The erotic massage story of a Danish man. Of course, it should be matched with a picture and my favorite is Mei. Mei is a 20-year-old Asian who drinks coffee. Just like in the story.

It’s been a while since I’ve been with you, but finally, the time has come. We agreed that I would come to you this day. Outside the weather is bad, so we will be inside most of the day. Upon entering the house, I hand you the flowers I bought just before arriving, and we hug and kiss each other for a while. You put the flowers on the kitchen counter and start preparing the coffee. While the coffee is running, you put the flowers in a vase and place it on the table. You finish the coffee and we walk over to the sofa in the living room, take a seat and enjoy our coffee. We have a lot to talk about, haven’t seen each other for about a year and in that time a lot has happened. Of course, we have spoken to each other in the meantime and we have texted each other, but discussing things face-to-face is different. When the coffee is finished we go for a glass of wine, you have chosen a nice wine especially for this day.

But every time you want to take your glass or put it away, I see you struggling with your face. “Are you in pain?” I ask. “Some tight muscles from working out” you answer. I put my right hand on your shoulder and indeed I feel that there is a knot in your muscle. “Just turn around and I’ll give you a little massage.” You turn your back to me and I rub my hands warmly for a moment and then turn my attention to your shoulders. From your touch, it feels good, but it’s a little stiff. “Shall I get some oil?” you suggest. “Tight plan, but then bring a towel right away to wipe away the residue later. You go upstairs and a minute later you come back downstairs with a towel wrapped around you. “I also took off my blouse, before that is also completely covered in oil.” you say. “Sit or lie down?” you ask me. “Lie down, then you can relax better.” I put some oil on my hands and resume the massage.

In the meantime, we chat about anything and everything. When your shoulders feel a little looser, I ask you if I’ll take your back with me. “Mmm, if it’s not too much to ask?” You loosen the towel and I fold it down a bit, freeing your back. “Only it’ll be in the way,”. “Loosen it.” is your response. So saying, so doing. I spray some oil on your back, spread it with my hands and start massaging your back. At first you have your arms along your body, but when I move a little more to the sides you put your arms under your head. Because you are lying down so much I accidentally touch the side of your breasts with my fingertips a few times. Does it seem that way now, or do you push yourself up a bit more to give me more space when I touch your breasts?

I turn my attention to your back again, and I notice that when you lie like that with that shiny back your muscle lines are very visible. I follow those muscles from your neck down and back again. I do that a few times, from your neck/shoulders to the bottom of your back where I meet the edge of your jeans. “I can’t go any lower,” I say. “Yes you can” you say, taking your right hand out from under your head and opening your jeans under your belly. I need a massage, an erotic massage.. That doesn’t fall on deaf ears, so I turn around so I can continue massaging with my hands pointed downward. I take some more oil on my hands and put them on your lower back, rubbing back and forth a bit and then let my hands disappear under the edge of your jeans.

As I take your bottom like this in my hands, I hear a deep breath escape from you. I continue like this for a while, pushing your jeans down a bit further. Not much later, they are down to your knees and I have all the room in the world. I use more oil than is actually necessary, and you shine at me. My hands wander over your bottom and thighs. I see you trying to spread your legs a little, but the jeans around your knees are hindering that. I go to your ankles and pull your jeans further out and right away you spread your legs a little. I go back to your smooth buttocks. My hands no longer follow your muscles, but more and more my feeling. With a thumb, I hold your thong aside and from your bottom, my caress gently shifts to between your bottom, and so on down even further. In this movement, I feel you move your hips a little with me and a small moan escapes your lips

I look at your face and see blushes appear on your cheeks. In the meantime, I keep making the same movement a few times, and then I descend further towards your pussy. There I feel that no more oil is needed. While I stroke your labia, I feel how wet you already are. For a moment, I run my fingers over your clit and hear how you start moaning louder and louder. You tilt your hips and that is a sign for me to first insert one, but soon two fingers. By now, you have become so horny that I don’t even have to move my fingers. You turn your hips in such a way that my fingers go in and out faster and deeper. While you are twisting like that I put my thumb against your starlet, and without me having to apply much pressure you slide yourself over my thumb. While my fingers and thumb are inside you I move so you can open my pants with your hands.

In no time you get my cock out, and lying on your belly you suck me to full strength. I let you go like that for a moment, but then I pull back, climb over you and put my glans against your starlet. The moment I push down a little, you push your ass up a little and naturally, I see my glans disappear into your ass. Centimeter by centimeter, I go deeper, until I can go no further. Then I start fucking you slowly. You lean on your elbows and you look at me. I bend over a little and our tongues find each other. After a while, I pull back and turn you around. The string, which you still had on I take off, spread your legs and start to go down on you. Your pussy tastes delicious and gets wetter and wetter. While licking your clit I push first one and then two fingers into your pussy and work on the G-spot. You moan and squirm on the couch and I push a finger in, until you have four fingers in your pussy and I rub my thumb over your little starlet. The moment my thumb disappears into your ass you come with a loud scream. For a moment you seem to lose yourself, but then suddenly you pull me to you. You kiss me and then you push me up so that you can reach my cock with your mouth. You suck me until I can’t take it anymore and squirt everything in your mouth. I see you swallow, you look at me and say, “Empty”