My wife and I divorced a few years ago. Actually, she was the one who broke up with me because she didn’t like my sexual preference for SM games. For me, it was and still is about getting into zones where you might not really dare to go or not be sure if you really want to go.

Fantasy and reality don’t always go together. It had only been a few months since our divorce when I took an afternoon off. In my professional situation, I could afford to do that from time to time. So I drove home to my beautiful home and then took a ride on my motorcycle.

The weather was perfect and so was my mood. It was going to be a beautiful day and evening when I pulled into the driveway to the garage and saw Mrs. Edelweiss (woman in photo) standing in her garage. Her house is right next to mine.

She and her husband were very attractive

She and her husband were very attractive. He was athletic, around fifty, with full, graying hair, and traveled extensively and often for extended periods around the world on business. She was about forty, I would say, so ten years older than I was at the time. A true Amazon with a super figure and huge breasts. Dark, full wavy hair down to just below her shoulders. I got off and pushed my bike into the driveway as she came walking towards me. We had never had any contact other than a cursory hello or good morning. We didn’t see them regularly either, and our properties were separated by a wall.

Hello Mr. Nieghtbour, could you spare a moment and help me with something? I went up to them and said, “Hello, Mrs. Edelweiss. I would like to help if I can. The lights and machines in my laundry room don’t work anymore. It must be a fuse or something, but my husband is in South America for a few more weeks and I can’t reach him. Since I don’t know where the fuses are, I’d love it if you could maybe take a look, she said.

The look and the way she scanned me from top to bottom made me nervous. I gulped for a moment and replied, “My pleasure, Ms. Edelweiss. She continued. With the shoes she was wearing, she was almost a head taller than me. She was wearing a summer dress and as I walked behind her, I could see her hot, thick buttocks and really great legs. She walked very straight with great posture. There was really something about that. The house was really special. You could tell by many things that they must be doing very well financially. She led me down the basement stairs and directed me to the laundry room. There was a little light coming through a window, but you couldn’t see much. So I looked around, and it must really be like this. No appliances working, no lights, and no power in the outlets either.

Would you like coffee, she asked me Yes, with pleasure, but first I’ll look for the fuses. The first door led to the boiler room, the second room was very dark. I saw a large mirror and probably a black massage bench in front of it. No, it’s not there, she called to me. The sound of the voice told me: the room was off-limits to me.

Now there were only 2 possibilities and the first one was the right one. No wonder she didn’t find the fuses right away, because they were in a tool cabinet that was practically built around the fuse box. Everything was labeled perfectly, I clicked the fuse back in. It didn’t flop out either. Tested lights etc. in the laundry room to check. Everything was safe. I went back upstairs. She heard me and said, I am in the kitchen, please come here.

When she returned, my breath caught in my throat

Had I misheard, or why did she suddenly avoid me? She had already put cups on the table, which was more like a counter where you could sit on three sides. I’m going to change my clothes. You can continue pouring. And she was gone. I poured the coffee and sat down. When she returned, my breath caught in my throat. She was wearing a sleeveless dress with wide straps, very body-accentuating, down to mid-thigh, all buttoned up in the front with a deep V-neck that showed off stunning cleavage. She grinned at me confidently.

A cognac with the coffee? Yes, please, I replied. She fetched two glasses and the bottle. What a woman. I was blown away. A dream. I always loved tall women, especially when they had style and charisma like Mrs. Edelweiss. She poured and toasted me. ‘Thank you so much for the help.

She sat down on a barstool diagonally across from me, crossed her legs, and slowly I became more and more agitated. I hardly dared to look down at her legs. Her stockings rustled when she moved, and she wore high-heeled slippers on her really beautiful, big feet. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I saw her on the inside of her splint legs. It couldn’t be that, but I didn’t want to appear too conspicuous. Tell me, Andreas, what are you doing? I cleared my throat, not knowing where to look and barely able to resist her gaze.

‘Well, what do you do for work and in your spare time. Since your wife left, I’ve noticed that you’re on the road a lot on your motorcycle and usually home at night. All by yourself? I didn’t need to tell her that I watch live webcams at night and have fun talking and masturbating with the camgirls. I tried to dodge the question and continue in general. She grinned and said, “Well, if you want to tell me you read and watch TV. Now I tried to go on the attack and said, What about you, Ms. Edelweiss? I just couldn’t call her by her first name. Respect? Esteem? I don’t know

Well, I’m alone a lot, I only work a few days in an advisory capacity, and only when it suits me. Like what, I asked. At the time, I studied chemistry and later took over the research department of a medium-sized pharmaceutical company. And now I advise this company from time to time. It’s rewarding and fun, and I stay in touch with my former colleagues…. A chemist and then in research? I asked. So in the middle of drugs and pills and drugs? She laughed: Drugs? What kind of drugs? She poured another brandy. Because I had barely eaten anything today, I was already feeling a little.

Cheers and the second one was drunk. Yes, I meant the good mood pills that ordinary people can’t get their hands on. Which ones? She kept me in suspense. Well, antidepressants or something. They seem to work well if you take them once in a while. Yes, she said. That’s right. If you take the right ones in the right doses, it can be exciting. But Andreas, what do you want to do with it, or let’s say, what would you like to do with it? As I loosened up more and more, some old thoughts popped into my head.

Well, I would try to develop a means to produce lust or something like that. She laughed again. So that’s who you are. Let it sneak into someone’s drink. At that point, she put her hands behind her head and I thought that knocked me out. She wasn’t shaved under the arms. No, not sloppy, but a strip with neatly shaved edges and the hair about 2 inches long. So it was just the way she wanted it. Very dark and absolutely exciting to me. She noticed it right away and spoke to me about it. Hey, do you like my armpit hair, Andreas? You’re quite a guy. But beyond that. What else would you develop and try out? I don’t know exactly, but some kind of drug that lets you be lucid, but also takes away your inhibitions. Why such a drug? Well, because, at least that’s how I feel about it, everyone has thoughts and ideas that they may not want or be able to say.

And so one could try such things anyway. She bent down and allowed me a look deep into her dress at her large breasts. I began to get nervous and my friend began to react, even more than before. Are you telling me already, Andreas? What are you working on? Hm. She continued.

Well, normally I’m not supposed to tell anyone this, but we had developed a drug that made you stay completely clear in your head, very quick in your reactions, similar to cocaine, but as a side effect, you can also say what you’re thinking. So you answer questions immediately and don’t look for excuses or explanations. You could say: as a truth agent. We were never allowed to market it, although the prosecutor’s office was very interested. But because it was classified as a drug, we could not. Would you want someone to know your wishes and ideas?

I don’t know, I answered, but I would find it interesting just for myself because then I wouldn’t be able to lie to myself anymore. That’s fascinating, she said. So that means you can’t really admit your thoughts to yourself. She got up to get an ashtray. Her stature made my heart beat faster. This woman is the absolute dream. Some would say too fat. But she wasn’t. She just wasn’t slim. But everything. Chest, belly, buttocks, thighs, all in the right proportion.

OK, let’s have a smoke first. And again she poured more cognac. But please, this is my last one, I said. It will knock me unconscious. You’re just afraid to react to me anymore, Andreas. Admit it. You find me absolutely horny, as I can tell from your appearance, but you don’t know how to behave. Is it true? Yes, Ms. Edelweiss, I said after a brief moment of shock. That’s right. Again, she grinned at me knowingly. ‘Well, I have some of this remedy I was talking about in the house. Are you brave enough to try it? I looked at her questioningly. Well, come on. You wanted to know what you really think and want. I didn’t respond. Look, I’ll give you two drops.

That’s a fairly harmless start. It takes about five minutes for it to start working. Then you also notice how you respond and wonder how you responded. Because you answered before you thought. But you can still go back. If you take two more drops after that, you won’t be hiding anything and after that, depending on what I ask you, you will know where your tendencies lie and what your real desires are. She looked at me demandingly. The woman is driving me crazy, I thought. Again she crossed her legs. The skirt slid up and I saw that she was wearing real nylons with garters. Now go ahead and tell me if you want to try it. You have nothing to be ashamed of with me. Nothing at all. Good, I said. I will try it, Mrs. Edelweiss.

I was about to submit to her completely, Ready for SM

I was about to submit to her completely. I noticed more and more how much this woman fascinated me and held me under her spell. She too had noticed this and said, “I really like the way you address me. Are you showing me how much you respect me, or is there something else behind it? But we will find out. Again she smiled in her condescending way. She took out the medicine, poured another brandy and handed me the small bottle. Put the drops in the glass yourself. Don’t blame me afterward. She laughed. My hands trembled a little as I opened the bottle and held it over my brandy. One drop and then the second and immediately another. Good, she said, smiling, if that’s what you want. No, I didn’t want that, I didn’t want that. The stupid bottle. So, down it goes. We lit another one. You looked into the darkroom earlier!

What did you see? Not much, I replied. Just a big mirror and some kind of massage bench. That’s right, it’s a kind of bench, but with many refinements. As you know, my husband is very talented and built something for me and my lonely hours. The room is also full of technology. Projectors, cameras and lots of games. Is it working yet? About four minutes had passed in the meantime. I felt incredibly well, I even felt that I could see and hear better. I’m not sure, I replied. Well then, let’s try it out a little. You like my armpit hair, I’ve noticed. Do you like it hairy? Yes, very much so, I replied quite quickly. See, that went well. I think the effect is coming slowly.

Shall I start asking, or do you still want to break off? Then you just go to your place and after one or two hours the effect is gone. No, I don’t want to go, it came like a shot, even before I had really thought about my answer. The crazy thing about it is: you answer, you hear yourself speak, but you didn’t plan or consciously do it. She undid a button from each of her dresses. One at the top, one at the bottom. I want to see a little excitement in your eyes as I explore what inspires you. So you like my armpit hair. Would you like to lick them? Yes, very much. How much? I would love to, it really turns me on. That’s nice, she said. I’m very hairy, and I love my hair and take good care of it. Do you like hairy women? And how, it makes me crazy to see something like that. Do you see how well it works? Do you talk freely and feel uncomfortable? No, I think it’s very beautiful too. I would never be able to respond so freely and openly otherwise.

Do you want to see how big my Venus mound is

Do you want to see how big my Venus mound is? And what would you do for it? You bet I would, and do what you would expect in return, Miss Edelweiss. You like talking to me like that. Why? Do you feel comfortable with it because it automatically subordinates you? Oh, yes, it does. You’re so dominant and you exude so much authority. Oh, it’s good that I know that. I think I’m going to take full advantage of that and put you through the wringer like this. I looked into her eyes, which were already sparkling, as she too discovered more and more pleasure in the game. She threw me a glance. I was breathing harder and harder, and my cock was already twitching and dripping the first drops of pleasure. My body was reacting violently to this horny woman. I looked at her hands.

Very beautiful, red nails of the perfect length and large they were. I like it when women have big hands, but I always think: if she rubs one on me, it will hurt. Why are you looking at my hands? Imagine them grabbing you, groping you everywhere, pinching your nipples, going deeper and finding their way past your cock into your horny asshole. My breathing became heavier and heavier. Oh, that must have been a blast, she remarked. You must be a little horny for anal. But that’s fun, too. Maybe I’ll spoil you there if you pass all your exams. I’d love to spit in your horny mouth, she said, increasingly fueled by the alcohol. She was getting more and more into it too, sliding back and forth on the chair. But I didn’t dare speak to her, or even get her excited.

She spits in my mouth

Even sitting down, she was even taller than me, and I was so pleased to finally have such a tall and horny woman across from me. Won’t you ask me to spit in your mouth? Yes, Miss Edelweiss. Will you please spit in my mouth? (Why did she say blow mouth?) So, come over here and stand in front of me. Ask me again very submissively and then open your swallowing mouth. Hands behind your back and your gaze humbly lowered. I did as she commanded: Please, please, Mrs. Edelweiss. I want her to spit in my mouth so badly. Likewise, I opened my mouth as instructed and she spits a large load into my mouth. I thanked her and she told me to sit down again. See how well it all works. And you only do what you want. The remedy is perfect. But now something else. You seem to have a lot of ideas and fantasies. Can you imagine what you would want if you were a woman? Yes, I replied. It would be cool to be able to feel like a woman. And then what would you like to experience?

She opened another bottom button and I could see the whole stocking. My horniness was getting worse and I knew she knew it well and would continue. I hope she doesn’t suddenly break down, I thought. I like to watch my legs and my feet quietly. I noticed earlier how you tried to catch a quick glimpse. You like my big feet and I bet you would like to lick and suck my toes, wouldn’t you? Oh yes, and how I would love to be Mrs. Edelweiss. I closed my eyes and thought about it. I was getting so hot. She smiled at me, not at me. ‘You’re a horny little sow. Let’s see how long the drug works on you. Maybe we should refill it when it wears off. What do you think? ‘Yes with pleasure, it is a very nice feeling to be able to share your thoughts with full awareness and see you admit to yourself that you are the way you are. The remedy is amazing. She grins and says, “That’s not a problem. I can get it over and over again, but you shouldn’t take it too often.

Then it wouldn’t be so exciting. We accidentally gave it to a friend once, because she took the wrong glass. It was too beautiful to watch her tell us things without being questioned by us. We felt guilty about it, but as I said, we didn’t actively ask. But, I wanted to know what you would like to experience as a woman. She opened the top of her dress and I could see her champagne-colored half-cup bra with its horny padding. Her nipples, which had to be very large, were pressing against the fabric. I couldn’t take it anymore. I would have gladly thrown myself at her feet to lick them. The horniness was driving me to a point where I didn’t know how to control it anymore. Tell me. So, if I were a woman, I would love to lie on a bench-table frame. On my stomach. My large breasts hang freely down.

On them are nipple clamp

On them are nipple clamps with weights, or suction nipples like on udders, or even electric pads that would send a constant vibration through my body. Clamps also on the labia, a thick dildo in my ass that automatically takes me like a fucking machine. And the more I jerk, the harder it gets. So if I was alone, otherwise with a woman and a man. He fucks me in the mouth so deep in the throat and squirts his hot sauce down my throat. She whips me, so I get hornier and hornier, and then she gives me a fist. First in the pussy, then anal. Hey, that’s cool, she said. And like that as a man too? Would you like to feel like a woman for once and get fisted too? Yes, Mrs. Edelweiss, I’d like to experience that feeling too. Yes? How about I make a fist with my big hands? First one finger, then two, and then slowly try to get your whole hand inside as you get hornier and hotter. Look at my hands.

They are nice and big and would stretch your still virgin hole and you would moan to finally have them all inside you. Look at them. Is that what you want? Yes, yes, yes. That’s what I want. It makes me so horny imagining that. I’m going crazy here. That’s how I like you. You’ll do anything I want. Even what you can’t imagine. And you’ll be so horny you’ll beg for it. Even though it will hurt, you will beg me not to stop. My cock was so hard and my pants were already all slippery. You know where the dark basement room is. You go downstairs now, undress, and then lie on the couch with your head facing the mirror. Furthermore, you don’t have to look for the light. It comes on automatically. I’ll put on something else and then I’ll come and sit with you. Don’t you dare play with yourself? I would punish you severely. She didn’t wait to see how I reacted and left the room. What’s happening now? How horny is this? Am I not afraid? No, somehow not! As if in a trance, I descend into the room. A dim, soft light comes on and I see many things like chains and rings on the walls and ceiling. Now I must hurry, lest Madam Edelweiss get angry. I lie naked on the couch like she wants and totally confused. My heart is pounding. I’m horny as hell and waiting.

Suddenly, she is standing next to me. Don’t look up!” she says in a stern tone. That wouldn’t do you any good. My head is already in the hole like a massage bench, so I can barely look up, stretching my arms out in front of me. The couch is long enough. She puts cuffs on my wrists. The hands are tight. Then she ties a wideband across my back. So already I can’t get away. I see her feet, which make me so horny. All I can think about is licking them. Then she folds down a little at the back of the couch and my legs sag. I’m still lying with my pelvis on the couch, but my cock is hanging free as well. Now she ties my legs together left and right. That way, I’m steady. But now she folds away part of the couch sideways and there is only a narrow strip running from my belly to my chest. So that my nipples are also exposed. Well, how do you feel? Still horny, YES. That’s good. Then she ties a leather strap around my forehead and also folds the hole opening away downwards.

My head is now free as well. Slowly she pulls it back. She must have fastened it to the strap around my back. A picture of how I, as a woman, would have liked to lie there. Hollow back, head in neck, everything important exposed and unable to move. Pistons or clamps? Suckers, I immediately say. She laughs. If you say so. We can’t milk you on top, but we can milk your cock. And there really is a fucking machine here. I’ll give you a not-so-great one first, but you’ll pre-stretch it before you get my hand. She held her hand in front of my face and asked: do you still want it? YES!

That big hand in your little hole? Yes please, Mrs. Edelweiss. Again she laughed. What a greedy bitch you are. Let’s see if I can even get three fingers in there. She rubbed some gel over my nipples, cock, and hole. Then she attached something that felt like funnels to the nipples. Immediately they sucked in. Then another thing like that came over my bulging hard cock. There, my little dirty pig. Relax. I’m putting the dildo on you now. Oh, I almost forgot. The more you yank on your headband, the harder it drills into you. So relax, or at least try. In the mirror, I could see her from behind. What a beautiful ass. My cock was already twitching in its prison again. She had put on a corsage. With black seam stockings and high slippers. How eager I was to be allowed to lick her feet. Then she came to the headboard and I could see her from the front in the mirror. Where there are usually breast cups, there was only a very thin net, and now I could see why she had such thick nipples. She had piercings and behind them in the yard a large gold brooch held by the piercing and at the same time pulling the nipples forward. It looked cool.

And then I saw her Bush

These big breasts presented themselves like that. Just crazy. And then I saw her bush. Giant, but like the armpits perfectly groomed, straight edges and even length. For me the absolute dream was the greed in me was still growing, feeling like I was already at the upper limit. The labia were exposed and shaved completely smooth all around. There was a ring in each of the large labia and another in front of, or through, the clitoris. Through these three ran a chain with a pendant that moved with each step and ran into the chain. She grinned in the mirror as she saw how my eyes were soon falling from my head. She sat down on a chair in front of me, took a device in her hand and said, “So, here we go! The things suck and send occasional stimulating currents, and the dildo slowly drills itself deeper into you with each thrust. When you get it all the way up, we’ll swap it out for a thicker one. And so on and on. Until you say stop. But then it stops completely. OK? Oh yes, yes, Mrs. Edelweiss.

I looked at her horny tits and the pendant rocking around under her pussy. The nipple suckers pulled my nipples long and the electric shocks bit into them. The same on the cock. Like a milking machine, it sucked and eased and again the same from the front. The electric shocks came directly into the tip at the front and made me a rebel, again and again, making the dildo fuck me harder and harder. I was being taken more and more. She grinned and said, “Let’s continue with the question game. Somehow I was out of it. A state I had never experienced and could not imagine. Do you like it? Yes! Do you really? Yes, really! Harder? I don’t know Yes, or no! Yes! She was aware of her power, and she was aware that I would go to madness. And? Now another horny cock in your sucking mouth. Hey, do you want me to put one on you? So what do you want? Do you want a cock, nice and deep in your throat? YES! OK, then I have something for you.

She held out to be a dildo that looked like a real cock and was also quite pliable. Come on, suck on it. Let me see how horny that makes you. Try to make it squirt. The devices on me sucked and bit and pushed into me. All I wanted to do was scream. Indescribable feelings raced through my body. She was grinning at me. She stood very close to me and held the dildo right in front of my face. Come on, take it. Show me your greed. You are greedy for it. You want all that cream deep in your throat. And if you think it’s too big, my husband’s is bigger and you certainly crave that too, my little gay paleface. Yeah, tell me about it. Do you want a real cock? Do you want to suck men’s dicks for me? Yes, Miss Edelweiss. Yes, I do! What is it you want? I want you to suck and suck men’s cocks for her. And then swallow all the sauce and nothing goes by? Yeah, that’s it. I want the man’s juice. OK, then I’ll make sure you get it. She laughed. ‘Oh, we can swap the first dildo. We better skip the next size. You’ll get a nice, thick one that vibrates and turns its head inside you. It will fuck you up.

As a reward, we’ll soon have your juice running on your feet and you can lick it off with relish. Would you like that? Oh, YES! (Crazy, I never thought I would want that, but the way she was leading me I would have done anything) I sucked the cock, got fucked and dilated and then I couldn’t take it anymore and finished. But not like normal, there was no orgasm. She had milked me dry. The horniness didn’t stop and I screamed, More, I want more No, no you little piece of shit. You’ll get more, but not today. She took the nipple sucker and the cocksucker off me. Then the dildo out too. So now you will witness the dĂ©nouement. I now have a very thick dildo stretched on you. But still narrower than my hand. She loosened the headband and my head fell forward.

At the same time lifted the back of the couch. My ass was high in the air and my head was almost on the floor. She lifted her foot slightly and poured my milked juice from my cock piston onto her foot. Not all of it right away just enough to leave a trail between her toes. There, now make it up to me. I turn on the vibrator. Being allowed to lick her horny feet made my cock hard all over again. The thing bore into me and I felt like it was ripping me open. Now it was starting to hurt. She noticed it and said, “Imagine that it is my horny hand that wants to go inside you, and this foot belongs to my twin sister, who, by the way, I really have. Then you will also endure the pain. And if you want to be fisted, you have to go through it.

Now lick my sister’s foot clean. I licked, even full of pleasure my own juice and her hand sought its way into my insides. Everything in me went crazy and I cum again, without orgasm. Then my eyes went black. When I woke up again, I was lying on my back on the couch. She was standing next to me, looking at me. All I could see were her big breasts before my eyes. Are you okay? She asked me softly and caringly. Yes, I’m fine I’m a little exhausted. You were good. Two more three times like this and maybe I can really make a fist against you. That would be my pleasure, she grinned at me. Come on, let’s go to the hot tub, have another nice drink and think about what we could do tomorrow.

Should I try to get a guy for you? Or maybe my sister? She’s more sadistic than I am, but we can discuss all that over a drink. Oh, before I forget. I have to pee. Of course, you’ll lie under me and take it all in your gulp. Don’t be like that. Come on.