His daughter and girlfriend checked out his man cave.

“I bet your dad has some vodka in the liquor cabinet downstairs. Or at least some beers in the fridge,” Chloe said. Ilse shook her head and turned the page of the magazine she was staring at, but not really reading. “I don’t want to snoop in my dad’s stuff, that’s weird.” They were staying with Ilse for fall break, and all the partying of their freshman year had made home seem downright boring. Because they weren’t 21 yet, and without their older friends to buy them drinks.

Chloe turned off the TV and sat up straight, looking determined. “I’m going to check his liquor stash anyway. I know he won’t notice if anything is missing from his stash, he’s been completely oblivious since the divorce.” Ilse sighed and sat up straight, putting down the two-month-old Glamour she had been reading. “True, you’re right,” she agreed. Her father had been rather listless lately, not really the same cheerful man she had grown up with. “Okay, I’ll go too. But don’t do anything wrong … just look through all his stuff!”

Chloe was quite curious and had no problem going through her best friend’s father’s personal belongings to see what she could find. Ilse’s dad was an IT guy and well known in Hollywood for his AI and CGI skills and the images and scenes he created. Putting a face on a body was child’s play. Big stunt scenes he did behind his screens without even a stuntman/woman involved. They had been friends for so long that Ilse’s father felt familiar, safe. Ilse’s house felt more like home than hers ever had. “I just hope he has something better than Johnny Walker and Bavaria,” Chloe said with a smile. Ilse giggled. “Don’t worry, Dad only buys the good stuff,” she said confidently. Ilse’s father’s “man cave” was a special place for a divorced forty-something with hobbies and money. There was a huge TV, at least 65 inches, a row of theater-style airplane seats, each with a cupholder, a compartment for a remote control, and buttons that allowed you to recline or even lie completely flat with a simple touch.

Further up was a pool table, across from the bar and a vintage Pepsi machine. Chloe smiled at all the memories she had of barbecues and vacations at Ilse’s house, and how fun it had been to put a euro in the Pepsi machine and see what came out; her father never put the same kind of soda in it twice. She went over and pressed a button, but nothing happened.

“Aha!” sounded Ilse’s triumphant voice from behind the bar. Her head came up and the rest of her soon followed as she shouted, “Tequila from Patron!” as she held up a bottle with a round cork full of amber liquid. Chloe stuck out her tongue and lifted her nose. “Do you have a lime somewhere? Tequila without lime … yuck!” Ilse turned and looked in the fridge. “There are no limes here. I’ll look in the kitchen.” She placed the bottle of tequila on the bar and went back upstairs, leaving Chloe in the cool basement room.

Chloe walked to one of the airplane seats where there was a blanket on the seat and picked it up, intending to throw it over her shoulders to keep warm. But as soon as she picked it up, the blanket slipped out of her hand. Under the blanket, on the black leather cushion, was a very strange object. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew it was something personal, something Jess’ father didn’t want her – or anyone else – to see. It was big and plastic and shaped like a flashlight. But at the wide end, where the light would normally be, was a flesh-colored pile of some kind of rubbery material. Chloe grabbed the thing by the handle and turned it around in her hand. The rubbery part was shaped like a pussy! She recognized the labia, the clit, and there was a hole in the middle. Chloe’s mouth fell open. What is this? Surprised and shocked, but also excited by the find. Curious, she cautiously touched the plastic pussy. It was surprisingly soft and felt a little sticky, but nothing stuck to it. “Did Ilse’s father put his dick in it?” she wondered. The thought made her curious. Hesitantly, Chloe let her index finger slide into the fake pussy. It was a strange feeling – it didn’t feel like she was sticking her finger into her own pussy, it wasn’t wet or warm – but it made her feel strangely aroused. She tried to imagine Ilse’s father using it, pushing his cock deep inside her while he sat in his chair watching porn on his big screen.

Chloe heard Ilse’s footsteps at the top of the stairs and put the toy back on the pillow and threw the blanket on top of it and walked back to the bar. She grabbed her cell phone and tried to act casual, as if she had been standing there the whole time. Ilse entered the cave again, holding a small lime in her hand. “It’s a little old, but who cares, we’ve had worse, right?” Chloe laughed and agreed that was indeed the case. Ilse poured two shots and they drank, throwing back the tequila and grimacing as the burning sensation washed down their throats, then took bites from the sour lime slices. They ate three each and then put the Patron back in the fridge. Then they went back to Ilse’s room to paint their toenails so they could laugh about what a lousy job they had done the day before.

That night, after Ilse fell asleep, Chloe noticed that she couldn’t get to sleep. Her mind kept going back to the toy she had discovered earlier. She went to the top of the basement stairs and pressed her ear to the door. Ilse’s father had come home and yelled gruffly, “I’m home, leave me alone! He went straight into his man cave. Chloe wondered if he was using the toy she had discovered earlier. The house was completely quiet. When he was in his den, he was very quiet. She cautiously walked down the stairs and quietly pushed the latch down and pulled the door open a bit until she could see inside the cave.

She saw the row of chairs, one of them tilted backwards. Ilse’s father couldn’t see her, but she could see the TV screen. She saw two big tits with a thick cock squeezed between them. “He’s watching porn! Chloe realized and stifled a sigh. She shook her head and looked around the cave. The screen was filled with the image of a kneeling woman taking a big cock from behind, the thick cock looking like it might split her in two at any moment. Her pussy was tightly wrapped around the cock that was fucking her. The sound was very quiet, but with the door open, Chloe could hear the man moaning as he fucked the young woman mercilessly. She was shocked to see the man come and spray his cum all over the woman’s belly. It was dark for a moment and the image on the screen changed, now she saw a young girl on her back, her legs spread wide, her pussy open and waiting for the big cock to enter her again. Chloe’s mouth formed a look of shock as she saw the girl’s face. It was her own face, but not her body. Her breasts were smaller and the girl on the screen had a nipple piercing. What the FUCK! I’m in a porn movie? Did he put my head on a body? She was too shocked to answer.

All Leon Murphy wanted after a long, hard day was a beer and a handjob. He trudged into the two-bedroom, one-bathroom farmhouse where he had lived for the past few years, first with his wife, now with his ex-wife and their young daughter, and then with just their daughter. And now, finally, alone. Except for school vacations, of course, when Ilse came to visit for a few weeks. As much as he loved his daughter, he loved his time alone, the peace, the solitude, the freedom to be single again.

To be honest, he hardly took advantage of his bachelor status. It had been almost seven years since Ilse’s mother had left him, and although he had had a few dates here and there, he had never really been interested in a serious romantic relationship again. Ilse was old enough not to need a mother figure and seemed happy enough with just him around, and Leon was content with his quiet lifestyle. However, he missed the touch of a woman. The do-it-yourself sex, the jerking off, gave him some satisfaction. The idea that he had to … decorate and occupy a woman was not his thing anymore. That is why he had used his skills to make some sex movies, like CGI lives, real and even hornier. Like the Nubiles movies. Sometimes with a face he found on the WWW, sometimes with faces of Ilse’s girlfriends or pretty faces he found on Facebook or tik-tok. He could spend hours making these movies fit perfectly. Sometimes he jerked off to the pictures before and after editing.

Now that his daughter and her friend Chloe were here, he had taken some pictures of them, during the BBQ, nothing special, but now he had edited Myrian’s pretty face into a Nubile movie. Through the internal network he watched his masterpiece on the big screen. The movie was about a job interview. Chloe entered in a suit and introduced herself. After a few minutes she unbuttoned her blouse and played with her appearance. The boss reacts and comes up to her and touches her. From that moment on, Leon opens his pants and grabs the fake pussy. He watches as the boss opens the blouse of his interlocutor and caresses her breasts. The camera gives an image straight ahead, Chloe, looks straight into the camera and you can see her beautiful breasts. Leon squeezes his sex a few times and pulls gently. Then the chair is turned on the big screen and the pants of her future boss are opened. His cock is quite stiff and disappears for a good part in the face of the actress. The real Chloe swallows when she sees the images. It excites her unbelievably, but somewhere she is surprised about Leon’s choice, surely there are so many more beautiful and experienced women than her!

For Leon it was easy. Chloe had been his daughter’s best friend for as long as he could remember. So long, in fact, that she felt like a daughter to him. Only now she was practically a woman, and a beautiful one at that. Leon realized that he often avoided Chloe when she came over because he felt insecure about how attractive he found her. It was wrong, she was like a daughter to him, and he was determined not to pervert his daughter’s friends. She was 100% off limits.

But porn actresses who looked like her weren’t, Leon thought with a grin. Especially not if he made Chloe’s face appear on them. He remembered the moment he had seen a movie with an actress who looked very much like Chloe, which was also the moment he decided to use his skills to put familiar faces into movies. His first project was to remodel a movie in which his “ex” was being fucked in an S&M basement by two big negroes. Not delicious or anything, but just so he could and wanted to practice.

After taking some nice and usable pictures of Chloe, it took him half an hour to edit her face into the movie. And yes, he was satisfied. Very satisfied even. It had worked! His cock was rock hard and the plastic cunt was ready to please him.

The real Chloe was dizzy from what she had just seen. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined herself in this situation. And the craziest part? She slowly crept away from the door, taking care not to step on the loose floorboards as she moved away from her spot behind the door. Silently, she closed the door behind her and tiptoed to the bathroom.
Once there, she locked the door and sat on the toilet seat, pondering. Ilse was sound asleep in her bedroom, but Chloe was more awake than ever, the horny feeling between her legs not diminishing, in fact increasing. Should she do something about it? Should she finger herself here at the thought of her best friend’s father? Logic told her not to, but why? She had no idea; she had already fingered an acquaintance, a classmate or a teacher. What harm could it do? None, was her conclusion.

So she started to take off her pajamas. She wanted to get ready so she could fall asleep and hopefully have a clearer head the next morning. She threw her clothes in a pile in front of the washing machine. Her tits were already exposed and she stroked them. How would his hand feel? She let her hand go over the crotch of her panties. Swimming wet! She pulled the panties down and looked at the fabric. Sticky, clear liquid covered the inside where her pussy had been. She felt between her legs and slipped a finger between her lips. She shivered; the urge had never been so strong. She pushed two fingers into her vagina and with her other hand she stroked her tits and a moment later her clit. “Yes, darling…” a deep male voice echoed in her head. A familiar voice. The voice of Leon, the father of her best friend. Normally Chloe would have stopped right there… But right now, after what she had seen, it brought her to a mega orgasm even faster. Still hearing his voice, she bit her lip and held back a moan as she imagined him watching her. “Spread your tight little pussy for me,” he said now. She imagined him jerking his cock close to her. “I want you to make yourself come so you can take this cock. I need it deliciously wet, darling, I don’t want to hurt your pussy on the first thrust…”

Her hips moved wildly as she continued, her fingers circling frantically around her swollen clit. She could feel her pussy leaking, her fluids spilling down onto her starlet and then onto the lid of the toilet. She bit her lip to keep from moaning; her orgasm was so close. She wanted to hold out for a long time. She stopped rubbing her clit and slipped two fingers inside her vagina. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she frantically fingered herself while her other hand tweaked one of her firm nipples. She shifted slightly so that she was in a squatting position, one foot propped against the tub beside her so she wouldn’t fall. This way she could make herself go faster and harder. All she could think about was jumping on Ilse’s father’s thick cock. Kohlere!” said the voice in her head. God, you are a little slut, aren’t you? Do it for me, I want to see you come.

Her fingers came out of their sheath, she shivered at the thought of licking his cock after it had been in her pussy! She sucked them clean and then went back to her clit. She rubbed for a few more moments and then she exploded. She couldn’t help it, she let out a moan of pleasure that she was absolutely sure everyone in the house could have heard if they were awake. But at that moment she didn’t care. She lowered herself against the toilet, panting and with a sheen of sweat on her face and breasts. Her pussy was still throbbing and contracting from the intense orgasm, and her legs felt like they were suddenly made of pudding. Deciding that a quick shower was in order, she turned on the water and jumped in, hoping to finally get some sleep.

Leon had watched the movie three times and used the fake pussy twice. In his mind he had grabbed, fingered and fucked his daughter’s best friend. He was satisfied and very relaxed, something he had not had much of in the last few months. He took his toy apart and rinsed it. It was striking how much semen he had squirted compared to earlier times. The thought that she was nearby and that he might be able to see something of her body had made his orgasm ten times stronger. Afterwards, he felt completely exhausted and relieved.

He walked carefully up the stairs, not wanting to wake the girls with his bumbling. He heard moaning from the bathroom. He stopped and concentrated on the sound, was it someone in pain? He waited and listened to strained moans and hisses. This was not someone vomiting or suffering from a migraine… This was someone playing with himself. His daughter or her horny friend. His cock reacted when he thought of Chloe in combination with the video and the sounds he heard.

He was only a few steps away from the door. What would he do? Knock on the door and ask if everything went well? Or wait to see who would come out of the door? With bated breath he waited. Leon was not prepared for what he heard. After standing there for only a few moments, he began to hear more and louder sounds coming from the bathroom. Soft sighs and moans and the sound of a wet cunt being taken. The perpetrator was obviously trying to be quiet, but every now and then she would let out a sound. It was the most horny thing he had ever heard. Despite being thirty-eight and having just had two huge orgasms, Leon felt his cock stiffen again, this time to the point of pain. He took another careful, quiet step toward the bathroom. He needed to hear more.

He pressed his ear to the door and listened intently. She was fingering herself, violently, from the sound of it. Wet, sticky, oppressive noises were coming from her pussy, and she was clearly struggling not to come, because every few seconds she would stop, only to start again a moment later. Leon bent down and put his hand inside his sweatpants, holding the erection that was waiting for him. He put his hand around his cock and let it slide back and forth along the length of his member as he listened to a girl, his daughter or maybe her best friend, satisfy herself.
Jesus Christ, he thought, what I wouldn’t give to be able to look in there right now. In his mind he was outside, it had to be Chloe. He could not and should not masturbate to his daughter.

He imagined the scene that awaited him. His daughter’s girlfriend, naked and spread out before him, fingering her tight little pussy and looking straight at him with pleading eyes. Suddenly, a loud moan escaped Chloe’s mouth, louder than all the muffled sounds she had made before. She was coming, and before he could stop it, so was he. He bit his lip hard to keep from moaning or screaming. He felt his seed slide down the inside of his sweatpants.
He took a step back as he heard the murmur of the shower.

Quickly he went to his own room. There he cleaned off the sprayed semen as best he could and lay down. In the sleep and dreams that followed, he explored the young thing and made love to her.

Sometime that night, he came to the conclusion that he needed to arrange and install a couple of small spycams. For an IT guy like him a small effort and with the right software…