QueenAgnessa drinks calm her coffee, she has just given her greedy CEO his slave treatment. That she also clean her hand using a damp cloth says enough. In the background the music of Frank Sinatra, “Love and Marriage”. QueenAgnessaa singing along, good cam quality and sound, as always from Xlovecam. Her energy level should be up again after the “ass treatment” of her slave.

What a surprise, hidden money in tax haven. This greedy guy has the first test, no difficulty with his bowel movements. What did you say ? You also have it sometimes? The Mistress fit the requirements, latex panties and bra, severe glasses, and she does not laugh.

That is to say, not your stupid humor. Not really, you come to her to undergo slave treatment, same as your employees. And  you’re a greedy CEO with tax money hidden on an island, she gives you a special time. Monkey!

QueenAgnessaa wanna feel