Man comes across a handsome woman at McDonald’s. He thinks about a quick fuck and the woman wants it! Picture from blonde MILF Becca.

A short break from the stressful workday, it was one of those days that didn’t want to end. Once again, the routing had given us a hard time, and the lunch break had fallen victim to the parameters. By now it was 5 o’clock and I still hadn’t eaten anything, although it was almost certain that it would take until late into the night again. So I decided to take a break for an hour and left the office, just a quick trip to McDonald’s, so I wouldn’t fall off my feet completely. As always around the time, the line was short but most of the “dishes”, also had to be redone from order to order. At least it’s fresh then, I thought. My eyes meanwhile roamed through the restaurant, hardly noteworthy appearances at this time, except for a small, petite blonde who shared a table with two friends… “Too old”, it ran through me, but she looks quite nice for a quick fuck.

So after placing my order, I sat down, so I could watch the woman. When I sat down, it seemed to me for a short moment that she was looking at me… “Well”, I thought… “I’m a toyboy to her, she’s 52, but damn she looks hot.” My observations became more precise now. Her blonde hair hung way over her shoulders, she had on casual jeans, but her appearance was extremely well-groomed, and in my opinion, thought out to the last detail. Discreet makeup accentuated her green eyes. Her hands showed no signs of physical labor, and the impeccable nail polish proved that even dishwashing should be foreign to her. I tried not to stare at her, but she had apparently already seen through me. She sat wide-legged on the chair and proved to me that she must be extremely flexible.

She was really very filigree built, but everywhere where you expect a woman bulges were also present. I was slightly embarrassed that little slut was about to show me. Ostentatiously, she sucked on the straw of her cola and looked at me. Her tongue played with the straw and her eyes revealed that she was no longer 34, at least in her head. The arrival of my meal brought me back down to earth, and I clearly felt the woman’s eyes on me. Should I continue the game now? “Hop or flop,” I thought, but she took the decision from me. Hardly I had the last bite of my burger down, she stood up and went very close to my table past to the toilet. She put a napkin down on my table and said, “You should use it”. She pointed to my mouth. It was still a little stained with sauce from the burger. The napkin read in beautiful script, “If you’re as horny as I am, follow me to the bathroom…you have 5 minutes.” As if struck by lightning, I stood up and took my bearings from the signs…it was down to the basement. Halfway down the stairs, the light changed from neon white to blue. Aha, I thought, they must have had problems with junkies too. However, the dimmed blue light put a much more erotic stamp on the whole thing. “So what”, I thought… where is the woman… Does not give a quick fuck, too bad.

Ready for a quick Fuck?

Since I had to anyway, I decided to pee first. When I wanted to pack my stalk again came to me a hand before… “Well, but that’s small,” she said biting. I was slightly startled, the little beast had been watching me piss the whole time, now her hand had gotten to my cock in a flash and was also already jerking off easily. “Easy,” I said, you’re much too nice for that quick fuck. “Nonsense,” she replied, I’ll be 54 tomorrow, and I’m still looking for a suitable birthday present… do you want to see my pussy?” “Sure,” I said, and as if she had been prepared for it, she opens her jeans, her hand still on my cock. “Cathy,” I said, “nice name, but let’s not stop here. ” ” Clear, it becomes here anyway too narrowly for us three “, answered the blonde and pulled me by the tail into a cubicle. My hands had also gone on wandering in the meantime and explored her wonderful tits. “Kiss me,”

Cathy breathed and pushed her tongue into my mouth, her pelvis rubbing between my legs as she did so and my cock enjoyed the blissful treatment. “I only have a little time,” I indicated to Cathy, and already her hands set about opening my pants. “Let’s put them to good use then,” I heard Cathy say before she knelt down and started blowing… “Ahhhh… damn that feels good, Cathy, you’re a stunner.” Quick fuck with an older cougar” I know, but now I want to be fucked by you, my husband is picking us up here at 6, and I need to be out there” My hand had explored by now that Cathy was not just a little wet between her legs. I picked her up and turned her head to the wall. Then I put one leg on the toilet bowl and moved behind her. Should I fuck her now without a rubber… better not, I thought and went in search of my wallet. But Cathy seemed to be too horny to wait for my wrapping skills. Her hand had already reached behind her and purposefully guided my cock to her punch for a quick fuck. “What the hell,” I thought… and rubbed my glans against her labia, which was not to be without effect.

Cathy began to whimper softly. “Fuck me please, stick in me, I can’t take anymore, I want to feel you. I need a strong, horny cock to fuck me. A toyboy” It was all about me, hearing this woman plead here made me forget all caution. So I rammed my shaft into her wet hole and started to thrust slowly. Cathy was getting louder and louder. Would we get caught? The thought of it made me even hornier. Cathy seemed to be aware of her volume too and a bit down on her hand. I drilled faster and faster into this gorgeous young cunt that wanted to be fucked by me. Was that a feeling? Her, pelvis thrust against me bump after bump and her whimpering became louder and louder. I also felt how the juice rose in me, but I did not want to be told that I do not manage to satisfy a 54-year-old. My fear should be short-lived because I felt Cathy wince… her pussy muscles unclamped my cock… “CUM… please CUM my cunt full, I want you to cum all over me, Yesss now. Give me your seed” But I let her plead some more. Long I did not hold out anyway, after 4, 5 firm pushes splashed my sperm in the young pussy and filled the horny slut. Outside the door, we heard the cleaning lady. Quickly we moved our clothes and left the toilet giggling after our quick fuck… the cleaning lady scolded us still what behind, but we were already on the way up. Halfway up the stairs, Cathy pressed a business card into my hand, blew me a kiss on the cheek and whispered “tomorrow I want my birthday present”.

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