A new sniffing story, it’s from Harvey a 27-year-old man and he has a nice fetish. He meets a girlfriend who gets excited by sniffing men. The photo is from Kristina, she is holding her hand in front of the panties. Then it gets nice and warm.

Smelling panties: Let me first introduce myself. I’m Harvey, 27 years old and slim and muscular, nothing else to complain about. In daily life, I have a good job and am single. I do have some adventures with women and I also have female friends. Yet I know I have a fetish, I love to smell female underwear and then only the panties or thongs. I always find the smell fascinating and horny, I always do a lot to smell it too.

When I’m with girlfriends, I always try to get to the laundry basket with an excuse. With the girlfriends where I know nothing is going to happen, it’s extra horny. When I go to the toilet in the bathroom, I always sniff in the laundry basket. The underwear on top are the best, they have been worn the most recently, so the horniest smell. During my visit to the toilet, I smell as long as possible, sometimes if I can’t control my excitement I lick it. The smell and taste are intense and especially because it actually can’t or shouldn’t be done. After the visit to the toilet I am always a bit ashamed, but it feels exciting. I see the girlfriend again, sometimes in the company of her husband or other friends. Afterward, when I am talking to her again, my mind is only about her horny smell. The excitement continues and when I get home alone I enjoy the underwear in my mind. I never take them with me, I am always afraid they will find out and I will ruin a friendship.

Another way to enjoy my addiction is after a one-night stand. When I conquer a beautiful woman in town, I usually ask if I can keep a trophy. After the horny game of the night or morning, I usually try to get the women out the door as quickly as possible. After all, I am intentionally single and enjoy my freedom. When the question comes from me, they usually look a little strange, but the twinkle in their eyes does say they think it’s horny. They leave the horny slip or thong behind and I can enjoy the delicious smell (and taste) for a while. I have also ordered underwear on the internet through a forum. The excitement is great, but you still always have the feeling that they are not so fresh or even maybe fake. But I did order at least a couple with a picture attached, so I knew it was good and saw the horny pussy in them. But now why I wrote such a long intro, I want more and found it. On the internet, you can find a lot about it, and now I have found a woman through a forum who really likes men to smell her underwear. Her name is Miranda, she is in her 30s and she also has a fetish for underwear, but especially that men smell hers.

We email weeks with our horny fantasy. I tell her that I’ve smelled another horny thong from a friend and she’s getting horny about my adventures. On the other hand, she tells me that she always puts panties at the top of the laundry basket on purpose when there are visitors. Since she has a bathroom and toilet in one, the visitors always have to see the laundry basket. She then tells me that the panties are moved again after the visit is gone and that she always gets horny at the idea and wonders who it was. Over the weeks, I become increasingly curious about her smell and taste. From her side, I also notice that she wants more but doesn’t dare. She has a boyfriend and doesn’t want to go all the way with someone else. I send her a horny proposal. A few days later I don’t hear from her and I get an email back. She wants to do it, but I have to stick to the rules of the proposal, and she doesn’t want penetration. I don’t think that’s a problem at all (it wasn’t in my proposal either), because I want to expand my fetish with her and it’s certainly not necessary to have real sex. She sent her number with it and a time that I could call her without any problem.

The appointment was made after a nervous phone conversation. You could hear the excitement in our voices and also the nerves coursing through our bodies. We agreed on this coming Saturday. Her boyfriend had to be away for work from Saturday afternoon until Monday afternoon, so we had time.

I arrived at her place and she opened the door. As agreed, she stood there dressed normally, the neighborhood shouldn’t think anything crazy either. We greeted each other with three kisses, Miranda was a very beautiful woman. She had all the curves in the right place and a beautiful face. We would first go for a drink to get to know each other a little better. I sat down on the couch and she asked me what I wanted to drink, a beer seemed to me the best. She went to the kitchen. Step one of the plan could now begin if Miranda followed the rules. She walked to the kitchen and as soon as she was out of sight, I looked under the pillow to my left. There was a nice pink thong there, I picked it up and brought it to my nose. The smell was nice, my cock was already growing a little in my pants. I knew this was the thong she had taken off three days ago. Not so fresh, but the beginning is there and my excitement is growing. I quickly put the thong back when I hear her come back. She sits up and looks at me hornily, she knows she kept step one and I must have smelled it.

We talk a lot about all kinds of things, but nothing about underwear yet. After three beers and a nice conversation later, I say I need to go to the bathroom. She points out where I need to go and again I hope she has kept to the next step. I lock the door and immediately look in the laundry basket, I see a horny white hipster lying there. I pick up the slip and turn it inside out, I can see the horny stains. I take my cock out of my pants to pee and at the same time smell the underpants. Peeing is already getting a little harder due to the excitement, the smell is hornier than the previous one. With the tip of my tongue, I go over the spot where her pussy has been. The assignment was for her to finger herself ready in these panties. She must have complied with the assignment, the taste was super delicious. Sweet and horny at the same time.

With difficulty, I put my cock back in my pants and flush the toilet. When I come back Miranda is nowhere to be seen, yes I thought the next step. I walk up the stairs as agreed and see one door half open with a pair of panties on the doorknob. This is thong number three and she took it off this morning, so she has had it on for two days! I grab it from the door handle and walk on with it. I see Miranda sitting in a chair facing the bed. She is in her bathrobe as agreed. I have to sit on the bed with my back against the headboard, naked. I undress and look at her hornily, she says it could be faster. So pretty soon I’m naked on the bed with her third thong in my hands.

I look at her with a horny expression and bring the panties to my nose. The excitement in her eyes increases, I see her looking very concentrated. My cock gets hard from the smell of her thong and the excitement of the game. While smelling and watching, I bring my other hand to my cock. I gently pull on it and Miranda slides her hand under the robe. I see that she is massaging der breasts. This turns me on and I pull on my cock faster. The smell of the thong is horny, especially since she’s had it on for so long.

Miranda is getting hornier, the robe is already hanging open. As agreed for step four, she has a white thong on. I have to keep pulling myself while looking at her delicious body, but am not allowed to cum. Miranda gets hornier and goes over her thong with one hand. She massages her pussy through it. Then a second hand is quickly on the spot and she is very horny with herself. I have to restrain myself not to come or help her. Miranda’s body starts to move irregularly and she comes moaning. She takes her hands away from her pussy and I see a clearly very wet thong.

I am still jerking myself while smelling at her panties. Then she asks me how I liked the show, and I could only say that I liked it. Then Miranda asks if I want to swap the thong in my hand with the fresh one she just finished in. I just nod, she says throw it. I toss the thong to her and get a fresh wet one back. This was step four, I was now allowed to go all the way. I pulled even harder on my cock as she allowed me to smell the fresh pussy juice. I couldn’t resist and soon was licking her horny from the thong and the taste was intense. So intense that I felt I was going to come and squirted all my cum over my belly while Miranda was looking at me with a finger in her pussy.