Photo is of the Eastern European girls’ Anna & Mariia.

When she met up with Kevin and other couples, she only had eyes for the girls, slowly undressing them with her eyes. She didn’t know exactly how to handle it. Are other girls like this, I am bi or lesbian, or is this just a phase? In fact, she had married Kevin way too soon, he wanted it so badly. If only she had had more time to make the right choice. She was a girl’s lover. Kate was 38 years old, and these thoughts were constantly in her head and gave her no peace. Maybe she would give it a try, but with whom and what if she met with rejection or didn’t like it. She was so unsure how to proceed. Kate was at the tennis club and played on the first women’s team. The season would be starting soon, and she had already heard that a new girl was coming. She would be very good and would then probably compete with her team, perhaps this time they would make it to the next competition, last year they had fallen one point short.

She only had eyes for the girls

Friday night at 6 pm was the team meeting for the new season. The new girl was introduced during the meeting. Her name was Luna, and she was 22 years old. She was a Latvian immigrant and a real beauty. She was about 175 cm tall and had a slim figure. The tight-fitting white jeans she wore emphasized her wonderfully shaped, firm buttocks. Kate took every opportunity to look at her behind; she couldn’t get enough of it. The pretty top she was wearing concealed her firm, relatively large breasts. Kate, too, had immediately developed a fondness for them. Still, she was careful not to notice the surreptitious staring. Luna’s face was that of an angel. She had long, blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her sweet little snout and delicate, somewhat narrow lips made Kate dream. Luna is the sweetest and most beautiful girl I have ever seen, she sighed to herself.

She felt that tingle in her body everywhere when she looked at Luna. She noticed how her sexual arousal was getting stronger and stronger. Then Luna introduced herself briefly. She told a little about herself and where she had played before. Her voice was soft and warm, seemed a little shy. Kate was watching her every move. She was literally glued to Luna’s lips. That soft smile and the way she beamed when she laughed. She’s just amazing, Kate thought to herself. After the meeting, the older ladies went to play around on the court, Kate sat down at the bar with Jaqueline (23), Alina (20), with whom she had played on a team for a while, and Luna to have a drink and get to know each other better. It was a relaxed round and everyone got along well.

It wasn’t just Luna’s graceful appearance, but her whole demeanor, the way she introduced herself, the way she talked, that had caught Kate’s attention. Despite her appearance, she was not in the least conceited, she just seemed sweet and kind, even a little insecure, though she didn’t really have to be. Kate enjoyed every look of her eyes with which she met Luna’s, every word of her soft voice. She was insanely attracted to her, she had an incredibly strong desire to touch her. She wanted to feel her, taste her. She had never felt this way with a girl before. After two hours, however, Kate had to leave because she had another appointment with Kevin. She didn’t really feel like meeting him. She would have much rather stayed in the clubhouse. But she had agreed with Kevin for a nice evening in front of the television at his house.

Watching Netflix and cuddling

Watching Netflix and cuddling. When she arrived at his place, he greeted her with a long kiss. She noticed that there was hardly any feeling on her part. As they watched the rented love movie and Kevin snuggled up against her, she noticed how her thoughts were only with Luna. She would have much preferred to cuddle with her. That was the point at which she decided for herself that it wouldn’t work with Kevin anymore. It had built up gradually, but now was the time when she finally realized that she no longer felt enough for Kevin to have a relationship with him. The thoughts of Luna wouldn’t let her go. Her sweet looks and lovely nature had enchanted Kate. She had often looked at other girls that she also liked, but with Luna, for the first time, she felt like she had a little crush on another girl. And this feeling, too, seemed to be increasing rather than decreasing. And the weekly tennis practice took on additional appeal for Kate.

Besides her great passion for tennis, she could also enjoy Luna’s appearance. Her extremely short tennis skirt and the tight top she wore were a sight to behold. The skirt was so short that on one side one could almost fully admire her tight, nicely tanned thighs, and on the other side, one could guess what firm, firm buttocks would be hidden underneath. The sweat made the top stick to her skin, accentuating her upper body and especially her beautiful, plump breasts. She was the beautiful princess in midfield. Luna was just like that. Her ravishing body seemed to literally float across the court. Kate was constantly thinking about what it would be like to touch her tender skin, smell her, and what she would taste like. Two months had passed and Kate had separated from Kevin.

For him, it was painful and he mourned her, but for her, it was relatively easy because there were no more feelings for him. Kate’s team was in first place shortly before the end of the season, also thanks to Luna. She played at position 1 and won all her singles and doubles. Not too much was expected of her. But what made Kate much happier was that she and Luna had become pretty good friends. They flirted at practice, always hung out together at the championship matches, and also met privately from time to time to go to the movies or just spend an evening at home. They didn’t meet often, but when they were together, she could talk to her about things she didn’t talk about with other friends. She felt infinitely comfortable with her, could open up completely. Kate loved these evenings with her, she enjoyed every minute of their togetherness. That’s why she couldn’t believe that Luna had never had a boyfriend or kissed before.

She was still an absolutely untouched leaf. Any man would have to be crazy about her. She’s so sweet, beautiful, but still not the least bit full of herself. But somehow it suited her, because she was really quite shy and insecure, even though she sometimes dressed extremely provocatively, Kate thought. But other thoughts kept running through her head. How should things go from here? Staying at this level of friendship would do her no good. In the long run, it would give her more grief to meet Luna and be with her, but not to be with her, not to be really close to her. To be able to touch her once, like normal girlfriends don’t. To nestle against her beautiful body, to feel her skin, to breathe in her warmth and her pleasant scent. These needs wanted to be satisfied. But the possible realization turned out to be much more complicated under the new circumstances.

The object of her desire was a girl

The object of her desire was a girl. She did not know how to proceed. What would happen if she told Luna her feelings for her and she reacted with shock and rejection. Their friendship would be broken, and she would no longer be able to look her in the eye at the club. But it couldn’t go on like that either. She often lay on her bed for hours, playing out all kinds of scenarios in her head. She couldn’t talk to anyone about it. Likewise, she had to sort it out with herself. Another month went by. It was now the middle of September. Luna and Kate had met a few more times, and Kate’s feelings were getting stronger. But she hadn’t dared to talk to Luna about it. One Saturday morning, they agreed to go swimming in the outdoor pool. The weather was rather bad, but they decided to go anyway.

They agreed to swim a few laps and watch the boys. Kate only had eyes for Luna. But she didn’t know that until that day. But there was nothing going on at all. It wasn’t really bothering to open the pool. The two of them swam their laps and then lay down on their towel and more or less kept an eye out for the boys. There was nothing special about it anyway. By now it was five o’clock and the lifeguard had called out that they would close at five-thirty. But most of them had already left. So they decided to take a shower and then go home. They grabbed their things and went to the women’s locker room/shower. They put their stuff in an open closet outside the shower room, took their shampoo, and went to take a shower. Kate always made sure Luna was the first to enter a room, so she could get another good look at her beautiful ass.

On this day, it had been particularly rewarding again. Luna was wearing an extremely hot purple bikini. She probably wanted to impress the boys with it. The screen bikini bottoms really stuck to her butt. Kate couldn’t get enough of the way her firm, plump buttocks moved as she walked. The bikini top, in turn, stuck to her beautiful, firm breasts. She was simply a standout. During the shower, Kate took every opportunity to catch a glimpse of Luna’s body. How she soaped herself, her legs, her buttocks, and her breasts. It was too much for Kate. Her excitement increased more and more. Despite the shower, she felt herself getting wet. Every fiber of her body tingled. This sexual tension inside her had to be released. And if she couldn’t talk to Luna about it, she would try something else.

She would put all her eggs in one basket and see what happened. As a girl, she didn’t have to hide either. She was a little smaller than Luna, but she also had a slim figure and a nice ass. Her breasts were a little smaller in nature, but nicely shaped, which also looked very cute. Compared to Luna, she was more the dark type with brown hair and brown eyes. While Luna lathered up her breasts, Kate stood very close behind her. Now would come the moment of the first intense touch. Whatever happened next, she would enjoy this moment. Her upper body was now touching a bit of Luna. Luna could hear Kate’s loud, excited breathing. She turned her head slightly to the right and looked Kate straight in the eyes. She stopped lathering herself up but kept her hands on her breasts. “Don’t you want me to do it for you,” Kate almost whispered? Luna looked at her in surprise. “What do you mean?”, she asked Kate unsuspectingly. Kate didn’t answer. She gathered all her courage, grabbed Luna’s hands, and slowly removed them from her breasts.

Then she opened her top and carefully slipped it off

Then she opened her top, carefully slipped it off and let it fall to the floor. Luna looked at her in disbelief and a little shocked. “What are you doing?”, Luna almost stuttered. Kate, however, said nothing. Luna felt Kate’s hot breathing on the back of her neck. At the same time, she felt Kate’s hands begin to caress her belly. The hot water ran down her body and she felt those delicate hands slowly move up along her upper body. She was paralyzed. On the one hand, she could have resisted, but it felt wonderful what Kate was doing. She felt how the excitement slowly took hold of her as well. Kate could hardly believe her luck. She snuggled up against Luna from behind, with her head directly behind her. At the same time, she moved her hands further and further to her breasts. The long-awaited moment had arrived. She now touched the underside of Luna’s breasts with the tips of her index fingers and slowly moved upward. After a few moments, she had the full outline of Luna’s breasts in her hands. It was more beautiful than she had imagined in her dreams. She caressed her full breasts, every part as if to explore every inch. In between, she gently kneaded her nipples.

During all this, they looked into each other’s eyes but did not speak a word. Luna, too, was increasingly overcome by the feeling of lust. The way Kate’s hands touched her breasts and played with her nipples felt incredibly beautiful. She noticed that she was slowly getting wet and was almost bursting with excitement. But suddenly there was also momentary worry. What if someone comes in, she asked Kate. No one will come, she replied absently. She didn’t care at all. No one would take this situation from her. On the contrary, the danger of being caught only increased her excitement. Luna, too, seemed to quickly forget the worry. She preferred to give herself to Kate. She had never been touched like this, touched in this way. She didn’t want it to end either. So Kate continued to play with Luna’s breasts. However, they had averted their gaze from each other.

Luna now watched as her full breasts were caressed and tenderly kneaded by Kate’s delicate hands. Her soft moans told Kate that she had permission to continue. Kate’s left hand continued to occupy Luna’s breast while her right hand worked its way further down. It roamed over her belly slowly to her vulva. She stopped just before her bikini bottom. The two looked at each other again. You can’t stop now, Luna smiled at her. I wasn’t going to, she smiled back. Kate was sure now that Luna wanted it as much as she did. She slowly moved her hand inside Luna’s panties. With her index and middle finger, she explored her sanctuary. She felt the tight and shaved vulva. Everything felt firm and exhausted, she knew it was. Carefully, she played her fingers on her vulva, lightly massaging it and occasionally inserting a finger a tiny bit inside. Then, however, Kate got a little wilder. She first pushed her index finger deep into Luna’s slit and fingered her with it.

Then she added her middle finger and drilled both fingers deeper into her still very tight vagina and fingered her violently with quick and firm movements. While she was really giving her, she looked at Luna’s features. Luna had her head slightly back, her eyes half-closed, and was moaning softly to herself. Her friend’s delicate fingers in her panties, the way she first caressed her vulva and then fingered her tight slit ever more wildly, penetrating her deeper and deeper, this feeling was indescribably beautiful to her. She enjoyed this activity for a few minutes before she slowly turned around. Kate let her hand slip out of her panties. The two smiled at each other. They couldn’t believe what was happening. Luna had never been touched like this by another person and for Kate, a wish she had dreamed of for months was coming true. Kate now knelt slowly in front of her without losing eye contact with Luna. She only lost it when her panties were right in front of her eyes.

She hooked her two index fingers on the far ends of her panties and slowly pulled them down to her feet. At last, she caught sight of Luna’s naked vulva. The feel of her hand had not deceived her. She was naked and her outer labia were narrow and firm and very close together. More beautiful than in any dream, Kate thought to herself. She took the panties and pulled them out from under Luna’s feet and placed them on the floor as well. Now she was finally standing before her, poodle naked and in all her glory. Carefully, she pulled the outer labia apart and began to stroke the inner ones with her tongue. She tasted just wonderful. Then she slowly penetrated her vagina a little with her tongue. With quick movements, she played with her clit, which almost drove Luna crazy. Luna leaned against the wall because she could no longer stand-alone. She felt Kate opening her up a little at the bottom and being tender with her in places where no one had ever touched her before. Every time Kate licked her clit, she shuddered slightly.

Kate’s tongue wandered through her vulva

She loved it when Kate’s tongue wandered through her vulva and she felt it lick her beautifully. The horny feeling inside her grew stronger and stronger. Kate realized that Luna would soon come to orgasm. But she didn’t want her to come already, because she already had something more in store for her. She stopped licking Luna’s vagina now and slowly stood up. Luna looked at her with a wide and satisfied grin. Both of them were happy. Kate, because she had finally dared, and Luna, because she finally felt someone other than herself inside her. So Kate had done everything right. She was now standing in front of Luna. She stepped up to her and gave her a soft and long kiss on the lips. Both of them felt the tingle rise in them and enjoyed the meeting of their tender lips. Then, however, Kate moved down a floor to Luna’s breasts. While gently massaging one breast with her left hand, she began to lick the other. Taking turns, she now licked the breast, then nibbled on the nipple. It was wonderful to feel this full, firm breast on her lips, licking it with her tongue as she pleased and sucking on its nipple. Luna was getting hornier too. The feeling of tenderly touching one breast and licking and sucking the other almost drove her crazy.

She especially loved the nibbling on her nipple; it almost brought her to climax again. But Kate let go of her in time. She wanted to explore every part of Luna’s body with her tongue. And now it was Luna’s beautiful ass’s turn. She turned around again. With her legs well away from the wall, she backed up with her hands on the wall. Kate was now facing Luna’s firm buttocks. Slowly she pulled her cheeks apart a little. She had to swallow briefly at this wondrous sight. Her clean buttocks and flawless, tight anus made her hungry for more. She licked with her tongue throughout the slit, slowly sliding her tongue from top to bottom. Then she knelt lower under Luna and licked from her vulva through the buttock slit up to her anus. Again and again, first up, then down. Luna’s moans grew louder and louder. The feel of Kate’s wandering tongue almost brought her to ecstasy. Kate’s tongue strokes now became less and less and her greedy tongue moved purposefully to Luna’s anus. Once there, she pulled her buttocks apart a little more and licked her ass opening with full passion. Slowly, she tried to drill her tongue deeper into her ass. Little by little she succeeded, and the deeper she licked, the more beautiful it was for her. Just as it was for Luna. It was also a dream for her to feel Kate’s tongue in her ass. How she licked around her anus and then tried again to penetrate it a little deeper. Kate’s hands, how she gently pulled her buttocks apart and her tongue penetrated her ass. Simply fantastic, she could never have imagined that such a thing could ever happen.

But it happened, and it was the most beautiful thing she had ever felt physically. But since it was getting late now and the pool would soon close, and the chances of getting caught were slowly but surely approaching 100%, they had to finish quickly. So Kate decided to help Luna to her first stranger-induced orgasm. She deserved it, as she had almost completely fulfilled Kate’s secret desires. Kate stood up and got right behind Luna again. She took the index and middle finger of her right hand and placed them on Luna’s vulva. With her left hand, she grasped Luna’s breast. With slow, rhythmic movements, she began to massage Luna’s vagina, but her movements became faster and faster. She rubbed faster and faster through Luna’s tight slit. In between, she drilled her finger slightly into her vagina. She noticed how Luna was breathing faster and faster, and her soft moans were getting louder. Luna now had her eyes completely closed and was just holding on to the wall to keep from falling over. Kate’s deft fingers swirling through her slit and penetrating her, at the same time as the feel of Kate’s hand on her chest, were now finally driving her out of her thoughts.

She felt the orgasm approaching again. But this time Kate did not stop what she was doing. The rapid movements of Kate’s fingers between her legs really vibrated in her tight slit. The feeling grew stronger and stronger. Then the time had come. All the sexual energy that had been building up in Luna now seemed to be discharging. Her whole body trembled as this indescribable orgasm erupted. She moaned so loudly that it should have been heard outside. This was by far the best orgasm she had ever experienced. Even shortly after the orgasm, she was still shaky on her feet and drunk on these wonderful feelings. She had satisfied herself many times before, but bringing another girl to orgasm was another world. Luna had now experienced this for herself. She was just happy. She turned around and leaned against the wall and laughed briefly. She was just happy and content. Kate thought the same way. She had a big grin on her face. Both girls were just overjoyed that they had had this experience. Now I’d like to spoil you,” Luna said. Unfortunately, we have to leave, she lamented.

But we can still go to my house, my parents won’t be back until late today. With pleasure, Luna replied with a smile. They both looked at each other and gave each other an intense kiss. Just as they were leaving the shower, the lifeguard came to check on them. It was now shortly before 5:30. Kate looked forward to what was about to happen. But she also had doubts. What would happen after the physical pleasure? She had a crush on Luna, while she might just be filled with the beautiful experience of sex with another girl. But Kate would enjoy being spoiled by Luna first and then talk to her about it. Maybe. She wasn’t sure how she wanted to proceed yet. Except that she was enjoying herself with her first.

Kissing girls