Thimo was a representative for erotic articles and couldn’t sell anything this day.

It was yet another day when Thimo was unable to sell anything. And to make matters worse, it was raining! Thimo was a representative for erotic articles, they said. But it was really just a matter of selling dildos, condoms, Chinese balls and the like.

The problem was that he couldn’t sell anything at all! It was a relatively new company he was working for now and he had been there from the beginning. None of the other representatives were selling anything, so he was not alone. People were probably embarrassed by the idea of buying a vibrator from a stranger at the door, when the neighbor could come through the back door at any moment to borrow some eggs.

And Thimo could understand all that, and the rest of the representatives probably could as well, but the boss was anything but happy about it. “If you don’t sell anything today, Thimo, you can look for another job. ” He had growled at Thimo that morning. All Thimo could have done was nod his head and promise to sell something that day, but his gut told him otherwise. Now he was driving down this street and the rain was getting heavier. He parked his car in the nearest parking lot and walked out into the pouring rain. …. Pressed the alarm button on his remote control and the hazard lights flashed three times. The first row of houses was not interested, the next was not home. It was now about four o’clock in the afternoon, and he had a chance to make some sales. He arrived at a corner house and sighed deeply before ringing the bell.

No one answered. He rang again. Nothing. Thimo was about to leave when an upstairs window opened and a blond head stepped out. “Sorry, I’m coming, I’ve just been busy up here, just a moment” The window closed again and footsteps sounded on the stairs down the hall, the front door opened with a small squeak and there stood a rather small, blonde woman. Her figure was clearly that of a trained woman, and her green eyes almost met Thimo’s, so attractive were they. She had small, firm breasts and nice, slender legs, culminating in a huge, delicious ass. “Yes, what can I do for you? ” The woman said in an open tone. “Eh. Good day, my name is Thimo and I am a salesman for erotic articles. Can I interest you in some of these?” At the word representative, the woman’s face dropped to thunder, but when she heard the words erotic articles, her eyes began to sparkle. “Sure, anytime! Come in, let me introduce myself, just call me Esther. ” She asked Thimo to come in and pointed to the living room.

Thimo walked in, allowing Esther to have a quick look at his ass. The pants of his suit had gotten a little tighter around his ass from all the rain that had fallen, and the shape was now clearly visible. Thimo noticed that he was being watched, his gut told him so. Who knows, he thought, “maybe I can show this Esther how everything works. He smiled and noticed that Esther saw him. “What’s so funny? “Thimo apologized, “No, sorry. Just a little inside joke that came out very unprofessionally, sorry. He cleared his throat for a moment and began his story. “Good. I work for…” “I don’t care. Now let’s see what you’ve got. ” Thimo started slightly, and now Esther laughed happily. “In your suitcase, of course. The rest we’ll see later,” she said with an exciting wink. He opened the suitcase and looked carefully at Esther….then she saw it! “They all look delicious…. But can I try them on first? Thimo took the model Tarzan out of the suitcase and filled the thing with batteries…

While Thimo twisted the monstrously large thing together and tested it to make sure the batteries were in properly, Esther took off all her clothes. Thimo saw it all out of the corner of his eye, but tried not to, the only thing going through his mind was the thought that he HAD to sell something. And it didn’t matter how! Of course, a free show was never wasted, or so he thought. Tarzan was on war footing and he handed the nicely shaped thing to Esther, who by now was playing deliciously with her pussy. her fingers were everywhere. With one hand she caressed her breasts, while Tarzan’s other hand stroked along her beautiful full labia. Thimo watched as Tarzan penetrated deep into her juicy pussy and he felt his own little version of Tarzan begin to play up. Little Tarzan was getting hungry and craving the forbidden fruit, the only thing holding him back was some cloth and a fly. Esther looked at the growing bulge in his trousers. “Thimo, honey… Loosen your fly and take your dick out. Please?

I’m about to buy this model, but a little extra stimulation wouldn’t hurt. ” Thimo obeyed and opened his fly and the button of his boxers and fished his cock out of his pants. He pulled back the skin and there was his huge purple glans, smaller than the one Esther was now sliding between her lips, but just as effective! Esther was now enormously aroused, she pulled Tarzan out of her soaking wet pussy with a soaking sound and now walked over to Thimo and got down on her knees while she began to gently lick Thimo’s no longer dry glans, moving his skin up and down.

With long strokes she began to suck on Thimo’s hard cock and she could feel the blood rushing through all his veins. With her red tongue she licked all over the cock and she could feel that Thimo was about to come. Harder and faster she sucked the now spit dripping cock and she could feel how it started to get a little harder for a moment. Meanwhile, Tarzan was trying harder and harder and the feeling was now coming into Esther’s belly and reaching her juicy pussy. With a loud moan, she came at the same time as Thimo. She felt the warm seed on her wet tongue and against her palate as she greedily, almost greedily, swallowed it all. When everything had been sucked out of his still slightly erect cock, Esther licked his purple glans completely clean and came up to give Thimo a kiss. At first she wanted to tongue him, but that would scare him off, she thought. So she settled for a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll take this one. He’s doing well. Meets the requirements just fine… And I’ll buy Tarzan from you too,” she said with a wink…”

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