I didn’t know yet, but this weekend I had a one-night stand.

Photo above from Francesca. 27 y.o ready for your one-night stand.

How it started. I finally have a weekend to myself after a busy week at work. I sit at my laptop having breakfast and surfing some facebook pages. Suddenly I get a message from a friend, she asks if I am doing anything tonight. I tell her I’m alone and have nothing planned. She immediately sends me a link to a party and asks if I want to join her.

I send her a message saying that I want to go with her. She replies that she will pick me up at eight. I go to my bedroom and open my closet to see what to wear. I decide to put on a nice short dress. I hesitate for a moment whether to put on lingerie, but then I grab a bra and a thong from the closet. The bra is on the tight side, but I enjoy looking in the mirror and seeing that my breasts stick out a bit. Finally, I put on a pair of shiny tights and my favorite long boots with a mega-high pointed heel that goes over my knees. I quickly apply some makeup and perfume and am ready for the party.

My girlfriend shows up on my doorstep at the appointed time and we have a drink at my place. My girlfriend is a super beautiful woman, if I do say so myself, beautifully slim, with long legs. She is wearing a tight dress and when she sits down I see that she is wearing stockings. On her feet a pair of high heels. I think she looks nice and tell her so. She smiles and appreciates my comment. She doesn’t have a boyfriend, but she does have regular one-night stands. My friend calls a taxi and says we’ll probably find someone to take us home tonight. After another glass of wine, the cab arrives and we get in. Just outside of town, the cab stops at the given address, we pay, and happily walk to the house. It is already quite cozy and the food is great. It’s a nice evening and we chat with everyone. I feel like I’ve known these people for years. My friend enters the dance floor and dances defiantly in her high heels between two men. They are real gentlemen in modern suits. They laugh as she pulls me along. The many wines have loosened me up a bit, so I start dancing defiantly, too.

Then a man approaches me. He is a bit older.

I guess in his early fifties. We sit down together and he talks endlessly about his hobbies and his work. This man is so pleasant that I don’t notice that it is already three o’clock in the morning. He has to laugh when he sees me looking around to see where my girlfriend is. “She’s long gone,” he says. Well, here I am, starting to get a little angry despite the fun I had last night. “Should I give you a ride?” the man asks. I hesitate, but nod anyway. Out in the open air, I can only feel how much I have drunk, and I stagger quite a bit in my high heels, clinging to the man. We walk to his car and he helps me get in. “Where should I go, pretty lady?” he asks in a sweet voice, and I give him my address. He is startled and says, “That’s a long way away. I immediately say, “Well, if you have a spare bed for me, I’ll sleep with you and take the train home tomorrow. He laughs softly and says, “Yes, I do, come with me.” I feel the man stroke my leg very gently. “What are you doing?” I ask brightly, startled by the hand on my leg. “Oh, sorry,” he says quickly. Yes, I saw that you were wearing pantyhose, and I always find that very nice on a woman. I can really enjoy a woman wearing nice shiny pantyhose.” He quickly pulls his hand away.

After a few seconds I take his hand again and put it on my thigh. “Do you like the feeling?” I ask him, because despite the initial shock, I find it pretty horny that an older man is lusting after my pantyhose. He runs his hand down my legs again and before I know it we are pulling into a driveway. He gets out of the car, gallantly opens my door and helps me out. I forget that a woman has to get out of a car neatly, and I get out with my legs spread. I feel his hand around my waist and he gently lowers it. Once inside, he takes me directly to the guest room, which has a large bed and is very nicely decorated. I see some toys lying around and look at him. “Yes, don’t worry, they belong to my grandchildren,” he says. Well, I wish you a good night’s sleep,” he said politely. If you need anything, I sleep in the next room. I walked behind him in my long, high-heeled boots because I was very curious to see his room. Wow, this room is three times the size of the guest room and the bed is huge too! Before I know it, I’m pushing him onto the bed and asking him if he has a girlfriend to try out this fantastic bed with. He shakes his head no. He slaps my bottom playfully, then turns me around. He grabs my hips and pulls me towards him. “Hmm, you’re a naughty bully, you’re just turning me on with that beautiful body,” he says.

He unzips my dress. “Wow, really nice. You really have a nice body,” he says as his eyes look all over my body. I still have my shiny pantyhose on and stand up. I bend down a little in front of him because I have noticed that my shiny pantyhose turn him on. He gives me a hard slap on my bottom and says: “Hmm, now you are really teasing grandpa, girl! What nice pantyhose you have on!” He sighs and strokes my bottom. I climb back onto the bed, get on my knees defiantly and look at him horny. He comes closer again and I push my hips back. He presses his mouth to my buttocks and starts kissing them. He rips open my pantyhose at my crotch and easily slips his index finger into the crack. My muscles tighten as his fingers enter my pussy. He pulls the rest of my pantyhose apart. Meanwhile, I have already removed my bra and he begins to play softly with my large breasts.

They are extra sensitive, so his hands make sure that my nipples are rock hard in no time. His tongue circles my stiff nipples and from time to time he gently bites them. I moan with pleasure. He caresses the inside of my legs, always coming close to my soaking wet pussy, but just barely touching it each time. Then he pulls my thong down, now all I have on are my long boots and frayed pantyhose. I lie on my back and look at him horny. “Do you like what you see?” He doesn’t answer and his face disappears between my legs. I can feel his tongue moving in all directions. He licks me over my clit and my labia for ten minutes, and every time I almost come, he stops. I go crazy with desire and start to moan louder and louder. “Please let me come,” I moan hornily.

I feel an orgasm coming on and moan loudly.

He continues to lick me, his hands sliding down my stomach to my hard nipples. I feel an orgasm coming on and moan loudly, “Oh yes, don’t stop, keep going! Lick my clit!” And my hips go up and down. I can’t hold it anymore! He has one last lick over my pussy and then I shockingly cum on his tongue! He is still fully clothed and looks at me with satisfaction. “Now it’s your turn,” I say excitedly. He says quietly, “No, you don’t have to. If you enjoyed it, I’ll enjoy it too.” He stands up and undresses. “I’m going to take a shower,” he says, “I’ll be right back.” I take off my long boots and the rest of my pantyhose and go to the bathroom. I hear the sound of the shower. I enter the luxurious bathroom. I see him standing through the glass of the shower stall. I sneak in quietly and wrap my arms around his waist. I move my hands down, feeling the full balls under his semi-rigid cock. “How heavy they are,” I say. I stand in front of him and press my warm body against him. I feel his hard cock pressing against my belly and I slowly sink through my knees. His hard cock is between my big breasts for a moment and I look at him horny. “Are you still sure you don’t want anything?” I say. I lick my tongue over his thick head. He moans softly and says, “Oh, what a delicious woman you are.” Through all the soap, my hands slide smoothly around his still massive cock. I wrap my warm mouth around the head of his penis and lick over the head. I begin to suck it eagerly. His hands move my head up and down and I take him deeper into my throat. I estimate that his cock is at least twenty-five inches anyway.

I have never had such a big cock in my mouth before! He moans softly and I feel his lower body move back and forth as he guides my head with his hands. I stop sucking and stand up again, my breasts sliding over his hard cock. I come up and stand on my toes to kiss him. He starts tonguing me wildly! And I whisper in his ear, “Take me to your bedroom and fuck me! I want your big cock in my pussy. I want you to fuck me!” All wet, I fall onto the big bed and he asks, “Are you sure? I mean, maybe my cock is too big for your pussy.” I grab his big cock, pull the foreskin back and lick it. Then I sit over him with my pussy close to his hard cock. I sink down and feel his big throbbing glans against my labia. I sink down further and move my labia with twisting motions over his big glans. He pushes his stiff cock against my swollen labia and it gives me a wonderful feeling. “Ah,” I moan loudly, enjoying it. I sit still for a moment and he grabs my hips and pushes his big cock into my pussy. It takes a bit of effort to get it inside, but finally he succeeds. The feeling is overwhelming, it’s awesome to have such a big cock in my pussy! He stays like that for a few minutes. Then he pushes me off him and lays me on my back. I spread my legs and two seconds later he pushes his big cock into my pussy again. With hard thrusts he fucks me deep. I pull my knees up as high as I can and feel him pushing his hard-on even deeper into my pussy.

He speeds up and I come for a second time, moaning heavily and tearing up. He still hasn’t come yet, so he grabs my ankles and pushes my legs a little higher. After a few hard thrusts with that delicious cock, I see his face change completely. He is coming in my pussy! Stroke after stroke after stroke, he squirts his hot cum all over my pussy! I can literally feel his cum flowing! He falls all over me while his delicious cock just stays hard! When he pulls his cock out of my soaking wet pussy after a few minutes, a few more drops of cum fall on my belly. He is still panting with excitement, and I crawl close to him. We fall asleep. The next morning he is still fast asleep when I take his cell phone, enter my number and send him another message; “If you want company again, you can call me. I enjoyed you and that delicious cock. I will do whatever you want, I am ready for anything. And, I have not only nice pantyhose, but also very hot nylon stockings. Just so you know. Thanks for a great evening and night. I get dressed and put my bare feet into the long boots. Gently I walk out of the bedroom, open the front door, and gently close it behind me. I have enjoyed this older man; he knows exactly what is important to a woman.