting any better so I think I need glasses. But I can still see that you are nice looking. Sorry, of course I’m not supposed to say that.” “Oh a compliment can’t hurt shall we say.

But whether you need glasses, we can only determine by means of an eye measurement.” I stand there talking to him about eye measurements and the how and what of buying glasses. His little compliment about my appearance made me stand up in such a way that my body shapes were shown to their full advantage. From time to time I bent down so that parts of my body clad in summer clothes were clearly visible.

Finally, he decided he wanted glasses, but that meant an eye measurement. By now it was practically closing time. I asked him with my most seductive smile if he still had time for an eye measurement now, or if we should make an appointment at another time. He looked at his watch. “I think it’s closing time so I think we should make another appointment. Unless you want to work overtime.” “I have no objection to overtime. So if it’s convenient for you, we’d better get the matter over with right away.” I grabbed my bag, set it on the counter and walked to the door to lock it. “Can we not be disturbed anymore.” And I wanted to hold out my hand to the customer to introduce myself.

But by a clumsy move, I knocked my bag off the counter, causing its contents to spread across the floor and counter. I was startled and turned a color like fire. For in my bag were a number of erotic toys, which were thus now on the floor. “You are prepared for anything,” said the customer who by now had introduced himself as Erik and I told him I was Ali.

“Three dildos. Are you insatiable?”

I only got redder and could only mumble poorly “Sorry, but this is private.” “Of course it’s private and I have nothing to do with it. But in my fantasy I would love to be one of those toys,” he said with a candid smile. Needless to say, I didn’t quite know how to talk my way out of this one. “But let’s cut to the chase,” “Gladly,” he said with a greasy smile.

I precede him to the room where the eye measuring equipment is. A large room that is actually a bit too spacious for doing eye measurements. In the past, a large couch and a sturdy table were put there to fill up the space a bit. “You are fully equipped,” Erik said with that fat smile again. A smile that gave me even more jitters in my lower abdomen and made my pussy moist.

The eye measurement went on without a hitch. But every time I stood close to him he put his hand on my buttocks or stroked my thighs. I let him do it I hadn’t had sex for a while so I found his touches extremely pleasant and exciting. And it made me quite horny. My nipples got hard and my pussy got wet. I felt my clit swell.

Fortunately the store door was locked so should things get out of hand, which I hoped they would, not much could go wrong. My nipples had become so hard by now that they were clearly visible through my summer clothes. To a question from me about what he was seeing, his reply was, “I believe I am seeing double.” “Double?” was my surprised response. “Yes I see two solid points, so I see double.” “Yes that’s how my body reacts to clients who think more than they see,” was all I could manage to utter.

“It looks nice and exciting. I’m glad I can still see that.” As I stood next to the chair again to change something on the measuring glasses, he slid his hand under my skirt. For form’s sake, I pulled back a little. “This is not part of our service,” he said. “It’s my service to you, completely free and for nothing,” Erik said as he slowly slid his hand up. I was so horny and excited, I decided not to resist anymore and wait to see what would happen next. I even spread my legs a little further to make it easier for him and more pleasurable for me.

Excruciatingly slowly, he slid his hand up my legs. I felt him against my labia. He put his thumb up and started massaging my clit through my panties. My pussy spontaneously became wetter. “Hm nice pussy,” he whispered. I spread my legs some more and put my hand on his crotch. I felt his young lord swell. “Shall we finish the eye measurement first?” I said, “Good idea, that’s what I came for after all.”

But a moment later we stood intimately entwined. I felt the bulge in his pants swell. Erik massaged my back and went over my buttocks with his hands. I pushed my upper body against him, moving gently to massage my nipples. We kissed each other like teenagers. He again slid his hand under my skirt. And slowly rubbed my now nice wet pussy. I whispered in his ear, “if my panties are in the way, you may take them off.” Eric appears to be a man of experience. I spread my legs a little and with a smooth motion, without saying anything, he makes my panties disappear. Eric stands delightfully, massaging my pussy. And soon he pushes a finger inside. And soon a second and a third finger go smoothly into my wet pussy.

I am breathing heavily. I can’t keep my lower body still anymore and ride his fingers deliciously. Unnoticed, we have ended up on the couch. Erik continues delightfully massaging and fingering my dripping pussy. How horny and exciting this is, by now I am blood and blood horny. I’m ready for a big turn, my body desires a nice hard cock. I let myself go completely.

I hang back and wide-legged on the couch.

Erik on his knees in front of me and then he starts licking me. He gently bites my clit and goes deep into my slit with his tongue. I lie moving wildly and moaning loudly. I’m out of it, I’m starting to lose myself, how horny and deliciously this guy is making me cum. And then all brakes break loose, and I am unstoppable wild, jerking and moaning I cum. I feel my pussy muscles contracting, a completely new experience. Slowly Eric licks and fingers as I pant heavily, my heart pounds wildly and slowly I come back to myself. “Wow, Ali, I think you were up for that and this was just the beginning,” Erik says again with that fat smile. “Jaahh, it was delicious, but I’m still horny, will you fuck?”

Erik gets up and undresses, I strip off my now crumpled skirt and my bra. Erik stands next to me. “Wow, what a nice big and thick pole.” “Yes, I’m not complaining and neither are my girlfriends,” he lisped in my ear. I bend down and take his big glans in my mouth. Slowly and gently, I massage his balls. Erik grabs my tits. He massages them and pulls my nipples nicely. He makes thrusting motions and because of that I feel his delicious cock deep in my mouth.

He moans louder and louder, moving faster and thrusting deeper into my throat. Erik is panting heavily and deeply. Delightfully I continue to suck and jerk off. It seems like his cock is swelling. His hard cock twitches with pent-up excitement. I feel his sack and balls contract. Suddenly, the first big, warm jet of cum squirts into the back of my throat. My mouth fills with his warm seed. A whole series of powerful jets follow. I try to swallow it, but some of his warm seed drips down my chin and across my face.

“Almighty Ali, how good you suck,” gasps a heated Eric.

Horny I look at him. “In return, you’ll have to fuck me hard. I assume you can still do that without glasses.” “Yes, too bad for you as an optician, but fucking I do on my feelings and that goes fine without glasses.”

His slightly sagging pole hangs down. I bend over and take him in my mouth again and taste his seed. I go with my hand between his legs. Massage his balls and go through his buttock with my fingers and massage his starlet. I feel his cock getting hard and stiff again and my pussy wet and eager. “He’s back to strength now, though. I’m going to fuck you ready so you start seeing stars.” Erik lifts me up I wrap my legs around him.

He carries me to the table. I spread my legs, my pussy glistening with horniness, “Whether you see it I don’t know, but my pussy is already open to you.” He bends over and kisses my clit, running his tongue through my wet slit. A shudder goes through my horny body. “Fuck me, fuck me,” I pant. Eric pulls me a little towards him so that I am lying with my buttocks on the edge. My legs he pushes up and apart. I feel my pussy open up further. He stands with his hard, thick pole right in front of my yearning pussy. I grab his pole and hold it in front of my open pussy lips.

Slowly, I feel Erik’s delicious cock slide in. It feels great, either because he’s so thick or because I haven’t had sex in a long time. But either way, it feels fantastic. I feel like I’m already getting slight orgasms as I push that pole in. I am filled deliciously, sometimes I think my pussy will burst with pleasure and horniness. My pussy is dripping. I contract my pussy muscles and as a result that cock slides in blissfully and I feel it optimally. How wonderful this is. “Aah fuck me, fuck me. Oohhjahh, Erik, what a lovely thick pole you have. Fuck me deep. How wonderful, I feel like bursting, I’ve never felt so full.” Erik pushes his cock all the way into me, his thick glans I feel moving deep inside me. I get incredibly horny, “Fuck me. Nice horny stud.” “How nice your cunt is wet and tight, Ali” Eric gasps between thrusts. I hold on to the edge of the table so Eric can thrust nice and firmly into me. I feel myself getting hornier with each thrust, a shudder travels through my body. I wrap my legs around Eric.

Eric grabs my tits and squeezes my hard nipples nice and firm. “How good you fuck me Eric. How nice and thick your dick is,” I moan. I let myself go completely, it’s wonderful after a long time to feel pole in my pussy again. I am getting hornier and wetter. With a steady and firm pace I am fucked wonderfully fine by Eric. An unexpected lovemaking. With each thrust I feel his balls slapping against my ass. “Eric, how wonderful you are fucking me. I haven’t felt such a nice thick cock in me in ages.” It feels very big and fierce in my pussy. “You have a great tasting pussy, tight and wet, wonderful. I’d like to fuck you every day,” he calls out panting, as he continues to thrust nicely into me. “If you fuck me well you can have your eyes measured every day and I’ll check your cock right away,” I answer him.

But I’m in the mood for another position. “Get that hard cock of yours out of my pussy for a while and lay down on the table so I can ride you for a while.” Eric lies down on his back on the table. His pole is straight up and looks even bigger and thicker, it glistens with my pussy juices. I squat above him and lean on his shoulders and lower myself, drops of horny I see fall on his belly, that’s how soaking wet I am. I stay on my feet, spread my crouched legs a little further and slowly lower myself over his delicious pole.

What a blissful feeling to be filled like this. I tense my pussy muscles to feel him better. But this tension also makes me feel like I will burst and makes me super horny. Eric looks at me hornily and lustfully, “What a nice horny slut you are. Fuck me with that tight pussy of yours.” I slowly lower myself over his mast. “Now I’ll show you what great service we give when you buy glasses. ” I lean my arms back and rest on his knees. I am now hanging back comfortably and Eric has a full view of my open pussy, my clit and his hard pole going in and out.

Eric moans in delight and moves his fingers to my swollen clit, which is up like a fingertip. He presses his thumb on it and rubs, shocking and moaning I respond. Vibrations of pleasure race through my body, me nipples become rock hard.

I let myself fall forward on Eric and with my lower body I go up and down. Delightfully I feel that thick pole moving deep inside my pussy. Places are being touched that have never been touched before. “This is delicious, I’m about to come and fill you up, what a blissfully tight and squishy pussy,” Eric moans. I keep moving at the same pace, blissful to feel that big pole going up and down deep inside me every time.

I sink extra deep on Eric’s blissful cock. He touches my womb. Suddenly my body seems to burst and an incredible orgasm races through my fucked-up body. I grab onto his shoulders and forcefully push my hips down. Eric cramps up and pushes his cock up. I feel his warm seed squirt deep inside me. My cunt spasms together in pleasure and horniness, Eric’s cock seems to swell. Two blood-soaked bodies are moving in and with each other in a “battle of orgasm. Shot after shot, I feel Eric’s seed squirting into me. I seem to float and be out of this world for a moment.
When our orgasms have fizzled out, I collapse on top of him. Eric looks at me with a heavenly smile. Our lips find each other in a horny intense kiss.

Eric’s limp cock slides out of my pussy. I straighten up and feel his cum drip from my pussy and it falls onto his belly. Slowly we come to ourselves.