I sat quietly on a chair in the appointed place after meeting on a fetish dating site. My heart hammered, both nervously and longingly. I never quite knew what my Lord might be up to, or what mood He was in. All I knew was that once he was in the room, I was no longer in charge of my body. Had it not been for the fact that my mouth was the entrance to my throat, which he loved to stick his cock all the way down, my body might as well have ended at the end of the shaft.

I was his, his to use, his to exploit, to indulge, and to placate his lust on. And so I knew he enjoyed watching me writhe in both lust and pain. Again, it was never to be known what his lust was mostly for.

I had previously washed and shaved and dressed in what he had instructed me to wear, a hip holder with matching nylon stockings and a metal collar with three rings. I knew few rules, don’t disobey, obey and always be grateful of whatever he had devised. The rest he made up as time went on.

What could trigger a punishment (BDSM camgirl from photo above) could change from time to time, nothing was given in advance, not even what the punishment consisted of. So now I sat, excited and nervous about what the day would bring… or days, I never knew when he was satisfied.

I could hear footsteps on the stairs. My heart pounded even more. I rejoiced, even though it wasn’t really up to me to decide. The door opened and I hurried to look down at the floor. The Lord came to me, and with a firm grip on my chin, he forced my head up. His eyes pierced me and his voice, as always, made me tremble a little:

“Well… it looks fine so far. Has the girl remembered to wash herself well and thoroughly, including her ass?”

“Yes of course” just came out of me, and then I could start to figure out where it could go.

“That’s an unnecessarily long answer” came back calmly. “Now you go nicely to the bed and stand with your legs against each bedpost, lie down on your stomach with your arms stretched over your head”

I walked towards the bed, wishing I had been told to put on stilettos as I knew I couldn’t get the desired bump height as the bed was 10cm too high otherwise. I lay down as instructed, and could feel the warmth of the Lord behind me.

“Oh, the girl can’t reach the bedposts either?”

There was a swish and I felt a stinging heat from the flogger against one buttock, then the other.

“So the chick is sassy today, too bad for her” There were 4 more blows to each buttock, the last two with a force that made me gag and whimper, knowing they were still soft blows from him.

“Has the girl learned by now not to be sassy?” “Yes!” I got out. A huge slap from a flat hand now hit my starting sore behind. “Yeah what?” “Yes sir.” “That’s better… well…” he stood for a moment. The silence made me nervous. “I wonder what we’re going to do about you not being able to reach the poles today?” “I knew he very well had a plan, but my answer could determine whether more blows awaited, or a reward.

I just had to guess what his thoughts were. “I could put on my booties, Master,” I tried. He laughed quietly and humiliatingly, “If I wanted you to wear stilettos, I might have asked you to, sissy”. I waited for a slap that didn’t come, instead he went to the wall of equipment and rummaged around a bit.

I knew now that the punishment wouldn’t just be slaps.

I knew now that the punishment wouldn’t just be slaps, otherwise they would have fallen a long time ago. The punishment would be the rest of the day, it would be until he was satisfied. A reward would now only depend on how well I took the punishment, and whether I had learned the lesson by the time he was done. Today… tomorrow… I couldn’t know.

The Lord came back. He calmly braided my hair and then pulled a mask over my head, only my mouth was missing. I then felt a quiet ripple of lube between my buttocks after which the butt plug with rabbit tail was mashed into my tight unheated ass. I gave a small set and another squeal. “Not a sound from you girl. I am surprised to have to remind you who is in charge and that you have no right to be sassy, so the slightest squeak from you and I will have to spend longer to get you to grasp who is in charge here.

Remember… you’re just a body. Your head and your thoughts are of no interest to me today… so you keep all noises to yourself, is that understood?” I nodded. “At least you got that…”. He tugged hard on my braid, pulling my head back while his body held mine all the way to the bed. He gave me a deep, horny kiss, slamming me back down on the bed. I felt ropes around my ankles.

Could feel through the stockings that he was using hemp rope today. With one the ropes were tightened. My ankles were ripped out to the poles and I rolled back, almost falling off the bed. The Lord took my arms and bent me backwards. I could feel him placing me on a small table. It was only big enough for me to barely keep my balance in my bent-back position. Shivering slightly, I could feel my breasts being forced upwards into the curve I was now standing in. He leaned over me as he forced his big cock down my throat, thrusting violently at long intervals, knowing I would have trouble breathing.

He continued relentlessly as he held hard to my breasts to get the strength to thrust through. As he came, filling my throat with his swollen cock and hot cum, I couldn’t suppress my gag reflex any longer while I had to gasp for air, and I let out a grunted attempt to catch my breath. “Well, the girl couldn’t take it.”

A slap hit my breasts. “Well, I’ve relieved my pressure now, so I’ll have plenty of energy and patience again to get you to grasp who’s in charge.” I could feel my warts stiffening, both from the touch of the flogger, but also the increasing horniness I could feel. Not knowing what was going to happen turned me on, even though I knew the session had only just started, and I still had no idea.

He pushed me back over the bed, untied my ankles and pushed me all the way up. From behind, I could feel a gag ball being pressed into my mouth, and tightened well. “Looks like this chick needs some help keeping her mouth shut.” Yeah, I guess he could be right about that. I was smart enough not to thank him, though.

He turned me over on my back.

He turned me over on my back. Watching me, making plans. I felt a slight tug at my stockings on the inside of my thighs where the girdle held. Then, one by one, I felt three pinches in each of my labia. One slipped off, so they were tightened extra. It stung and ached. He lightly spread my legs. My lips opened. The clamps attached to my lips from the edge of the stockings did their job, exposing my entire abdomen.

Then I suddenly felt a sucking cup being attached to my clit, once again came to release a small moan. Despite the gag ball. My legs were spread even wider, and I felt a sting from a paddle against the inside of my thighs. Stroke after stroke he continued with increasing intensity until he suddenly stopped and continued his business.

Then two more sucking cups were found and placed on each nipple. It gave an amazing pressure and I could feel the blood flowing to all three places, as if there were more people caring for my body. But alas, I was well aware that this was not for my own benefit. The next thing I felt was the hemp bite. This time, shaped like a pair of handcuffs, it was tightened around my wrists. The ropes were tied not by knot down my arms, so they remained stretched right next to each other.

Then the ropes were tied around my breasts and tightened well so they stayed where they were. It tingled tingling from the natural ropes. Then he decided that the suction cup on my clit had done its job. He took it off, bit down hard. He could tell by the set my whole body gave, and the scream I had to swallow, that it was taut and ready for use.

To keep the blood in it, a clamp was immediately put over it. Shit, I could feel it, and I was even more turned on. Then the suction cups on the breasts were also swapped out with each clamp, making sure the blood stayed where it was supposed to be. Another beat announced itself over my tense breasts. I shot back and felt intensely more blows.

He pulled lightly and my head followed.

Then I was turned around, and a new rope was tied to my braid. He pulled lightly and my head followed. My rabbit tail was ripped out, and was quickly replaced by a syringe filled with lube that was squeezed. The Lord hated to fuck me in the ass without lube, this was certainly on this day to my luck. He thrust his once again stiff cock up into me and filled me to the brim several times, hard over and over, all the while holding onto the rope in my braid.

He pulled out and brutally the cock was swapped out for an anal hook, somewhat larger than the now very small rabbit tail. A chill spread through me. It must have come straight from the fridge and I can’t help but once again squeal out through the gag. The gentleman sighed as he tied the eye of the anal hook grip to the rope from my ponytail. I knew the sigh wasn’t really of disappointment and that he was looking forward to what was going to happen next. He grabbed my arms and pulled me up. To sit.

My head was bent back a little. I knew that any attempt to lift my head would result in the anal hook drilling further up my ass. I felt my arms being pinned to a hook, whereupon the Lord hoisted me up into a game so that my knees barely touched the bed. He spread my legs and played a little with my distended clit before giving it a slap.

“Well…the girl hasn’t learned yet”, with a yank he tore one clamp off my chest. I bit the gag to keep from screaming. My heart hammered, I didn’t know if or when the next one was ripped off just as brutally. He didn’t make me wait long before it was ripped off. My nipples must have been big and stiff. He licked them gently, I allowed myself to enjoy it, to be licked and sucked on the taut nipples.

I could feel the juices running from the pussy down my leg.

I could feel the juices running from the pussy down my leg. The gentleman brought his hand down and stuck a couple of fingers into my pussy. “Are we crying?” The tongue was quickly exchanged for the sales from a paddle, my stiff nipples could do nothing but take it, but I managed to hold back the whimper. “Good, maybe you’re learning?”. He lay down under me, licking my wet pussy, then gently tongue-fucked me. Shit that was good, I could feel an orgasm approaching, and he knew it…because he stopped abruptly, and with a teasing, determined voice said: “Hey… I don’t think you’re allowed to do that”. He got up on his knees, forcing my head to look straight ahead.

The hook in my ass was pulled as far up as it would go as he pulled me out to the edge of the bed. Here I balanced for a few minutes while my neck allowed itself to bend back again. I waited, not quite knowing where the Lord was, but sensing that he was watching me. I felt the flogger against my still distended clit. Harder and harder for a few minutes. Then he stopped, and put the clamps back on my nipples. Then he continued the binding work he stopped earlier at my breasts.

He tied his way down to my very open pussy, making almost a thong, increasing the pressure on the anal hook while going down over my clit. He tore the clamp off, letting all the feelings out into the clit before tightening the rope that cut into the clit. I yelped, and shot back so my breasts were once again shot out. “Thank you, those were just the ones I needed” the gentleman said affectionately. He pulled gently on the clamps. It gave a little squeal… “That gasp will cost you 140g each”. He took his time as one by one he hung 20 grams of solder on each chest clip. The stiff warts had to capitulate and let themselves be weighed down.

The pain made me almost forget the anal hook and the rope against my clit. But the Lord had not forgotten. I felt a pair of cuffs being fastened to my ankles. A rope was passed through the eye of the cuffs and brought up to the hook holding my arms. The rope was tightened, so I floated across the bed. Now I could really feel gravity doing its thing, my breasts being pulled lower, the rope at the clit tightened further, and I knew I couldn’t hold my head up for long in this position. I was exhausted, had completely lost track of time, but still knew we were counting the hours since the Lord walked in the door.

I was hoping that I had soon convinced the Lord that I understood the lesson, when I felt an intense burning sensation against my clit and labia…chili! It burned, but at the same time, it also made me extra receptive to his subsequent caresses. I again felt an orgasm working itself up, and before I climaxed he stopped: “I’m hungry,” he said quietly, and then he left me, exposed, horny and exhausted.

I just hung there, my body starting to shake, I struggled to hold my head back. The more frequent jerks in my anal hook were evidence that I wasn’t doing very well. I didn’t know if it had been 20, 30 or 40 minutes before he came back, or if he had been watching me the whole time, but after a while I was lowered onto my stomach.

It was nice to be able to relax. That feeling, however, was quickly replaced by the distension of my ass. The gentleman drilled his cock into it, and no, he hadn’t removed the hook first, his cock slid lustfully along it, and was massaged by the ball. “I guess you didn’t know your ass could take that much, huh, girl?”

And no, it was the first time there was more than the Lord’s cock as the biggest, and it was plenty big. “But did you know I can actually have my whole hand up there if I feel like it?” I wanted to whimper, but suppressed it, and was slightly relieved when he continued, “But you don’t deserve that kind of attention at all today, so you’ll have to wait to experience it.” He pulled out and tore me around on my back. I could feel the weight of the clamps straining my breasts out to either side, as far as the rope would allow.

He began to remove the ropes and hook.

He began to remove the ropes and hook. I must have burn marks on most of my body from the ropes. And even though they were gone now, I felt just as passive as before. My body, which I had not used for several hours now, was completely numb, and I could not move. My legs were spread, and a paddle against my burning clit and pussy reminded me that I couldn’t relax. He kept going, enjoying watching me writhe in pain and desire. He stopped after a few minutes, pounded his cock into me, stayed on for a while.

A pair of cuffs were attached to my wrists, and along with a string, my hands were fastened to the eyes of my collar. He stuffed an egg up my pussy, and pulled me to my feet, staggering I took a few steps, but collapsed on the floor as he turned on the egg. I was ripped open and dragged away. I was laid on my stomach over a cold table and my legs fastened to each table leg. The rope I was pulled by was run a few times around me and the table.

Again he stood watching me before dropping 30 strokes on my buttocks, and subsequently drilling his stiff cock into my ass, which had all too quickly returned to its normal tight size. He mercilessly kept drilling it into me, harder and harder. The breast clamps tightened every time he moved and I rocked back and forth. The feeling of egg in one hole and cock in the other was getting to be too much for me though. After a while I could feel him emptying himself up my ass followed by a huge roar.

While still weighing me down with his weight and his cock in my ass, he brought his hand down to my clit, I was relieved when he said: “You can”. A huge orgasm rolled undulating over my body. I screamed with pleasure through the gaggle of balls I now felt being loosened. He loosened everything, took off the mask, pulled off the clamps, slapped my ass, and ordered me to lie perfectly still. “I think you’ve learned by now girl, now you stay here for half an hour while I take a shower and go. Understand?”

I nodded and looked up at the clock. It had been evening, 11 hours since the Lord came through the door. He left, and when I heard the door close 27 minutes later, I allowed myself to go to the kitchen for some food. I drank a large glass of water, and only just managed to open the door to the refrigerator when it was slammed shut.

I stared into the Lord’s determined and teasing eyes. “Surely it wasn’t half an hour… Do I really have to teach the girl the time too?” He grabbed my arms and held them tightly behind my back as he pushed me back towards the room. Today’s lesson wasn’t over, it was more like just beginning. I realized that the night was certainly not going to be spent sleeping.

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