When I was a kid, I used to go camping every summer with my parents and my sister. It was always very pleasant. I had a lot of friends there. Also, my aunt and uncle and their daughter would often visit for a week. I always had a close relationship with their daughter, my cousin.

We thought the same way about many things and often went out together. We played in the woods, climbed trees, and built cabins. When we were in the tree house, we sang songs or read books. Sometimes we played role-playing games, like father and mother. Even when we got older and went through puberty, we still did that, although the role-playing had almost disappeared. I remember one time she woke me up early in the morning and we went to the cabin together in our pajamas to listen to the birds. She was wearing a nightgown, and I was wearing short pajamas and a shirt. She climbs up the ladder for me to get into the cabin, which gives me a good look under her nightgown.

I see a beautiful ass in front of me. With her panties between her buttocks. A large erection grows in my pajamas. Almost at the top, she turns to go back into the cabin. Just then I see that her panties are between her labia and I see a small tuft of pubic hair coming out from under them. My cock gets even harder now and I think about how to hide it. When I get to the top, I see her sitting cross-legged opposite the ladder, which gives me an even better view of her panties. I turn around and walk backwards into the tree house as well. I cover my hard-on as best I can.

I see her nipples poking through her dress.

We start talking. I see her nipples poking through her dress. And my adolescent hormones are throbbing. We enjoy the silence and talk about our dreams. Suddenly I see her eyes go to my crotch and she says, “What’s that in your pants?” “Oh nothing…” I reply with a red head. “Yep, let’s see,” she orders. And pulls down my pants. A huge erection hits my stomach and she flinches. “Sorry,” I stammer. “Never mind,” she says and I tuck my hard-on back in. We look at each other and give each other a big hug and decide to go back. I lead the way, so I can get another good look at her ass. When we are downstairs, we go to the tent together. When we get there, we hug tightly and she feels my boner pressing against her lower belly. I get a kiss on my mouth and our tongues touch. We say goodbye and as we leave, her hand goes along my boner.

She looks at me and gives me a wink. They left early the next morning and that was the last time I saw her. Several years go by without us seeing or talking to each other. Now that I have a few weeks off and the weather is nice, I decide to go back to the campground in question. I book a spot for my camper for 3 weeks and start my vacation with great joy. The first week is quiet. I hike and bike a lot. I still see our old tree house spot, but the cabin is gone. I like to walk around the campground, where there are a lot of beautiful women, whom I have already completely undressed and fucked in my mind. But unfortunately it is no more than that, and it becomes jerking off in bed that night and playing with my stiff cock. The next day I walk around the campground and decide to go to the pool. There are a lot of beautiful women in bikinis or swimsuits for me to check out. I lie on my towel in the grass and can see everything very well. Beautiful women walk by. One with big breasts that go up and down nicely as I walk. The other with a nice ass. And a lot of the women’s bikini bottoms are just a little too tight, so you can see a little bit of the labia. I stare and feel my penis getting hard.

This makes me very horny. I go back to my camper. When I arrive I see that I have new neighbors. I undress in the camper and lie naked on the bed for a while. Suddenly I hear a familiar voice. Could it be her, I wonder? I look outside and it is indeed my cousin! “Yes!!!” I think. I see her playing with her kids. She has dried up nicely, if I do say so myself. Nice full big breasts. A cute little belly. A beautiful ass. And when she walks like that and everything is shaking and trembling, it is a very sharp sight. I can already feel it on my cock, which is now rock hard, and ideally I want to come. I put on my bathing suit and go outside. My cock is dangling in my trunks. I call to Jeanne. She turns around, looks for a moment and then comes running to me. Her breasts bounce up and down and my dick jumps. She flies around my neck and we hug each other tightly. I feel her breasts against me and it is only natural that she feels my stiff penis as well. “Ohhh Arthur, I’m so happy to see you again! I’ve missed you so much!

All these years without my favorite cousin!” she sighs. “I missed you too Jeanne, it was boring camping without you!” I answer her. “Hmm, I can feel that you missed me,” she says, glancing down to where my boner is proudly sticking out of my trunks. “Sorry about that,” I stammer. I feel myself turning back into the shy nephew of old. “No sorry honey, you should know how many times I fingered myself with your stiff dick in mind,” she says. “I’m still here all week, you too?” she asks. “Yeah 2 more even,” I reply. “Good, then we will definitely see each other!” she says with a big wink. She walks back to her caravan and my eyes remain glued to that beautiful wiggling and twitching ass. I need to cool down and take a quick shower. I rinse off with cold water and my stiff, throbbing cock calms down again. I dry myself off and put my clothes back on.

At the RV my cousin’s husband is waiting for me. “Hey Arthur, nice to meet you. Fancy a beer?” He asks. “Sure. Delicious!” I reply. We enjoy several beers together and talk about all sorts of things. “You guys have a good connection, huh? The way she came running up to you. Nice man!” he says to me suddenly. All I can think is that he doesn’t know the real me. There’s my cousin. She comes out of the trailer and sits down across from me in her bikini. It is a little transparent because I can see her nipples and the shape of her labia is also clearly visible and that makes my penis half hard. I concentrate on her husband. But every time she moves, I get distracted. Her husband gets up and says, “I’m going for a bike ride with the kids, I promised them!” Nice talking to you! Come to our barbecue tomorrow!” We shake hands and man hug and he walks away. ” So here we are,” I say. She gets up and comes to sit next to me and puts her hand on my thigh.

The feel of her touch makes my penis get harder and harder. We look at each other and both say at the same time, “I want you!” We walk to my trailer and go inside. Once inside, we kiss passionately and our tongues dance around each other. Her hands run through my hair and down my chest. She stops at the edge of my swim trunks and slowly pulls them down. My stiff cock shoots up and she looks at it with greedy eyes. “Wow Arthur, what a nice big cock. Hmm, and there is already some pre-cum coming out of your glans,” she says hornily. She licks up the moisture and takes more and more of my penis into her mouth. It disappears completely in her mouth. Slowly she goes up and down, leaving no spot untouched. With her other hand, she massages my full balls. “Hmmm Jeanne, how well you do that. So delicious. I have been fantasizing about this the whole time,” I say. She stops, looks at me and says, “I had you in my head the whole time. Fantasizing about sex all the time. And when I saw you, I knew right away, we are going to fuck!” She goes on to suck my balls and take my cock all the way in her mouth.

I have to do my best not to come already. I help her to stand up and take off her bikini. Two beautiful breasts with ditto nipples appear. I greedily take them in my mouth and gently bite and squeeze them. She moans loudly. “Shh, we have to be careful or they will hear us all over the campsite!” I tell her. She bites her lips as I open her vagina with my fingers and push 2 fingers inside. She is well wet. As I go back and forth I hear her dripping. I undo her panties and go to her vagina with my mouth. I taste the horny between her lips. And lick her clit. She moans and gasps.

I continue and massage the inside of her vagina with my fingers. I feel her vagina contract and hear that she is about to come. I continue to lick her and she comes already jerking. I don’t stop and feel her having another orgasm. She hugs me and whispers in my ear, “You have the most delicious cock I’ve ever had and you make me cum so unbelievably delicious!” She lies down on her back and I get on my knees in front of her. I lick her vagina again because she tastes so incredibly delicious. I go from her labia and clitoris to her Mons veneris and so over her belly, but her navel and breasts. I lick and suck her large breasts with great pleasure. I hang over her now and my throbbing cock presses against her clit. I slide down a little and my cock finds its way inside. I slide into her warm and wet vagina and begin to thrust. She feels just as I imagined. I keep the rhythm high and cling to her buttocks. My finger finds her anus and I gently finger her there.

I feel how it excites her. She throws her legs around me and clamps down on me. “Fuck me Arthur…. Fuck me !!!!” she moans. I thrust harder and faster. “Yaaaaa I cum…!!!” she gasps and orgasms violently. “I’m coming too,” I pant. “Jaaaa fill me up sweetheart… I want to feel your seed deep inside me…!!!” she gasps. And with one last hard thrust, I empty my balls into her vagina. I feel the sperm keep coming. We fall into each other’s arms. I roll off her and my flaccid penis is still dripping with cum and all wet from her horniness. She licks my cock clean and it gets hard again. “Hmmm again?” she asks. Without waiting for my answer, she climbs on top of me and lets my penis slide into her vagina. She goes up and down and her breasts bounce well. I massage her breasts and her nipples. She fingers herself while riding my cock.

We orgasm simultaneously and I fill her vagina for the 2nd time. She slides off me. She licks my cock clean and puts her bikini back on. “I have to go honey, they will be home soon” she says. “Okay, too bad” I say. She grabs my phone and writes down their number. “This way we can never lose each other again,” she winks. And she kisses me and then jumps into her own trailer. Later that night I get a picture of her. In it she shows her vagina and her bikini bottom. Full of cum and horny. I send her a picture of my stiff penis with a drop of pre-cum. In the following days we chat regularly and I often come over for a beer with her husband. In the years that follow we often go to the same campsite or meet at my place and every time it ends in a great horny lovemaking….