She is 18 years old, and you are her sugardaddy 😊

Or better, sugar slave. Violet is definitely a standout with her red eyes and shaved head. The text below is from her profile:
“I enjoy spending time with submissive men, seeing how they invest in the pleasure that causes me to cause them pain, punish, curse, reward if they behave well.”

During the live show, fine camera Mistress, classical music can be heard in her room. Violet is unable to put her hair back like other women in case she is interested in a man. Instead, she sweeps over the head.

Mistress Violet is the type to have a wild night with, she sucks the energy out of your overly fat obese body, so to speak. Unfortunately, live lady Violet is not much of a speaker in front of the camera, watching goes all the better with such a striking appearance. In case she is not online, on her page you can view fine pictures.