‘Could you do a little softer,’ ‘then just turn your laptop down.´

Fabian sits behind his laptop in semi-darkness, chatting via webcam with his wife in Austria. To finish his latest novel, he has been sent on a retreat to Austria by his publisher. Three weeks in a monastery in total isolation to finish the text so that it can go to the printers and have his book in the stores before the holidays. It is hard for him.

Although he is not supposed to follow the total monastic rhythm, the days start early and end early.

The only interruptions are the evening chats with his wife and the short workshops with the editor and the two other writers who are also on retreat.

‘He’s on his softest, sweetheart. The next stand is off,’ Fabian responds, slightly irritated. ‘Then Daddy should have brought his headphones,’ says Nina, his wife, in a childish voice.

The evening before leaving, they had intense farewell sex.

The evening before leaving, Fabian and Nina had intense farewell sex. In the process, Nina had assumed the role of submissive daughter. Now that she suddenly assumes that role again during the chat,

Fabian does immediately understand what she is up to. ‘Darling, the walls are extremely thin, and I don’t want Lena to be able to enjoy it word for word,’ Fabian continued. ‘Oh dear. Surely Daddy doesn’t want the beautiful Lena to be able to hear him doing naughty things to his little wife.’, Nina pouted.

Lena, the young editor, is indeed a nice sturdy girl. Not yet thirty but by working with difficult writers for years, enormously assertive and decisive. Fabian gets a bit of a kick out of her. He notices that she gets more done than he would like sometimes. Today he rewrote the entire opening scene of the book because Lena ‘didn’t feel much about it’.

‘Has Daddy fooled around with Lena yet? Or does Daddy have to play with himself with Lena in mind?”, Nina teases him. ‘Nina! She’s my editor! And I only fiddle with you!”, Fabian says a little too loudly. ‘Shush, daddy, soon she’ll hear you.’

Nina is staring straight into the webcam, ready for chatting.

Nina is staring straight into the webcam with a huge grin on her face. ‘Maybe Daddy wants to play with me, so he doesn’t have to think about Lena for a while,’ Nina continues. Nina lets her camera zoom out and reveals that she is naked behind her laptop.

Fabian swallows and automatically drops his hand to his rapidly stiffening cock. Nina doesn’t mince words about any further foreplay. She puts her feet up on the desk edge. This gives Fabian a full view of his wife’s beautifully trimmed pussy on webcam.

‘What would you do, Daddy, if you were here now?’ ‘I’d sit on the floor and I’d plunge my face into your pussy,’ says Fabian . In his mind, he too immediately set aside the foreplay. ‘Mmmm, I feel your tongue, Daddy,’ Nina moans, opening her pussy. Nina holds her labia apart with one hand and gently fingers herself with her other.

‘I’ll push my tongue inside you, girl’. Fabian now also switches to role-playing, which Nina was engaged in from the first second of this chat. ‘Ohh daddy, I’m so wet. Will you lick my horny, daddy?” ‘Of course girl.

I want to suck your cock, daddy

Nothing is as good as your horny’ Fabian takes off his pants and shirt. He is now naked behind his laptop. It feels a little uncomfortable to do this like this in a monastery, but the horniness has risen so high by now, that Fabian can only think with his cock. ‘I want to suck your cock, daddy. Can I see your cock? Fabian also zooms his camera out a little and points it down slightly. On the screen, he sees that his hard pole looks a little more flattered than it really is, but that only makes it more exciting.

‘Oh dear, daddy. That one is huge though. I don’t know if I can get it in my mouth just like that’ Nina suddenly grabs a very big fake cock from outside the picture. Fabian has to chuckle. It is a latex fake cock they had bought a few months ago because Nina fantasized about double penetration. The sizes had seemed fairly normal on the website, but 25 centimeters long and 5 centimeters in diameter turned out to be quite a size in reality.

A double penetration was out of the question. When Nina put it in, the thing already put so much pressure on her cunt, that she didn’t dare to do anything anally anymore. Nina sucks the glans of the artificial cock into her mouth. Nina exaggerates the size a bit more by pretending she really can hardly get it in her mouth.

Fabian, meanwhile, milks his cock.

‘Mmm daddy. So big,” she mumbles with her mouth full. Fabian, meanwhile, milks his cock. Thick drops of clear pre-cum seep from his hole. Fabian notices that he is so horny by now, that he really shouldn’t be jerking off, if he doesn’t want it to be over in a minute.

‘Good girl. Just relax your lips, and I’m sure you can get another centimeter in there. Nina sucks the cock a little further, but then makes a gagging motion. Immediately, she pushes the cock out of her mouth. With wet eyes and a guilty smile, she looks straight into the camera. ‘Sorry daddy. You’re too big.

Maybe it will work in my pussy’ Nina puts the cock against her pussy and pushes it in millimeter by millimeter. ‘Be careful daddy. Don’t hurt me. ‘I would never hurt my little girl. I’ll just keep going until you tell me to stop.’ Nina pushes the cock deeper and deeper until it is in almost to the balls.

‘Ouch daddy. That’s enough. No more like this’ The sight of the huge cock in his wife’s pussy is too horny for words. Fabian can’t hold back and begins to jerk himself off wildly. Nina follows his rhythm and fucks herself just as fast. Both of them know that this is not going to be a long session.

Fabian, after twenty years together with Nina, knows how she comes easiest and he adjusts his rhythm. Nina follows him. She sops the cock deep in and out of her to Fabian’s rhythm and furiously fingers her clit. Nina says nothing more, but only moans.

Faster than they both would really like, they cum almost simultaneously. Fabian is the first to shoot his seed out. With a beautiful arc it clatters on his belly. At the second jet, he sees on the image that Nina is coming too.

‘Ooooh daddy. This is delicious. Daddy, cum your chatting girl full,’ Nina moans loudly. Fabian and Nina look at each other as tightly as they can while coming. When they are done, they both sink back a little in their seats and pant softly without speaking further. Now that it is suddenly so quiet, Fabian hears on the other side of the wall of his room, soft moans.

In that room resides Jenny. Jenny is an older lady with whom Fabian has not had much contact until now. ‘Ssst… Can you hear this?”, Fabian whispers. Nina can very vaguely hear soft moans coming from the room next door.

‘Is this because of us?”, she whispers back. Fabian has to chuckle a little and at the same time he is also a little embarrassed. He has to be able to face Jenny again tomorrow at breakfast, too. ‘I told you to be quieter,’ Fabian says softly. ‘I don’t believe you’ve kept to that yourself for even a second’ Fabian cleans himself up in the meantime.

Nina and Fabian listen after chatting silently and tensely to the suppressed sounds of a woman satisfying herself. When they finally hear a final deep sigh, they both have to laugh softly. ‘So daddy. If you’re smart about it, you won’t have to jerk off alone in front of the camera anymore,’ Nina says in a whisper. ‘Jenny is in her sixties and not my type’ ‘Jenny is a beautiful woman for her age. I would get very jealous if you did it with her.’

‘Sweetheart. I don’t understand you. Two sentences ago, you say I should hook up and immediately after that you would be jealous’. ‘Daddy has a little trouble separating chatting fantasy from reality,’ Nina chuckles.

Before Fabian can respond, Nina disconnects. Confused, Fabian is left behind. For a few minutes, he chews on the conflicting signals his wife just gave him. Then he gets dressed and goes out into the hallway of the guesthouse. A quick visit to the restroom and a quick run of another washcloth over his belly and cock.

As Fabian walks back from shower and toilets he meets, in the semi-darkness of the hallway, Lena.
‘Oh, hi,’ Fabian whispers. ‘Hi,’ Lena whispers back. Fabian walks past her back into his room and wishes her goodnight.

‘Good night, daddy,’ Fabian hears as he closes his room door.