The new neighbor with her big breasts full of milk. Photo for illustration, that’s your super sexy Kate.

In our neighborhood there are a number of rental houses, people regularly come and go there and to be honest, I never have much contact with the neighborhood residents. My wife, on the other hand, is a super social person who can have a chat with anyone and, despite my annoyance, likes to take her time. Last week I came home and was not greeted by my wife, who does that fairly often, the car was at the door and the light was on. As I plopped down my laptop in the corner next to the couch, I heard some banging upstairs in the house. With accelerated steps, I walked to the bedroom, hoping to discover her in a humiliating position, but unfortunately, there was nothing to see.

I continued walking up to the attic and the first thing I saw was her beautiful round ass. Perfectly visible to me as she was bent at the knees in one of the closets. Gently I approached her and placed my hands on her buttocks. “Hello, I’m busy!” My hopes for a wild adventure had already popped like a balloon “Here take this” and with great effort she pulled the boxes of baby clothes and stuff from under all the mess. A tiny bit shocked and looking at her mother’s body, I tried to be funny, “Don’t you think three monsters are enough yet or do we have no choice?” With a look that clearly showed I had hit a nerve, she began to tell me. “There is a new neighbor, pregnant, without a husband, her parents have kicked her out the door and disowned her from her faith community. She has nothing and no one except the baby in her belly who is really going to come out….and who is going to help her?

The maternity nurse will be gone in a short while, she doesn’t know anyone here and she doesn’t have money for all that stuff…..and what are we supposed to do with it….it’s not like there’s going to be another one because you really need to make an appointment soon.” With her fingers, she mimicked the cutting of a pair of scissors.
“Come, I’ll wear this down” and quickly I was gone to avoid even any discussion about the “cut cut cut”. My wife spent the next few weeks busy with her new project called Jane. I got to know her as a shy, innocent, unworldly sprite with a huge belly who had no idea how the world worked outside her former village community.

Meanwhile, the little one had come into the world and my wife, as a sort of surrogate grandmother, was busy almost daily helping the young mother with her little one. I must honestly admit, she did a pretty good job of that! Among other things, she had explained to Jane at length about breastfeeding. The benefits are overwhelming! It’s excellent for your baby and you don’t have to spend capital on the factory crap. At one point I was sitting at home working just like every day and my wife was taking the kids to her parents for the day when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw Jane standing there. “Hello John, is your wife perhaps at home” “No, she won’t be back until late tonight, maybe I can help you?”

I saw Jane look a tiny bit uncomfortable and as she held the baby monitor firmly in her hand, she makes a move to walk back. “I may not be a mother, but I am a father who helped out just as much with everything. So dirty diapers, never-ending crying……what can I help you with Jane sighed “I breastfeed like you…you know, but now they hurt pretty bad and he has already been drinking” Shit I thought inside, I have this again and let her come in. “Do you have any hardened plates in your breasts?” I asked her. With an embarrassed nod she confirmed the problem. A little awkwardly I told her that my wife also suffers from it sometimes and that it is because the breast was not empty and when the baby finished drinking she still had to pump if there was anything left in it. I gave the tip that she needed to massage now and empty her breast to prevent an infection. “I’ve tried all that, but I can’t manage to get it all out.”

I recognized this problem and embarrassingly I told her what we used to do… “When my wife suffered from that, yes I used to help her.” Questioningly she looked at me. “Yes….a bit odd, but I did…well….take the milk out when more force was needed say….but I’m afraid I can’t do that with you…..” With a few more tips, Jane returned home. About half an hour later I received an app from her “it doesn’t work” I closed my laptop and went to see her, maybe I could give her some more tips or call the doctor together. She opened the door and let me in, often I had not been there, but I must admit that all our old baby stuff looked good inside the little house….it brought up a nostalgic feeling. “Can you help me, I have read on the internet that it is the only way or I will have to quit soon and I don’t want to and can’t afford that.”

I didn’t know where to look for it, but I couldn’t leave her to her fate either. Well, go ahead then…on the condition that you don’t tell my wife because she really won’t appreciate this. Jane nodded, I set her down in front of me as I sat down on a chair at the table. Slowly she lifted her sweatshirt and I saw her beautiful new mother belly appear with her nutrition bra above it.

She undid these behind her back and while the world around us radiated a serene calm, two godly breasts appeared before me. They stood sturdy and firmly forward on the tender girl’s body and her nipples were stiff and large from much use. Slowly I placed both my hands around her breast and placed my lips around her young mother’s nipple. Gently I massaged her breasts full of milk and began to suck. I hoped she wasn’t looking down, otherwise, she would see my huge bulge in my pants. “Oh yes, I can just feel it” she said softly as I let my mouth fill with the warm sweet milk of the young mother who was actually still a girl herself.

I was touching her breasts

I was touching her breasts with massage and sucking and while I was trying to be professional I couldn’t help but get incredibly horny. The fact that she had grabbed my head and was running her fingers in circles through my hair didn’t help the feeling that I was about to ejaculate in my pants. After 20 minutes of sucking and massaging the deliciously soft and swollen breasts, they were really empty and her pain had all but subsided. I couldn’t get up yet because I was afraid I would hurt my stiff cock or worse, that she would see what a pervert I was.

“Thank you, John, it really helped so much” Exhausted, she sat down on my lap and she put her arms around me. I looked into her deep eyes and before I knew it, our lips touched and we started kissing. Every nerve in my body was screaming that it was wrong, but the super turned on hormones immediately shoved all that away. I rubbed her back and felt the empty breasts pressed against me. “Do you want to help me more” she whispered in my ear after which she gently bit into my earlobe. and even before I could respond, she started moving her hip and felt her body rubbing my stiff cock.
She stood up while kissing me and pulled her leggings and panties down in one go. “Normally I’m always all smooth but I haven’t had anything in months and you’ve made me so horny, it’s now or never” and before I knew it she had unbuttoned my pants and with my help pulled them up to my ankles.

My stiff cock was now erect and as I took a good look at her naked slender body, I felt myself almost coming without anything having happened. She sat down with her slender legs over me and without any help from saliva or lube I felt her pussy slide over my cock. She gasped and began to ride me like I was a horse. With my hands, I grabbed her ass firmly and wanted to slow down her rhythm, but as her breasts pushed against my face I had no control over her. My head was grabbed tightly by her and pushed firmly against the divine breasts. “I’m about to come” I shouted to her and her fuck hips were now going up and down even faster ” Inject my pussy full, NOW! Inject me full” I felt her body start to jerk, her hands cramped with my hair still between them and as I had my hands clamped tightly around her horny ass I felt my cock swell in her sucking pussy. With tremendous force, I squirted all my seed into the hungry body of my neighbor girl. Gasping for oxygen, she still remained on me with her naked body. “Sorry, John, I couldn’t control myself anymore”.Softly I whispered in her ear “doesn’t matter sweetheart, sometimes I don’t have that either”.

I stood up with her still in my arms and carried her to the bed and while the young naked body lay on the bed I kept looking like a dirty old man at the girl who just fucked herself flat on my cock. I gently kissed her on her forehead and couldn’t resist rubbing my hands over the beautiful body of this goddess. While I was putting on my clothes and getting ready to go home I walked through her kitchen and saw all kinds of cheap and unhealthy stuff. I secretly grabbed her purse and put 50 euros in it so she could eat something decent for once, and left her house and went back to my home office. About 2 hours later I got an app from her. “Hi John, thanks again for your 3 double help today, milk, mom urge, budget. If you want, I can use your help more often… all 3…..xx until tomorrow?