A massage story in Hanoi. A massage story with a happy ending, of course. 😁 It should also include a photo, preferably an Asian model you can talk to. The photo shows a beautiful Japanese woman who likes to show off her breasts. Kisses for Kiyoko.

Hanoi, what a beautiful city. We had been walking through Hanoi for a long time and decided to have a massage. A salon with very reasonable prices was soon found. We were with six people, the four of us and two of our friends. Extra masseuses were immediately phoned in, as they only had one. A little later, five women came in, one of which was a very pretty young woman, I noticed. We were waiting in line and I looked for eye contact with the young woman and got it. We smiled at each other a few times and I gave her a wink. Then, of course, everyone had to be assigned and, yes, she came up to me and took me with her.

Then something started to tickle in me, but I didn’t have any strange thoughts about it. I often get massages and nothing strange has ever happened to me, after all I only come for the massage. I undressed and kept the boxer on, that’s how it goes in Vietnam. Following her instructions, I lay down on my belly on the table, and she immediately stroked my back gently with one hand. Then she came and stood beside me with her legs on both sides touching my hand because the arm had to hang loosely along with the table. She stayed like that for a while and caressed my back again. I just couldn’t resist gently stroking her leg with one finger, a fantasy I had had before, but never really dared to do. That barely perceptible caressing thrilled me immensely, but she did not withdraw her legs. Then she sat on top of me, on my buttocks, and really started to massage my back.

At one point, she took one arm and put it on my back, palm up. Then she sat on my hand and massaged my arm while sliding her crotch back and forth over my hand. It made my mouth dry and I felt my cock react, this was the first time someone had done it like that. Then she took my other arm and did the same. I couldn’t relax my hand anymore and pressed my fingers very gently against her crotch. Only one thought went through my head: This is not true! It’s not real! It can’t be. But it happened? Then she sat down and slid the right leg of my boxer up over my buttock and started massaging my buttock, going deep inside, I even thought I could feel her touching my balls very subtly. Barely perceptible but so good. Did she really do that or was that just my opinion? I moaned softly and a little later she did my other leg and bum in the same way.

In this way, she massaged my upper legs and bottom. Then, very gently, over my boxer, she ran one finger and almost automatically I pushed my bum up a bit. That must have been a sign for her, because a little later I felt her hands on the edge of my boxers, and very slowly she pulled them off. In the meantime, I had become extremely horny, the idea that this was now really happening, with nothing but a curtain between me and the others, puff… When the boxer was off, she started massaging my buttocks agonizingly slowly, going down a little further each time… I felt fingers on my balls and pushed my buttocks up a little again. Immediately, a hand went forward between my buttocks and she grabbed my cock! At that moment I almost came, it was so horny, I felt it shivering through my whole body.

As if she knew, she withdrew her hand and massaged the bottom and the upper legs again, also taking hold of my cock for a moment. She repeated this ritual a few times and really, I was about to explode. At one point, she pushed my buttocks a bit further up and suddenly started to really jerk me off. Meanwhile, my hand had found her legs and I was stroking them. I didn’t get very far, I was lying on my belly after all. I felt wonderful legs, slightly muscled and I also felt the beginning of her buttocks. I didn’t want to but then I came quickly and violently, lying on my belly with my buttocks up.

She immediately put a hand on my mouth to prevent others from hearing me….. After she had cleaned up everything, I could turn around. I looked into her beautiful and smiling face. She bent down to me and asked in a whisper, “Was good?” I said smiling “yesss very good!” and kissed her because her face was so close to mine. And I kept thinking WHAT IS THIS MAN! WAUWWWW! She started massaging my legs again, but now I could also reach her much better with my hands. I rubbed her legs and back and between her legs. She immediately squeezed her legs together, so okay, she didn’t want that. I moved my hands up to her breasts and asked in a whisper, “Can I touch you?” She nodded with a smile and I immediately went under her shirt with my right hand and lifted her bra.

I saw and felt a lovely, fairly small but firm breast with a hard nipple. How incredibly horny this was. And again the realization, shit this is really happening! Yoo-hoo! I touched her breast and grabbed her nipple. In the meantime, she had found my cock again and grabbed some oil. She was dexterous and massaged my cock gently with the oil, to which my cock reacted again, it immediately stood up. I pulled her trousers down a bit at the back and felt her bare bottom, delicious. I stood up a little so I could use both my hands, I really wanted to feel her now. I caressed her back, buttocks and breasts. I stood up a bit more, unhooked her bra in one move, took one breast in my mouth and gently bit her nipple. She responded by jerking me off harder. Then she kissed me on the mouth, licked my neck, and licked my ear. Goosebumps skin. How horny was this, and in the meantime she kept jerking me off.

I grabbed both her breasts, kneaded them and played with her nipples. We also kissed a few more times, but not with tongue. I looked at what was happening, really unreal! She with her upper body almost bared and her trousers just under her buttocks, and me naked under her skillful hands. Seeing and realizing this was too much for me. I felt it bubbling up quickly and came again violently. Afterward, we cuddled a bit because I wanted to. I was in a daze and wanted contact. She resisted for a moment, but then allowed it and even hugged back. Delightful! She then looked at me smiling and pushed me back on the table. She massaged my legs even more and then made me sit up straight. She came and sat behind me and massaged my back some more and kissed and licked my back and neck. Goosebumps again. She came forward with her hands and massaged my breasts for a while and pinched my nipples.

Then she got up, stood in front of me and continued to massage my breasts and bite my nipples.. The hour had passed, much too quickly, of course. She embraced me laughing, hugged me again, straightened all her clothes and let me get dressed. A little dazed, I walked back into the common room where my wife was already standing. She looked at me and saw the broad grin on my face. She came up to me and asked softly, “What’s wrong with you, is this really what I think it is?” I could only nod in the monkey-like affirmative.. The next day we went back together for another massage. And the way that went you can perhaps imagine….