In doubt, I stand with my phone in my hand looking at the ad. An artist seeks a woman to model for an erotic painting. Who dares? Good reward! Below is her phone number. I could use an extra. Full of conviction, I dial her number. “Good morning with Anett.” “Good morning Anett with Sarah, I’m calling about the ad.” “Have you ever modeled before Sarah?” “No never before, my curiosity about your ad caught my attention.” “Do you have time to come by this afternoon? My address is Wester Street 3. And I want to look at you without makeup!” After showering, all I have to do is pay attention to my hair. I decide to put on a sexy dress. After fifteen minutes of cycling, I ring her doorbell. It is a big house I am in front of, it looks like an old school. A woman my age opens the door. “Good afternoon! You are Sarah?” “Yes, that’s right,then you are Anett?” “Totally, come soon Sarah!”

While having coffee, she explains to me what the intention is. “You do have to pose naked Sarah, you did understand that didn’t you?” “I’ve never done that before but I’m not really a prude you know.” “But this is erotic nudity, here we go a step further! The idea is that I photograph you. From that reportage I make the painting. You will earn a thousand euros with it. When the painting is finished I will invite you over and in about four weeks it will be finished.” “So that’s a lot of money for a few hours of work say. When do we start?” “First I’m going to look at you in detail and then I’ll decide.” We walk into another room and there is a bed and some big chairs in it. “Just get undressed, Sarah!” “Huh,undress?” “Yes, dress, bra, panties, shoes, really everything. We’re here for erotic huh, remember?”

Overwhelmed by her answer, I slowly begin to undress while Anett stands watching me. “Don’t you feel comfortable Sarah, standing there watching you?” “Well it takes some getting used to though Anett, normally I am never watched by a woman while I undress.” Still a little uncertain I take off my bra and step out of my panties. Automatically I hold my arms in front of my breasts. Anett walks over to me and pulls my hands down. “This is how I want to see you Sarah,show what you have to offer. Now why do you have to cover your breasts? You have beautiful breasts. Turn around Sarah, with your hands above your head. Great, your buttocks are perfect and now turn back around.”

Suddenly she walks over to me and stays right in front of me. She goes to my breasts with her hands and squeezes them lightly. “See that’s what I want to see,nipples that greet me.” And immediately she caresses my breasts again and now squeezes a little harder. My nipples shoot out further fast. A nice feeling pulls through my body and I feel myself getting excited. “Beautiful, really beautiful Sarah, you are a perfect model. As far as I’m concerned, you are hired. I am demanding though and demand perfection. If you accept the assignment we can start right away as far as I’m concerned. Completely out of it I stammer that I agree. “Sit in the chair and put one leg over the banister and spread your legs a little apart Sarah.” Like an accomplished model, I follow her instructions. It strokes my ego the way she puts me down. “Great Sarah you are doing well, now one hand under a breast and pretend to offer it.”

Gracefully I comply with her wish. “Nice, really nice, go on show your best side, show that you are horny! And now your other hand between your legs and spread your lips nice and open, go on!” As if it were the most normal thing in the world I go down with my hand and spread myself completely open. I feel my clit swelling. “Great, show yourself, go ahead and squeeze your breast with your other hand.” Anett manages to get me over my embarrassment. I am startled by my feelings as I find myself completely surrendering to a strange woman and getting very excited by it. After a lot of other poses, Anett thinks enough is enough. “Beautiful Sarah,I certainly have enough material. Get dressed again, you were great!” “Hey, are we done, already?”, I think; “I was really starting to enjoy it.” “When the painting is finished, I’ll call you and you can come admire it,agreed? It will take about four weeks.”

At night I startle awake; I dreamt I was making love with Anett. My head is like a hurricane, I have never experienced this before. Not a day goes by without me thinking about it. Every day, until I get a call from Anett. “When do you want to come see?tomorrow scares you?” “Yes that’s fine Anett.” “Have you thought back on it, on that afternoon?” I cannot deny and confess that I had to think about it every day. I am hypnotized by this woman. “He really turned out great Sarah, it shows you at your sexiest.” Go on, what’s in store for me? The next morning, I can’t wait to go see Anett. Again, a warm feeling goes through my body as I think about the painting and Anett. Anett opens very cheerfully and I see that her blouse is very loose around her body and I look right into her bare breasts. “Sorry Sarah, but I just came out of the shower.” We walk to a further room. This must also have been a classroom, only now it is decorated like a gallery.

I bump into the painting and find myself on my knees on the chair. With one hand, I hold my breast firmly and see my nipple large between the tips of my fingers. My other hand goes through the buttocks to my pussy and my fingers spread my labia and I see a slight glistening. With my head I turn back. My eyes really look as if I am shouting for someone to satisfy me. Next to it hangs the picture at its true size and I am startled. Like two drops of water, that’s how real the painting is. It dawns on me that I did expose myself very much. “Well? What do you think of it Sarah?” “I’m speechless, incredibly beautiful, but I didn’t know I exposed myself so much.” “Are you crazy girl, be proud of yourself, you are a beautiful woman!” Anett comes up behind me and holds my shoulders. “Look, look closely, what do you all see?” “I see a woman yearning to be satisfied.” “Indeed, and you are exposing yourself completely. I ate you up with my camera and you went all in.

Come, I’ll show you more paintings.” At the next painting, I am speechless. Here are two women. They are standing back to back and completely naked. The frontwoman has one leg up on a chair, making room for the back woman to satisfy her with her fingers. You can clearly see that there are two fingers in her vagina and her clitoris is being stimulated with her thumb. The head of the frontwoman is lying on the shoulder of the back woman and they are tongue kissing fiercely. I see my dream before me again.
An arousing warm feeling pulls through my lap and I startle that this is arousing me. “How do you feel about this Sarah?” “I, I, I, yes beautiful, nicely painted you know, Anett.” “This is my ex with her new girlfriend.”

Meanwhile, Anett rubs my shoulders and lowers over my arms to my hips. “Your ex?” “Yes my ex.” “Can you stand that then?” “Yes I can, we still see each other regularly and her partner is very sweet to her.” Amazed, I keep looking at the painting and I feel an arm of Anett being put around my waist and she comes to stand tighter against me. “I could look at this for hours,” she whispers in my ear, “I love this so much,two people enjoying each other. Let’s go to the next painting.” Amazed, I look at a white canvas. There is only a black bar written on it and no picture next to it. Amazed, I look at her. Again she comes up behind me, but now she holds her arms around my waist and puts her head on my shoulder. “What do you see, Sarah?” I look at the painting. Anett holds me tighter and I feel her warmth more against me. “I see a black bar,” I whisper. Anett’s hands go up and touch my breasts and hold them. “This Sarah,” Anett says as she begins to massage my breasts, “is a threshold.” “A threshold?”, I respond in surprise! “Yes a threshold.” A hand slides across my belly to the button of my pants and unbuttons them. “Thresholds are there to be stepped over,” she whispers in my ear.

Her fingers slide from my button to my zipper and I hear it being slowly pulled down. With her other hand, she has begun to slowly open the buttons of my blouse one by one. I begin to breathe faster and cannot utter a word. “Are you stepping over the threshold Sarah?” With two hands, she lowers my pants over my buttocks and rests them around my knees. One hand goes to my breast again and the other hand very carefully goes along the edge of my panties. “Almost, Sarah, you’re almost over it.” I feel her hand enter my panties and slide gently over my vulva. “Good Sarah, let yourself go.” One leg steps out of my pants and my other leg kicks it away. Anett deftly slides her hand down my groin, giving me no time to doubt in doubt, and sucks her mouth into my neck and squeezes my nipple hornily. Enraptured, Anett pulls on my panties and rips them off my body. “Oh Sarah, go ahead, give yourself to me.”

sarah lust

Whipped up by Anett, I open my mouth and feel her tongue invade. I take the last hurdle away. Her finger massages my clitoris and I moan and struggle to stay on my feet. The dream of that night flashes through my mind and I find myself getting even more aroused. Anett spreads my lips and I stand shakily on my legs. Gently, her middle finger slides inside me and I moan, knowing I am absorbed in her lust. Her finger is filled to her hand inside me and I feel her finger curving and massaging a very sensitive spot deliciously. Fuck, how horny this is. Don’t stop, Anett, please don’t stop! It has been too long since I have been spoiled so nicely. “Enjoy Sarah enjoy, let yourself go,” and immediately she licks into my ear. Anett pulls on a nipple and the moment her tongue slips into my ear, she tightens her finger in my pussy and I feel a delicious sensation rush through my whole body. “Oh yeah,” I moan and shock like crazy and cum screaming.

Anett struggles to control me. Shaking violently, I turn around and pull myself to her and press my lips to her mouth and start kissing her violently. Anett responds immediately and kisses violently with me and grabs my hand. “Come, we will continue in bed.” We don’t know how quickly to undress each other completely and immediately dive onto the bed. Once again, Anett takes the initiative and pushes me onto my back. Kissing along my neck and breasts, she lowers to my groin and I feel the tip of her tongue run hornily over my bottom. My God, how soft that tongue is. Her hands spread my legs to immediately bury her head in my lap. Since today my world has turned upside down and fuck it, I don’t care anymore. Just when I am ready to orgasm again, she releases me and comes on top of me and kisses me hornily on my mouth. I taste a sweet taste and realize that these are my own juices.

She grabs a hand and brings it to her wet pussy. Gently stroking I slide through her wet lips and for the first time I feel what it is like to arouse a woman. “Oh Sarah, please, feel me, let me enjoy, I don’t need to long,” she moans in my ears. I push open her pussy and let a finger penetrate. It comes easily to me, and Anett gives in completely. Anett jerks and pulls me against her and wraps her arms and legs around me and starts riding up against my hand. She sucks her mouth into my neck tightly and grabs my breasts with two hands and rubs my nipples like mad. “Keep going, Sarah, don’t stop,” she moans. My finger slides into her easier and easier, and I feel her getting wetter and wetter. Our bodies become more and more electrified and I feel her upper leg pressing against my clit. Anett rides me like a madman and an explosion coursing through our bodies. Our bodies melt together and jolt against each other.

Our bodies are sweaty as we lie exhausted against each other. “It was wonderful, Sarah, despite your first time.” While making the report, I was already thinking about how to conquer you. I thought you were a horny broad right from the start. Never before has anyone surrendered so much the first time in front of the camera. You were totally into it.” “Indeed, Anett, something changed in me and loved giving myself like that. “I had Anett paint me one more time, but we hung that painting ourselves above our bed next to the painting of the threshold, only we know the meaning.

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