Surinamese man Henry saved our marriage.

I don’t know anymore, my marriage is on the rocks, after almost twenty years, it’s gone to pieces. We have a daughter, Emanuele (red. photo above), who left home at a young age to live with a Surinamese man. It was a shock for me when my daughter arrived with this handsome, dark figure. But he turned out not to be so bad and is a nice guy with whom I get along well. He is, however, a little older than our daughter. Emanuele, my daughter, is now twenty and he is in his early thirties. Henry is his name, things seem to be going very well between my daughter Emanuele and Henry, although I suspect they have an open relationship to call it that. Emanuele once said that once you’ve had a dark man, you don’t want anything else. Perhaps I should talk to Henry. By the way, I am Alberto, now unhappily married to Susan, my wife. I am in my early forties and Susan is in her late thirties. She looks good for her age, long blonde hair, full breasts and a nice ass.

Our daughter looks very much like her mother.

I gather my courage and go to see Henry and Emanuele. Emanuele is not there. I tell Henry that I want to talk like man to man, that Henry needs to forget for a moment that I am his father-in-law. So I ask him directly how it is that their relationship is so successful. Henry smiles and slowly begins to tell me. “You know Emanuele likes dark-skinned men and maybe you have an idea why.” I shake my head and look at him questioningly. Henry smiles and explains, “Emanuele is a woman with a sexual preference for extreme, athletic black men – usually called bulls. Like me, she is now with another bull, for example. And no, I have no problem with that, because I know that she is married to me. I am her owner. Have you ever seen that she has a tattoo, a Queen of Spades, a spade with a Q in it. I have to admit that I hadn’t noticed it. I have to gulp for a moment when I see my daughter’s large naked breasts with a spade with a red Q in it. Then Henry shows another picture, and this time I almost choke when I see my daughter’s shaved mons pubis with the words “Slut of Henry” written on it. I ask Henry what this means: “That she is mine, I own her, she belongs to me and I am responsible for her.

Now I have a question for Henry, I ask if this is what my daughter wanted. Henry nods in agreement and you can see how happy she is. I have to admit, my little girl has blossomed with Henry. I didn’t expect her to love sex so much. She’s also not working after dropping out of college. Henry laughs, “So daughter, so mother. I smile as I hear Henry turn the saying around, but shake my head in denial. “No, Susan and I hardly ever have sex anymore. I’m afraid we’re going to break up if this continues. Then Henry repeats, “Like a daughter, like a mother. I look at Henry questioningly and ask what he means. Henry answers that Emanuele regularly sends her mother videos of dark men and lately videos of Emanuele and her experiences. Your wife likes sex, but you have to find a solution. I can tell you something.

Have you ever heard of a cuckold relationship?

I look at Henry very ignorantly, “Never heard of it”. Henry explains, “Cuckolding is a way of life where in a couple, the woman has all kinds of sexual freedoms that the man does not have. The husband in a cuckolding relationship knows that his wife is having sexual relations with other men and approves of it. In fact, the husband is sexually aroused by the fact that his wife shares the bed with other men. In general, the wife is dominant over her partner in such a relationship. Henry goes on to say that the wife may have complete control over her partner. In such a case, she may have chosen a new partner who has effectively replaced her first partner. Not infrequently, the cuckold in such a relationship is relegated to the role of slave or pet.

Sometimes the woman has children with her new partner. I have to swallow, I have a lot for Susan, but this is going too far. Henry sees that I am struggling, It is always so that you and Susan fill this out. It always has to be that you both agree, otherwise there is nothing left but to separate. I would be very excited to see Susan having sex with another man. I have to tell you that a woman is trained by her owner when it is a dark man. Again I look questioningly. Henry has a smile on his face again. We want to use all the holes and they have to be able to last a long time and have real orgasms, you understand. To put it this way, I have turned your daughter into a real slut who enjoys sex with dark men.

I nod sympathetically and whisper, not quite, and I have to process all this. It’s a lot. Henry nods understandingly and adds, “Talk to your wife Susan, Alberto. Just as I was about to leave Emanuele, my daughter came in. She greets me enthusiastically, but I can’t help but notice the tattoo on her chest, which is now clearly visible as her breasts bulge out of her dress. I notice how whorishly she is dressed, a short dress that just covers her bottom and a very deep cleavage. I have noticed that since Emanuele has known Henry, she only wears dresses and skirts. When she goes to greet Henry, I see that she is not even wearing panties, and her thighs have a sort of white sheen.

Emanuele notices my reticence and worriedly asks me what is going on. I quickly tell her that Henry will explain and go home. I had to, I was aroused by my own daughter. Her appearance and behavior are enough to make me think. Even days after my visit with Henry, Henry’s comment that I need to talk to Susan is still going through my head. This is exactly the problem: I am not much of a talker. I have tried it a few times and put it off again. Again, weeks go by. Finally, one night, I gather my courage and tell Susan that I want to talk to her. Susan agrees. I say that I think our marriage is not going well, but that I want to do everything I can to keep Susan.

That I want to give her more freedom, but that I really don’t want to lose her. Susan is touched that I am revealing so much of myself, and she also has deep feelings for me. Susan has known me long enough to know that I am very serious. I ask Susan what I should do to save our marriage. Susan thinks for a long time and then says she thinks it is good of me to acknowledge and name our problems. She says she appreciates my giving her more freedom. Susan admits that she does not yet know if she will take advantage of it, but she welcomes the offer. Carefully I say, remembering Henry’s comment, like daughter like mother, you get videos of Emanuele anyway. Susan blushes and I quickly tell her how I found Emanuele when she had just returned. I say hesitantly, you know they have an open relationship.

Your daughter is a real BBC bitch.

Now Susan smiles and replies that she sees it a little differently. Your daughter is a real BBC bitch. Again, a word I don’t know, although Henry did say that Emanuele was a slut. I ask what BBC slut means. Susan seems to know and answers, a woman who likes a big dark cock. Our daughter is very popular, Henry told me, and needs it very much. I nod and then ask very gently, “You don’t mind and would you? Again I see Susan blush and then she answers quietly. I’d like to, but at my age I don’t know if there are any dark-skinned men who would want me, and besides, you have to be behind it and want it too. Very carefully, I suggest that I am open to a cuckold relationship. For the first time in a long time, Susan throws herself into my arms and kisses me intensely. Would you really want that? I nod; I want to save our marriage and I am willing to do a lot to do it. Susan replies that it brings the tension back into our marriage and you hardly fuck me anyway. I bow my head and say quietly, yes, you are right. So we have an agreement. Both are happy with what they have mutually decided. A few weeks later, Henry and Emanuele come to visit. I notice that Emanuele is wearing a much more modest dress, but still a dress. Susan and Emanuele disappear into the kitchen to make coffee and talk. Henry asks me if I talked to Susan. I nod and say, “You’ll want to know what we decided. We feel something about a cuckold relationship, but Susan doesn’t think a dark man will have her. Now Henry laughs, “Alberto, your wife would be very popular with us. She looks very nice, nice tits, not too fat and a nice ass. The rest will come.

It also took a while for Emanuele to become what she is now. I told you, like daughter, like mother. Emanuele is very popular and enjoys the sex she has with several dark-skinned men. Susan will be too, even though she is a little older. To be honest, there are many older women in this type of relationship, I could fuck a different woman every day. I am a little surprised about that. So Susan and I are not alone. Henry suggests that I come over one day and tells me the exact time, Henry smiles reassuringly, then Emanuele won’t be there and I think that will be easier for you to talk about. I breathe a sigh of relief. The women come in with coffee and sweets. There is some small talk. At the end of the visit, Emanuele asks Henry if she can tell them. I had never noticed this before, but Emanuele often asks Henry’s permission when she wants something.

Now to share. Emanuele says with a beaming face that she is pregnant by Henry. I notice that she says emphatically that it is Henry’s. Susan and I congratulate both Emanuele and Henry. I watch as Henry presses his crotch against Susan’s and she lets out a soft moan. Would he do that now that he knows we are starting a cuckold relationship? I’m going to find out. Henry and Emanuele go home, leaving us behind. When they are gone, Susan tells us that she talked to Emanuele about us and also brought up her own insecurities. She is relieved that Emanuele said she would be successful with the black men. I also share my conversation with Susan and tell her that I am going to see Henry this week to discuss our next steps. I gently ask Susan if she fingers herself when she watches the videos that Emanuele shows. She blushes and says, yes, of course, dark men make me horny. I ask if I can see it once.

For a moment Susan is startled, but she agrees anyway, but only after a new movie I can watch with her. Unbeknownst to me, I am preparing Susan for our cuckold relationship. A few days later, the video arrives. This time it is not from Emanuele, but from Henry. Susan is wearing a robe and is naked underneath. I see that she also has a big black dildo ready. We play the movie on the TV so we have a big picture. We see Henry get out on a street and walk up to a row house and ring the doorbell. You hear Henry say out loud, “Hello horny white slut. The woman is wearing a short skirt with stockings and a garter belt and a tight top with a low neckline showing her large breasts. You can see her nipples through the tight top. Henry immediately reaches under her skirt while they are still standing in the doorway. The woman moans loudly, so nice when you grab my white pussy. Susan and I watch the screen intently as I see Susan begin to stroke herself through her robe.

The woman is older than Susan, about ten years I guess. Henry and the woman walk into the living room and Henry sits down and boldly says yes, nice with milk and sugar. The woman looks to a corner of the room where a naked man is crouching, Niels you heard my Henry wants coffee. Niels answers quietly yes Esther and goes into the kitchen. Esther sits on Henry’s lap and kisses him passionately, soon her breasts are exposed and Henry sucks on her nipples, you can see her nipples getting harder. Then the man comes back and puts the coffee on the table. You can clearly see that he is wearing a penis cage and that he is not heavily built. He isolates himself again and behaves almost inconspicuously. Meanwhile, Esther is already sitting with her legs spread, it is clearly visible that she is not wearing panties, her skirt is already rolled up considerably. She wiggles her ass over Henry’s crotch, “Mmm, I can feel you, sweetheart. Henry chuckles and replies, and you have a nice wet white pussy. I guess we’ll just go upstairs in a minute because your cuck can’t satisfy you with his worthless dick. Esther replies I need your big dark cock so bad. She giggles at her own comment.

He puts her hands and knees and rams his cock rock hard into her.

I see that Susan has also opened her robe and I can see her delicious tits and her hairy pussy that Susan is fondling with her fingers. Suddenly the bedroom is in view and Esther is lying spread-eagled on the bed and Henry is licking her. Esther’s moans fill Susan and I’s room. Soon Esther is squirting. I see Susan watching with her mouth open. This is the first time Susan and I have seen a woman squirt cum. Esther screams with pleasure. Henry orders Esther to make him hard. It strikes Susan and me that we have never seen this side of Henry before. He is very dominant with Esther. He is always very accommodating with us. Susan’s mouth falls open when she sees Henry’s big dark cock and watches as Esther takes the big cock deep into her mouth and throat. I see that she even stops fingering herself for a moment. Esther is blushing and you can see the tears in her eyes. Soon Henry’s cock is rock hard, he puts the woman on her hands and knees and really rams his cock rock hard into her soaking wet cunt. Again Esther screams with pleasure and brings out with hiccups, fuck….. my…. white…… cunt. I see Henry is not using a condom and Susan has grabbed the big dildo and is inserting it into herself and making fucking movements. On the screen Esther is being fucked hard, I notice that Henry has quite a stamina, he goes on and on. I hear my wife moaning with pleasure and whispering, oh I’m coming, this is so good.

Esther comes several times, the bed is soaked with her juices. Henry orders the woman to kneel in front of him, and then you can see how an incredible amount of semen splashes on the woman’s tits, it drips off, they kiss passionately. And Niels comes closer to lick his wife clean after she tells him to. In the next frame, Henry stands at the front door of Esther and Niels’ house and says to the camera, “Soon you too will be fucked rock hard by a dark man…..Susan. Susan.” Me and Susan look at the screen in amazement. Susan mumbles first see and then believe, I can only agree with her. A few days later I went to see Henry, and I have to admit that I was quite nervous. This is going to be a big change for our marriage, but if we can stay together like this, I have a lot to be excited about. I also know Emanuele will like it. Henry greets me and says that Emanuele has already made coffee. More and more I get the impression that Emanuele is submissive to Henry. I don’t think that’s a problem because she chose it herself. Henry starts right away, saying that our house could use some maintenance. I look at him in surprise and reply, well, I don’t believe you. Henry laughs, “Listen, I know a dark handyman, so figure something out so he can spend some time with you. I think Susan will fall in love with him. He’s a nice guy and good at his job.

But I think it might take a little longer. I think for a moment and answer that he could do the landing, then he’d have to get a ladder and then I’ll think of some more things. Henry smiles, “That’s exactly what I want to hear. You understand that he is going to hook up with Susan anyway. Then it’s up to Susan whether she bites or not. I nod that I understand. I’m about to leave when Henry stops me and lets Susan wear more dresses and skirts from now on. And another thing the handyman does not know is that you have decided on a cuckold relationship so that he will seduce Susan naturally and bend to his will. I swallowed and trembled a little, the game was about to begin, my marriage was about to change completely. What I feared is happening, I am not getting any change from Susan with any possibility. She still swears by her jeans. I leave it as it is, this week the handyman will come to see what needs to be done. Susan doesn’t agree at first, she doesn’t see the need to redecorate our house. I dare not say yet that the handyman is dark. She will have to find out for herself. A few days later, a van pulls up in front of our house. An athletically built, tall, dark man gets out and rings our doorbell. Susan goes to the door and opens it. He shakes her hand and introduces himself as Rudy. Susan calls me in, but she looks at him with admiration. She obviously likes Rudy. I want to go ahead of him to the landing and Susan walks with me, which is a little unusual for her. She usually leaves that to me. On the landing I tell her what to do. I point up and also at the pipes that run up there.

Unexpectedly, Susan says yes, pipes too. I look at her confused, but she is really just looking at Rudy. I can tell she is quite impressed with him. I show her some other things to do and Susan follows closely behind us. Rudy says goodbye and says he will send the estimate soon. I ask Susan, completely unnecessarily, if we should have another handyman come out. Susan nods her head in the negative and replies, “I like this one, so we’ll use him or it must be very expensive. She tries to sound as normal as possible, but I sense that she is quite impressed with Rudy. Already after one day the offer arrives and I have to admit that it is very reasonable. We accept and Rudy can start the following week. We agree that Susan will take some time off. I wonder what will happen.

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