A story of a man having first-time feet sex with his new girlfriend. The beautiful feet accompanying this story belong to Feetseductress or let’s call her Melanie. And very pretty, she is also a Mistress. With whip and leather.

Now, I should say that I am someone who has never tried a sexual fantasy with their feet or toes. Nevertheless, it did make me very curious what someone feels with an obsession with feet. I went to a friend of mine and asked her what exactly is the most delicious thing about foot sex. You’ll have to suffer this baby and believe me, after this you’ll always want to do it! I have always felt a lot for her but I know she wants me to. This is on a sexual level because we are incredible magnets of each other. We’ve known each other since the 1980s, and were both adolescents then and didn’t know much about sex then.

Obsession with feet.

I took a nice shower and felt fresh and put on my nicest jeans topped off with a jacket with my sexy shirt underneath that showed off my trained chest nicely. And with cotton socks so that my feet are nice and fresh. I’m curious what this evening will bring me.
I have a good feeling about it, and would it really be so exciting to have sex with feet? I drive about 20 kilometers to her place and can still fantasize about how it will go tonight.

When I arrive, I ring her bell and she opens the door cheerfully. I am warmly greeted with an extended embrace and a big kiss on my mouth. We already start making love in the hallway and feel her excitedly stiff nipples pressed against my chest. Honey, I’m so glad you’re here and it feels so familiar, do you have that too? Yes, I whisper softly in her ear.

First coffee or, no, straight up I say, can’t stop feeling your wonderful body against me! In front of the mirror, I look at her back and see a tanned skin with a nothing veiled dress over it. I feel my cock which is already quite excited, hard and so stiff it almost pops out of my boxer. I quickly take off my shoes, then my pants, and ask her to do the same.

She takes off her dress.

She takes off her dress with one pull and I see that she is not wearing a bra. Her beautiful breasts appear before my eyes, and now she is getting wet as well. I feel her pussy which is quite wet and pull her thong aside. Quickly, I push my cock inside, and we shuffle up the stairs to her bedroom.

Lie back down I’d like to give you a massage Tom she says. Delighted, I fall backward on her bed and lie on my stomach. I soon feel her hands on my body, and she massages my back and legs. Goosebumps everywhere, I feel all sex baby I moan. Can I turn around? Yes, but don’t move, ok? She rubs her hands with oil and starts caressing my feet. My god, how good this feels! I let it wash over me and a tingling goes through my whole body.

Well, what did I say? Yes indeed, touching feet is very erotic. Toe for toe she touches my feet and they glisten with oil. Then she starts massaging my feet with her breasts, holding her nipple. She twists her nipples around my toes and this horny sight makes me rock hard! Now I’m going to lie down, ok? Yes, Melanie lie down nicely.

I take the bottle with oil and do exactly the same as she did with me. It is a wonderful feeling to have her under my hands and I also touch her feet. I gently massage them and see that you have beautiful feet and toes and so soft! I see her enjoying herself and soon she grabs my stiff cock and starts playing with my cock with her feet. I can see her long legs in front of me and look right at her wet pussy.

She pulls my cock with her toes and I feel her soft feet. I get excited because I can’t do anything and have a beautiful view. This is a fetish, she says out loud, I have a weakness for feet. With her toes, she now moves down along my balls and buttocks and stops at my anus. She tickles with her big toe against my anus and feels how nice this touch is. Sweetie now the feet against each other. Rubbing our feet we are making love to each other and whisper that I am starting to get very excited.

This wonderful foreplay with the feet I have never experienced before, but I can recommend it to everyone. It is purely a form of relaxation, and you have no idea what this brings about in a man and a woman. We have passion and love and make love the stars from the sky. Finally, I push my cock deep into her pussy and she rubs her feet along my legs. I am about to jump, I almost can’t hold it anymore but first I want to make her cum. That takes no effort at all, she squirts all her juices down my cock. I fuck her tight pussy deep and feel how good she has come.

A tight pussy that I fuck how good is that? Yes, delicious oh, oh delicious thing, I am going to squirt! Wait, she says, I will finish it with my feet. She clamps her feet around my hard cock and firmly rubs my cock up and down, my glans between her toes. Delicious, oh, I’m going to squirt! I squirt her feet covered in cum and this is the first time I’ve cum through a pair of beautiful feet that I do want to take home.

Satisfied and exhausted, we let ourselves fall back on the bed and talked for hours. Then a wonderful shower where we again discovered each other.