A story of a man in need of a new Governess. The photo accompanying this story is made by Connie.

His wife’s disappearance had caught William completely unprepared, and not a day went by that he didn’t think of her. They had met at the age of 21 and Liz had been the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. They had been young then, carefree and full of joy.

Their first meeting had taken place at a country estate during a big costume party and despite her disguise he had recognized her immediately. Her laugh had been unmistakable, and after three months they had become engaged.

The proposal had been very romantic, by a lake at sunset. She had said “yes” immediately. But sometimes, even today, William wondered if she had only agreed because of the money, but he immediately pushed such thoughts away. Liz had sworn her eternal love to him then, lying against his chest, she had made the promise to be faithful to him forever. After four years they had already had two healthy and beautiful babies and their marriage became even more wonderful.

Liz had been a good mother, even the best one could imagine. Their life together at that time had been wonderful, and their happiness seemed to have been made for eternity. Except for that terrible day two years ago. William had come home from a trip to find the house empty. For hours, he had wandered desperately through the country house, until a frightened maid had told him that his wife had only gone to her brother’s with the children.

He did indeed find his two darlings at her brother’s country estate, but Liz had disappeared. The distraught nanny was in tears when she told him that Liz had come by carriage at noon to take the children to play.

“But the lady only went to town to run errands. She wanted to be back by six o’clock at the latest!”. Three days later, a search party found Liz’s empty carriage in the middle of the woods, hidden behind two tall oak trees. There had been no traces of a struggle or blood. For three years, the best private detectives in the country had then searched for Liz on William’s behalf, but they had not found a single trace of his beloved wife.

Two years later, William had finally given up hope. There was no point in continuing to search. The pain of losing his beloved wife had been immense, but it was the uncertainty of her fate that made everything so unbearable. What had happened to Liz? Where was she now? Was she still alive? Questions he could not answer. She had not taken any money with her. His safe had been untouched and Liz had always known the combination.

She could have taken it all if she had intended to leave him. But it had all still been there, and that fact reinforced William’s suspicion of foul play. His two children, Katherine and Mitch, had fortunately been too young to really understand their mother’s disappearance and had lived a carefree childhood. And so the years had gone by and the children had grown up and 18 years after his wife’s disappearance, only a picture in the entrance hall and the melancholy of the grieving husband reminded him of the woman who had vanished without a trace so long ago.

Mitch and Katherine, fortunately, had little memory of their mother. William had read their every wish from their lips, and although he sometimes wondered if he hadn’t spoiled them a little too much, his two sweethearts’ childhood had been carefree and happy.

His daughter Kathy was William’s greatest joy. Having just turned 18, she had grown naturally into the role of woman of the house. She had a light-hearted nature and a loving caring character, and with her jokes she could single-handedly entertain entire parties. William often caught himself watching his daughter furtively. Not only because she was so beautiful, but also because of her resemblance to her mother Liz.

She had the same kind of watching eyes, the same kind of laugh, and the same kind of long, black hair. He could tell her laugh from a distance and she was the center of every party. No, it wasn’t Kathy he was worried about, but his 19-year-old son Mitch.

Mitch had always been a closed child, he had never talked much and had often sat alone in his room. He also had hardly any friends. His great passion had always been books. And Mitch had never had much in common with girls, which quietly surprised William. Like Kathy, his son had inherited Liz’s breathtaking beauty. He had dark eyes and a full head of black hair. He also played tennis regularly and possessed an athletic figure.

But it was his shyness that worried William the most. For Mitch would one day inherit the entire estate, and for that task he needed more than cold book smarts. He needed to be able to deal with people, find a wife, and make conversation. He had to be able to move easily and elegantly in distinguished company and bring honor to the name of their family. William had thought long and carefully about what to do with him. Should he perhaps send him to a private school?

Family seeks governess for 18-year-old daughter

Or even to military service? But then one day a far better idea had occurred to him. And two weeks ago, he had advertised a position for a governess in the largest newspaper in the country. “Woodcraft family seeks governess for 18-year-old daughter and 19-year-old son. Young adults to be trained in social intercourse. Please send applications to the following address.”

The ad sounded noncommittal, just as if they were looking for a “regular” governess, and not a word of the ad betrayed William’s true intentions. William had instructed his estate manager, Tom, to invite all female applicants who came forward by the deadline to their country estate on March 18. William did not know how many women would come, but he knew exactly what kind of governess he was looking for. His son was to be introduced to the mysteries and intricacies of love and William would personally select the right woman.


On March 18, William was in for a tangible surprise. He had quite expected that some women would apply, but then he was a bit surprised at the amount of applicants that appeared at the country estate on that chilly March day. But basically, the rush was not really surprising, because unemployment in England was high and it was common knowledge that working as a governess for a wealthy family paid extremely well.

So William had ordered his estate manager to lead the women to the Hall of Mirrors at the country estate. The room had been built in imitation of the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles and was William’s pride and joy. For the hall was a testament to the wealth of the Woodcraft family and an important status symbol.

On the right wall of the hall there was also a mirror that had been built into the wall and hid a secret. Namely, one could observe what was happening in the hall from the other side. William had often used this particular mirror to watch guests in peace. Behind the mirror he would have an excellent and undisturbed view of the applicants.

Finally, when all the women were standing in a long line, nervously looking at each other, the estate manager began to say something about the estate. But William didn’t listen to him. First, he knew the estate inside and out, and second, he only had eyes for the women. Slowly his gaze went along the row and again and again he paused to take a closer look at one or the other applicant.

Suddenly, his gaze lingered on a young woman with long, black hair. She was standing somewhat uncertainly between two older ladies and kept casting fleeting glances in the direction of the exit. William groaned softly just at the sight of her. She was perfect! She was exactly what he had been looking for, the first wife for his son! He straightened up contentedly and was about to leave the room behind the mirror when his eyes fell on the last woman in line.

She was a redhead, with sparkling eyes and a gorgeous, curvaceous body. Frozen, he stared at her. And as if out of nowhere, a deep desire to touch this woman stirred in him. To smell her hair, to caress her soft skin and to kiss her full lips. His mind raced. Maybe he could hire her as a kitchen help? One thing he knew for sure, he would not let her go.

Reluctantly, William detached himself from the transparent mirror and walked back into the vestibule. Then he quietly stepped into the great room and waited for the estate manager to finish speaking. But even as the steward spoke, all eyes were on William, as the women probably already knew who he was from the large portrait in the entrance hall. Many also smiled openly at him, but William was pleased to see that his two favorites kept their heads down shyly.

When Tom had finished, he cleared his throat softly and began to speak. “My estate manager, Tom, will be closely examining her skills over the next six hours. This will include cleaning, cooking, serving and managing, as well as raising my children. Then, at 6 o’clock tonight, the results will be announced here in this hall. Any applicant who has traveled from afar need not worry about their travel expenses.

My estate manager Tom will fully compensate each of them for this expense. Last but not least, I want to give them all an incentive. I pay my new governess £10,000 a year, so make an effort.” William gave another friendly nod and left the room. He heard loud whispering break out behind him, but didn’t care. Deep down, though, he was kind of sorry. Basically, it was unfair what he was about to do. But what else could he do? He didn’t want to send his son to a brothel and so he had decided on a governess.

And besides, he would pay for the travel expenses of the women, so that they would not have to suffer any financial losses because of him. Sighing, he sat down at his desk and began to review the latest figures for his companies. Half an hour before the decision, he put the paper aside and looked out the window into the garden. Actually, he had to tell Tom that he had already made up his mind.

It wasn’t right to make his estate manager slave away all day, only to tell him at the end that he had actually already decided on a candidate from the beginning. William opened a hidden door next to his desk, hidden behind the King’s picture. He used this door mainly when he was sitting in his study and urgently needed to talk to Tom. It saved him the long walk down the stairs and across the house.

Two minutes later, he was standing in front of the secret door that led to his estate manager’s study, and William was about to enter when he heard voices. “Ms. Cole, you did very well on the tests, but you’ll have to wait like everyone else until six o’clock. Then I will announce the results.” A female voice interrupted him pleadingly. “But sir, they do decide who ultimately gets the job, don’t they?” William heard Tom stand up. “What you have to understand Ms. Cole, is that I am only the administrator.

The man whose picture you saw in the lobby is the one who ultimately decides everything here.” “But he does listen to them, he will do what they say, won’t he?”. When Tom replied, the pride in his voice was evident. “Yes, I can say that he listens to me from time to time, but he ultimately makes his decisions alone and then I can’t influence him anymore”. The woman’s voice suddenly became very ingratiating.

William knew this tone all too well. His wife had always talked to him like that when she had bought thousands of pounds worth of clothes in London. “If you could put in a good word with him, or even just talk to him, that would be very kind of you”. “I don’t understand…”. “Oh, you don’t understand, Mr. Steward?! You know, if you put in a good word for me, I will be very nice to you. And when I say nice, I mean really nice.

I can imagine that it can get very lonely here

I can imagine that it can get very lonely here…and…as a governess, I could keep you a little company.” William could literally see the sweat on Tom’ brow. It always amused him how awkward this big man became in the presence of women. “I’ll show them what I mean!”. William heard a soft sound and fabric falling to the floor. Seconds later, Tom groaned deeply and a soft smacking sound was heard. “But Ms. Cole! You can’t do that, you can’t…”. But the smacking grew louder, and Tom protests soon turned into deep sighs. William smiled. He didn’t blame his old friend at all.

They both had always been similar when it came to women. Namely, helpless and will-less. Besides, William felt it was normal for a woman to use her charms to her own ends. After all, what did they have their beautiful mouths for if not to pleasure the man’s member! As the moaning and smacking grew louder, an idea occurred to William. He had always hoped that Tom would marry someday. He was a gruff, but basically decent guy. Maybe he could hire Ms. Cole as his friend’s “personal assistant” and bring them together that way.

William’s sex had straightened and strained painfully

Meanwhile, William’s sex had straightened and strained painfully against the fabric of his expensive pants. Carefully, his fingers ran over the door but it was too dark to see anything. There it was! A small hole in the door, plugged by a piece of wood. William quickly pulled it out and looked through the hole. A glorious picture presented itself to him. Ms. Cole was kneeling before Tom, whose face was beaming with bliss. Slowly her head moved back and forth and Tom strong hands lay lovingly on her long hair. He seemed to press them gently on his member, as if afraid that she might suddenly stop and disappear.

William had experienced the sensation of a mounting orgasm too many times himself not to realize that his estate manager was about to come in the warm mouth of the willing Ms. Cole. Tom’ watching eyes twisted, and his hands ran tremblingly over her long hair, pressing her even tighter against his abdomen. With a scream he exploded in her mouth and William could see the semen running from the corner of her mouth and dripping onto the floor. For several minutes she kept his member in her mouth and cleaned it scrupulously afterwards. When she finally stood up, Tom handed her a cloth and she removed the sticky semen that decorated her seductive mouth. “Did my skills convince you?” she asked in a playful tone. William could see Tom swallow and nod his head. He dropped into his chair, breathing heavily.

And then Ms. Cole turned around and William saw her face for the first time. She was no longer the youngest, but possessed a very erotic aura. She was a beautiful woman in her prime and undoubtedly an experienced bedmate who knew all too well the mysteries and depths of human love. She looked fascinated at a picture right next to the secret door, which William could not see. He knew, however, that it was a portrait of a nude mermaid and depicted the mermaid in a very revealing manner. Tom had obviously recovered by now, for he had gotten up and stepped behind her. Tenderly his rough hands ran over her skirt and her wonderfully round waist. Without warning, he pressed her against the wall and pushed her skirt up.

His hands ran over her plump buttocks and gently caressed the inside of her butt crack. She moaned softly as his fingers found her labia and massaged them lovingly. William watched Tom lustfully rub his again fully erect member and place the glans against her vagina.
And then, with a happy smile, he penetrated her deeply without warning. Ms. Cole received the first thrust with a throaty moan and stretched her rear end as far back as she could.

She braced herself against the wall and for a while all that could be heard was the soft smacking that occurred as Tom’ member penetrated deep into her wet vagina again and again. Gently and tenderly he thrust into her warm abdomen and William could see from Ms. Cole’s blissful expression that she was enjoying every minute of the mating. William had to secretly smile. Ms. Cole didn’t seem like a novice to him, she obviously knew exactly how to get a spot.

William watched with a grin as Tom’ expression slowly turned to pure bliss. He had a dreamy smile on his face and his moans were getting louder. William loved the sight of a thick member disappearing again and again into a woman’s moist cleft. It was so wonderfully natural and natural. A strange, inexplicable peace lay over the scene playing out before his watching eyes. Shortly after, Tom groaned loudly. He thrust deeply one last time into the warm hole of the woman before him, and his arms clutched her bosom like a drowning man. His breathing subsided into an erratic gasp and he began to twitch uncontrollably. Ms. Cole seemed to have noticed that her stud was ready, for she lovingly clasped his neck and purred like a young kitten as his seed found its way into her warm depths.

Suddenly William envied his old friend. After all, since his wife had disappeared, he had hardly ever had sex. He didn’t like brothels, and he didn’t get into his maids’ pants on principle. Tom moaned again and again and discharged into Ms. Cole’s tight hole. William could see Tom semen running down her legs and dripping onto the floor. It wasn’t until several minutes later that it was over and Tom was hanging on to Ms. Cole like a battered boxer. Sighing, he pulled his flaccid prick out of her flooded plum and dropped into the nearest chair, groaning.

Miss Cole then disappeared into the bathroom

Miss Cole then disappeared into the bathroom, apparently cleaning the mess between her legs. Five minutes later, she reappeared, smiling fondly at Tom. “Looks like someone hasn’t cum in a while,” she said with a smile. “No man has cum inside me as much as you have in a long time!”. Tom grinned wordlessly at her. Obviously, he was very pleased with himself. “Shouldn’t we go down slowly?” asked Ms. Cole with a smile. Tom nodded and rose heavily. He gave her a tender kiss on the cheek and together they left the room.

William was a little sad that the show was already over. On the other hand, he knew they had to announce their decision now. He walked back down the hall to his study, ran down the stairs and then entered the great hall. As he entered, the women were already waiting excitedly in line and most were nervously chatting with their neighbors. When William entered the room, it immediately became quiet. All eyes turned to him, but he just nodded kindly to the group and quietly sat down in a corner. At that moment, Tom came into the room with Ms. Cole and everyone could see from their sweaty faces and the cum in Ms. Cole’s hair what had gone on between them.

Several women gave Ms. Cole indignant looks, and William could see anger in many faces. Tom seemed to have noticed as well, because when he began to speak, he was barely audible. “The exams have been completed and 35 of them have passed. All those I point to now, please leave the room. They will then receive their refunded travel money in the vestibule. I thank them in advance for their interest and dedication.” Tom then walked through the rows, pointing to one woman at a time. Some sadly narrowed their watching eyes, others seemed angry, but all walked out of the room without comment.

William’s heart skipped a beat when Tom pointed to the redhead as well. She looked at him stunned and was close to tears. Only after a while did she slowly walk out of the room, but kept looking around in disbelief. William knew he had to act immediately. He hastily got up and followed her. He also threw another nervous glance behind him but no one paid attention to him, because at that moment all attention was only Tom. William caught up with the red-haired beauty in the vestibule. She had sat down on a chair and had started sobbing uncontrollably. William quietly stepped up beside her and lightly touched her shoulder.

Startled, she raised her head and looked at him in amazement. Oh how beautiful she was! “But they’re.. . they’re.. . they’re the lord, aren’t they?” she said in a tear-stained voice. William immediately took pity on the poor creature and smiled encouragingly at her. “Yes, I am. And I’d like you to go to my study and wait for me there. It won’t take long either.” “But why sir?” she asked in amazement. “I have already been sent away by your estate manager, haven’t I?!”. William chose his next words very carefully. “I think I could find another use for her, another position that requires very special skills”.

The young woman looked puzzled on the one hand, but on the other seemed happy that she still had prospects for another job. William waved a butler over and ordered him to take the woman to his study. The butler nodded blandly and ushered the stunned young lady upstairs. William stopped and watched her for a moment, then returned to the hall and looked around for Tom, who was standing somewhat forlornly in front of the ten remaining ladies.

He didn’t really seem to be coping with the situation and gave a somewhat overwhelmed impression. William smiled kindly at the remaining women, and they gave him their fieriest looks. They obviously knew very well that it was William who would now decide their fate. William signaled Tom to come to him and walked outside the door with his estate manager. He looked at him piercingly and had to stifle a grin when he noticed Tom’ guilty expression. “Who is the best of them, which one do you think I should hire?”. While he already knew exactly which woman he would take, he wanted his suspicions confirmed. And it came out just as he suspected. “A certain Ms. Cole was particularly good at…” William interrupted him. “Yes, I know.” “But how…how…why…how do you know that?” stammered Tom, puzzled.

When a woman’s warm mouth is spoiling your sex

William grinned mischievously. “I wanted to talk to you, and I came through the secret passage behind the painting. But when I saw that you were busy, I didn’t want to disturb you…”. Tom then not only blushed quite a bit, but seemed to suddenly become very nervous. “I, I… William… I’m sorry… I…”. William interrupted him. “My old friend, you’re just a man too, albeit a far more honorable and disciplined one than I ever was. When a woman’s warm mouth is spoiling your sex, I don’t expect your brain to be functioning anymore.”

Tom looked as if he had loved to disappear into thin air, and William began to laugh. “My good Tom, I’m going to hire Ms. Cole…” “What…why…I…how?” stuttered Tom incredulously. “Not as a governess, though, but as your personal assistant, or between you and me, as your mistress. Maybe then you’ll father a few more children in your old age…” Tom seemed tongue-tied, and William found the whole affair increasingly comical. “As a governess you will hire the black-haired one, with the big innocent watching eyes”. Tom then recovered his words. “But she wasn’t the best of women. Ms. Cunning…” William cut him off. “Ms. Cunningham is a good educator, no doubt, but…” remembering the old, gray-haired woman, “she’s not what I have in mind.

I want the black-haired Tom!”. His estate manager seemed to want to say something else, but William was in no mood to argue. “That will be all Tom for now. Hire her and then send her to her room, I will brief her later”. He was about to leave when he remembered something else. “Oh Tom, and tell the servants and especially the stable boys that I will personally clip the head of anyone who so much as looks askance at any of the three new employees. And don’t forget your duties in the next few weeks because of all the screwing Ms. Cole!”. Tom blushed as red as a tomato and nodded sheepishly. “Yes my Lord, of course, I will…” But William had already disappeared through the door.


As William walked down the hall toward his office, he saw the red-haired beauty already standing uncertainly near the door. She was looking intrigued at a picture on the wall and didn’t notice William quietly approaching from behind. He walked past her, grinning, and opened the door to his office as if he hadn’t noticed her. She wheeled around and stared at him, startled, but William put his arm on her shoulder reassuringly. “I’m sorry they had to wait so long. It took a little longer. But now we have all the time in the world. Why don’t you come in?” The young woman looked at him uncertainly and didn’t move.

William paid no attention and walked into the office, circled his heavy desk and sat down in his heavy wooden chair, which sometimes reminded him of a throne. Amused, he looked toward the door. The woman was peering into the room, as if unsure if she would actually be allowed to come in. William folded his arms behind his back and waited. He was not in the least surprised by her behavior. He had often seen people from poorer backgrounds become very insecure in the presence of a rich lord. When she finally dared to come in and stood a bit lost in front of the desk, he mischievously winked and pointed to the chair reserved for visitors.

She sat down cautiously, but looked as if she was about to get up again at any moment. Her watching eyes flickered around the room, avoiding William’s gaze. “May I know her name?” asked William with a smile. She looked at him, startled. “Nat…f course…Of course, my…name…” “Yes?” “Leonie, Leonie Craddle.” “Wonderful Leonie, you must be wondering why I asked you up here?”. Leonie looked him straight in the eye for the first time.

She had black eyes. Big black eyes. So black… So beautiful… William had lost his train of thought. What had he wanted to say? “Sir?” Leonie seemed unsettled by his strange look. “Ah..what? Sorry, I meant to say they are not here for the reason they might suspect.” Leonie blushed. “I was…” William interrupted her. “I understand completely, Leonie. I’m sure they’ve had their employers get too close to them before. They don’t need to be afraid. I kept them there because despite their lack of knowledge of what a governess does, they fit in very well with us.

I want them to take care of my daughter”. “Your daughter?” “Yes, my daughter. She is young and impetuous and, unfortunately, often alone on our country estate. Your job will be to watch over her. To wake her in the morning, to work with her, but also to entertain her. In short, you are to be her girlfriend. You will be paid 10000 pounds a year for this. Is that an offer?”. Leonie seemed to be tongue-tied. “10000 pounds?

That’s…that’s…” “yes, that’s a lot, but my daughter is worth more to me than anything else in the world. Be a good girlfriend to her and you will not regret it”. William nodded to her and Leonie understood that she could leave. “The estate manager will show them to their lodgings. If they have any questions or problems, they will contact him.

He is a good man and will help them. If they have any questions regarding my daughter, they will come directly to me.” Leonie nods and stood up unsteadily. When she was almost out of the room, William thought of something else. “Oh Leonie!”. “Yes sir?” “I’m glad to have her with us”. She looked surprised, but then a smile crossed her face for the first time.


William worked on his financial reports for another hour, then turned out the lights and walked thoughtfully toward the area of the building where the servants slept. The huge mansion, filled with the laughter and conversations of the servants during the day, now lay completely silent. The stairs creaked as he went to the upper floor. William had to search for a while, but finally he had found the room and knocked softly on the door. He heard something move in the room, then the lock was pushed back and the door opened.

The lovely face of the black-haired full-figured woman

The lovely face of the black-haired, full-figured woman appeared in his doorway and looked at him in surprise. William smiled kindly at her and introduced himself. “I don’t know if they know me yet, I am their new employer!”. She nodded emphatically and suddenly beamed at him as if he were Santa Claus himself. “Of course I know who they are! After all, your estate manager told me everything. He also told me that I owe the job only to them!”. William smilingly fended her off and entered the room, which already smelled pleasantly of her.

The room was tastefully decorated and relatively large. It had always been important to William that his employees felt comfortable in his home. The new governess had already made herself comfortable and unpacked her suitcases. Several dresses lay scattered on the floor and she had already hung up two pictures. When she noticed him grinning at her mess, she blushed and hastily gathered up the clothes on the floor. “What can I do for you sir?” she asked a little breathlessly. William’s gaze slid furtively over her stunning body and he had to stop himself from falling all over her on the spot.

She seemed to have noticed his gaze because she smiled seductively at him and William suddenly felt very hot. “I came here to talk to you about your new duties. I’m sure you’ve been wondering what exactly they’re going to do?”. She just looked at him playfully and made such a cute face that William would have liked to kiss her right away. “I thought I was here for your pleasure my lord!” she replied with an innocent twinkle in her eyes. “My mother told me that governesses are to take special loving care of the master of the house!”. William was speechless for a brief moment. He opened and closed his mouth like a fish and couldn’t get a word out. She walked slowly toward him and her face came dangerously close to his. When she was close enough for him to count her freckles, William closed his eyes.

His discipline and self-confidence were gone in one fell swoop. She smelled incredibly good, and he sucked in the aroma full of desire. Breathlessly he awaited the kiss and no poem in the world could have described the moment when her full lips rested infinitely softly on his. The feeling was indescribable. Her lips were infinitely soft and warm and tasted of fresh strawberries. William lovingly put his arms around her neck and gently stroked her tender skin.

Her full breasts pressed against his chest

Her full breasts pressed against his chest, and William felt his manhood stir and press painfully against his pants. When the pressure of his member became unbearable, he broke away from the kiss and looked at her wordlessly. There was a passion burning in her watching eyes that William had only ever seen in Spanish women. She seemed to be screaming at him to take her right here and now. William didn’t care at that moment how much calculation was behind her advances.

He also didn’t care at all whether she did it just to please him or because she actually wanted to sleep with him. “What is your name, my angel?” he asked softly. “Melissa,” she answered with a smile and without another word knelt down on the floor in front of him. Her deft fingers unzipped his pants in seconds, freeing his now rock-hard cock from its prison. The member was already throbbing and Melissa gently licked her full lips with her tongue. “That looks delicious,” she purred, and in the next moment she put her full lips over the twitching shaft and began to conscientiously suck his hard pole.

The warmth of her mouth and the feel of her lips on his glans were too much for William. He moaned loudly and placed his trembling hands on her full hair. The feeling in his pulsing sex was wonderful. A gentle tug, an irresistible pressure rippled through his testicles and brought his juices to a boil. Melissa sucked and sucked smacking the hard sex and kept playfully looking up at him. Her delicate hands were meanwhile also spoiling his testicles and William felt that he was already on the verge of eruption. He just hadn’t had a discharge in too long! Melissa seemed to sense that he was on the cusp and eased off his member.

It slipped out of her warm mouth with a plop and dangled helplessly in the air. Melissa grinned diabolically and gently kissed the red glans. “Am I a good girl, am I a good girl?” she asked in a playful voice. William was almost going insane. “Please my angel, please don’t stop, it hurts so much, please do…”. But he got no further. Melissa seemed to take pity on him and took his member into her warm mouth again. Her tongue played around his glans and this touch was too much for William.

The orgasm was like a volcanic eruption. William cried out loudly as he felt the seed shoot up, and his legs turned to rubber as he pumped thrust after thrust of his warm seed into her sweet mouth. Melissa tried to swallow the first few more spurts, but it was just too much. The viscous semen leaked out of the corner of her mouth and dripped onto her white dress. She looked at William with wide eyes and wanted to pull away, but he had his eyes closed and didn’t notice. So Melissa had no choice but to swallow the rest dutifully as well. Only after a while his orgasm ebbed and he stroked her velvety hair gratefully.

Melissa then licked his cock clean and finally released his flaccid manhood back into freedom. William then had to sit down immediately as his legs could no longer support his weight. He looked lovingly at Melissa, and he was filled with happiness and gratitude. He had last experienced this wonderful glibness and happiness of a warm woman’s mouth with his wife, and had not even realized how much he had missed it since her disappearance. Melissa, however, had no eyes for him, but was still busy cleaning her mouth.

She swallowed several more times and suddenly burped softly. She bashfully lifted her watching eyes and looked apologetically at William. “Sorry sir, I meant to…” William interrupted her, laughing. “It’s all right. Foremost, I don’t care for excessive adherence to manners, and secondly, you just swallowed a lot of my semen, so this sort of thing can happen!”. William sat down next to her and gently stroked a few strands of semen from her chin. She smiled and gave him a deep kiss. When they broke away again, William looked at her thoughtfully.

He had to tell her why he had hired her in the first place! “Melissa?” “Yes?” she replied curiously, looking at him questioningly. “Actually, I didn’t hire you for my pleasure, but for my son Mitch. He is 18 years old and still completely inexperienced in sexual matters. Do you mean that you could take care of him?”. Melissa looked at him in amazement for a moment, then grinned mischievously. “I’ll start on it first thing tomorrow. And if I don’t manage to seduce him in five days, they can fire me again!”. William stroked her flushed cheeks, shaking his head. “I won’t let you go in a thousand years…you’re…well…you’re…you’re just too talented for that!”.