My wife, Monique, and I, Forty, had recently lived in a mid-sized city. Nice house, nice neighborhood, and we both had jobs we liked. Although I had to drive a few more miles. It was a job with fixed hours, so except for the occasional traffic jam, I usually got home about the same time. Very occasionally I would have to go to a customer. And so it was that afternoon that, in retrospect, changed our lives forever. I walked in the back door and heard a woman moaning.

We had added an erotic package to our new TV subscription. So my first reaction was that Monique was watching one of those channels. The thought of that made me spontaneously horny and I got a hard-on. I assumed that my wife, who was cheering herself up in front of the TV, was probably in need of a big fuck. Anyway, I was ready.

But as I walked through the dining room, I heard two moaning and panting voices. I swung open the living room door and said, “Screaming together is more delicious!” But the words died on my lips. For in the room was my wife and neighbor, Yolanda. She was hanging upside down on the couch, and Monique, with her head and one hand buried between Yolanda’s thighs. Both were naked. “What are they doing?” was my stupid question. Because what they were doing was more than obvious. They were horny and spoiling each other. My wife was caressing Yolanda and judging by the moans, both women were enjoying themselves. They jumped up wildly and grabbed clothes to cover themselves. Even Monique, my wife, was doing this. Yolanda was holding a t-shirt over her breasts, but it didn’t go much past her navel. I could see that she had a deliciously full pussy, glistening with the moisture Monique had left behind. I was furious. “You cheated on me! And with a woman!” “Oh, sorry, sorry, I’m sorry. But I can explain. But sex with a woman is not adultery or infidelity in my book,” she stammered. Yolanda shuffled off to the corner of the room while we argued.

Only later did I realize that I had hardly paid any attention to her delicious body. Neither her breasts nor her bare, shaved pussy had escaped my notice. She could not escape, I realized, because I was still standing in front of the only door through which she could leave. Besides, both women’s clothes were about where I was standing. After my wife’s words, I calmed down a bit and took the time to look at the neighbor. She was a petite woman. Deliciously wide hips and decent tits that accentuated her slender body. Large nipple hips covered her breasts. She had black hair. In short, a delicious body to have sex with, but my wife had beaten me to it. “You swore to me that you weren’t really bi. You were just experimenting before you met me. But of course I don’t believe that anymore, now that I see this,” I continued angrily. We had been arguing for a few minutes when Yolanda approached. I wanted to grab her clothes. She made no further effort to cover her nakedness. Again I noticed that she had a delicious body. “But it’s not all that bad or wrong,” she said. And she held out her hand. I wanted to grab her clothes, but she grabbed my crotch, my young lord, which was hanging there a little confused by all the excitement.

When Monique saw this, her screaming stopped and her mouth fell open in surprise. She looked at Yolanda with big eyes. Yolanda stood close to me and pressed her breasts against my arm. “What are you going to do now,” I murmured. “Yolanda!” shouted Monique. “Let’s not be difficult, each in turn,” Yolanda said in a seductive voice. My dick was still limp. She put her hand on my crotch and started to massage it. “Oohh,” Monique murmured and moved the hand forward to her mouth. My limp cock responded spontaneously. In no time it was hard and stiff and trying to find a way out. Yolanda kissed my cheek and moved to my neck, kissing and licking me. I turned to face her so she could kiss me on the mouth. I tasted Monique’s pussy on Yolanda’s face, the traces of the interrupted sex game between the two women. She pushed me over to the couch. Monique stood frozen with her hand over her mouth.

Standing by the couch, Yolanda more or less forced me to sit down. When I sat down, she started pulling on my belt. She had the necessary experience because in no time my pants were around my ankles. Soon, she had released my stiff cock as well. “Wow, what a delicious boy, longing for his freedom.” Yolanda opened her mouth to take my hard cock and shiny glans in her mouth. She turned to Monique for a moment and said, “You better kiss it and get a little hornier that way.” Yolanda’s mouth slid all the way around my cock and that combined with my wife’s pussy juices that I had gotten in through Yolanda’s face made my cock even harder and stiffer if possible. I felt my glans throbbing in Yolanda’s throat. My whole cock was deep in her throat. But Yolanda had no problem with it. At least she didn’t cough or choke.

Yolanda answered Monique’s call. She started to kiss me with her tongue. It was a new experience for me to be tongued and sucked at the same time. She slid her hand down and saw fit to cradle the small part of my hard cock that was not in Yolanda’s mouth. Monique was clearly on a charm offensive. Was she hoping to make amends? I tried to stay angry. I was the only one with clothes on. And without a word, both girls went to work undressing me. And before I knew it, I was standing naked in my own living room. Monique and Yolanda began to work on my body as if it had been arranged. They kissed and licked me everywhere, but did not touch my cock yet. They also gently bit me, especially on my nipples. In short, they made me bloody horny, but they also made sure that my ejaculation was delayed.

They licked my hard cock and my balls. They took turns taking my glans in their mouths. Yolanda took the initiative and became more dominant, so Monique didn’t really get a chance to play with me. “I know how much you like having your pussy licked,” Yolanda lisped to Monique. As Monique’s crawled over my chest, I felt Yolanda take my cock in her mouth again. Monique pushed herself up and wiggled until her wet pussy came over my mouth. Her pussy was dripping, but at least not from another man’s semen. I started to lick it. Yolanda, meanwhile, was enthusiastically stroking my stiff cock. I heard her slurping licks.

“Yess that feels delicious and good, Yess,” I moaned. I knew Monique inside out and could tell by her reaction that she was on her way to orgasm. Her moans became louder and more intense. Yolanda stopped sucking my cock. My stiff cock jumped out of her mouth and slammed against my belly like a bar. I felt her crawl up and a moment later her wet pussy lips surrounded my hard shaft. She gripped my hard cock with her pussy muscles and slid back and forth. A deliciously horny feeling permeated my body. A moment later Yolanda grabbed my hard cock. I felt her gently rubbing my glans back and forth along her wet pussy lips. She placed my hard cock against her wet pussy lips and slowly lowered herself. I responded by pushing my hips up. My cock penetrated deep into her longing cunt.

Slowly Yolanda moved her hips up and then slowly down again. With each downward movement, I thrust upward. I felt Yolanda rhythmically tense her pussy muscles. She was riding me like an experienced cowgirl. “Ooohh, yeah, I can feel your thick cock. How delicious. Yess,” screamed the super horny Yolanda. I steered Monique’s writhing body so that she sat up straighter. I pushed two fingers deep into her longing love groove. I didn’t try to hold back my own climax. I felt my orgasm building in my cock. Suddenly, I shot my cum deep into Yolanda’s pussy. Shot after shot, I continued to shoot.

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Yolanda’s pussy was floating and wriggling violently. I could feel her pussy juices and my cum seeping down my fucking pole. And even after I had squirted all my cum into Yolanda’s pussy and had nothing more to give, she kept going up and down on my cock. I couldn’t hold my erection, and so my half flaccid cock fell out of her dripping pussy. When my cock was lying on my belly, Yolanda stopped. The two girls stood up and plopped down on the couch next to me. I watched as a blob of my cum dripped from Yolanda’s pussy towards her asshole. Monique’s pussy was still wet and swollen. The girls were enjoying themselves with their eyes closed, massaging their own tits. I was still damn horny. I wanted to make love to Yolanda again. At that thought, my cock started to rise again. I crawled on my knees between Yolanda’s legs and started sucking on her dark nipples. I licked and sucked her breasts and stomach and slowly moved to her thighs. I pushed her legs apart and the delicious smell of her pussy filled my nose. I licked the inside of her thighs.

I moved closer and closer to her full pussy. Yolanda started to moan. I licked the surrounding area longing pussy. I sucked on her little pussy lips and tried to push my tongue into her cave. Her taste filled my mouth and my tongue slid into her slit. She gasped as I started sucking on her clit. Her whole body started to shake. At that moment I buried my face between her pussy lips and pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. I tasted her pussy juices and my own cum. “Fuck me. Fuck me again,” Yolanda begged. By now my cock was back to war strength. I climbed on top of her to fuck her. Monique stroked her tits and watched what I was doing. As I drove my cock into Yolanda’s yearning pussy, I saw a tear run down Monique’s cheek. I felt sorry for her, gently stroked her hip and slid my hand between her legs. I fucked Yolanda at a leisurely pace and with the same pace I pushed a few fingers in and out of my Monique’s pussy. It took me much longer to come this time. But I could feel from Monique’s pussy muscles that she was about to explode. “Go ahead,” she moaned, “Make me cum, make me cum, make me come.”

Monique’s pussy contracted. She pressed her pussy hard against my hand. She grabbed her nipples and squeezed them hard. “Yess, I come Yess I come, finger me readyrrrr!” A fantastic and awesome moment. My cock was moving faster and faster in and out of Yolanda’s cunt and Monique was coming hard on my fingers. It didn’t take long and I came too. Again I squirted my cum into the pussy of my neighbor Yolanda, who came shaking. Exhausted we lay on the couch and enjoyed after this unexpected sexual outburst. Eventually my curiosity won out. “How long have you two been, um, um, spoiling each other?” “Almost as soon as we moved here,” Monique replied. I turned to Yolanda. “I hope you can keep this a secret from your husband.” “I will tell him eventually, because we have an open marriage, no secrets.

And he knows I am.” Yolanda got up and grabbed her clothes. “I’ll leave you alone, then you can still enjoy Forty’s early homecoming.” A little surprised but still super horny, we stayed behind. Monique opened her thighs and grabbed my still stiff cock. “Fuck me, fuck me,” she whispered in my ear. With a strong thrust, I rammed my cock into my horny wife’s yearning pussy. It became a delicious fuck. I could hardly keep from coming. I kept ramming and thrusting. I could feel Monique tightening her pussy muscles to my rhythm. Because of my efforts with Yolanda, my orgasm was delayed. Monique, on the other hand, kept coming. After each orgasm, to my surprise, another orgasm followed, less violent, but still. And with extreme effort, I squeezed a last drop of semen out of my sleepy, fucked-up cock.

Completely drained, we lay on the couch and enjoyed ourselves.