That evening, I had arranged to meet Hank. A man I had met before in the bar where I worked. With whom I had an unforgettable experience. He was the man from my dreams, just as mysterious, just as charming and just as dominant. For a long time I had been looking for such a man, but I had never found anyone who came close. Photo from Amelie.

From the first meeting he was in my thoughts every moment as if he was with me so strong. In a way, he was also with me the whole day we texted together. All his ideas, all my ideas, were discussed. Also, things I had never done for anyone before. But also I was sure that I opened up for him like I had never wanted to do for another person.

I wanted to be for him, to be his unconditionally, it all felt so good from the first moment. Yet this evening I felt tension. It would be a true test for me. Wouldn’t Master Hank expect things from me that were impossible or far beyond my limits? Would he not abuse my will for him? No, he will protect me that I will not be harmed. He will teach me where my limits are. He would show me how to overcome fears.

Your legs and arms spread, said the Master.

Furthermore, he would be good to me. Oh my goodness, I was so full of nerves for what was to come. The evening went on, and I looked at my clock. Half past nine, in half an hour I would be at the appointed place. I grabbed my fur coat and walked up. Never before had I felt so strange I walked in an ultra short skirt which was barely visible under my jacket, further I had a corset on which already didn’t include much more.

The weather was good, so I wasn’t noticeable in itself. Yet, I had the idea that I was different from others. There, my phone vibrated, and it could only be one person. I read the message, ” walk at the agreed place along the clothing store in the alley. This is a dead end. Stand there with your legs and arms spread, don’t look back, and don’t say anything. Make sure I can reach everything.

Tonight, you are my possession, and you will do whatever I want.” My stomach was just about turning over with nerves now, but I walked on as he had said. Only a short time I will have stood there, though I can tell you that minutes sometimes seem like hours. I would have looked back to make sure no other people were coming. I had also wanted to do that to make sure that Hank would show up. I looked up at an angle so that I had a view of my watch.

Five past ten my clock indicated, but I knew my watch was always about five minutes ahead, so I had some leeway with my appointments. I tried to remain motionless, so I could hopefully hear in time if anyone was approaching. I heard nothing until I heard a familiar voice say “kneel before me ” Without hesitation I turned around while keeping my head to the ground and knelt there at his feet. Thus, I remained seated waiting for the next command, after all I had been the one who had said I would be will-less.

I would follow his command, that had certainly been my words. So I continued to sit and wait for what was to come. Mouth open, were his words, and he grabbed me by my hair. He tried to fuck me as deep as possible in my mouth, each time he went so deep that I almost gagged. He pushed me forward into the toilet and pushed me over the toilet bowl.

My ass and pussy pointed backwards.

With my face hanging in the pot and my ass and pussy pointed backwards. I tried to gasp for air, but at the same time something inside me broke. I didn’t want this, no, this was really going too far. Furthermore, I was not ready for humiliation like this. I was really not ready for this. With all my strength, I came up and managed to turn away. With a smack I fell on the ground because Hank had not seen that my protest would come now.

He helped me up and gave me a hug. Not a word he spoke, but he gave me what I now longed for most. This moment lasted only a short time, and suddenly he became the man again that I had experienced just before. Dominantly stern and just barely numb. He grabbed my hair and pulled me into a large, dark room. In the corner hung something I only knew from pictures. A kind of swing, only specially designed for having sex in.

Master Hank dragged me to the swing and helped me into it. He put my legs in the loops that were meant for that, and he fixed my wrists with leather cuffs above my head. Around my waist I got a thick leather belt which he then attached to the sling. I knew right away that there was no way I could get out of this.

Actually, I didn’t want to, I had already broken my promise. I had promised to be powerless, and I had not exactly been that. Hank now had another desire. Gradually it became clear to me when I saw someone walk towards us from the corner of the room. This person had been here all along. He had seen everything of me in the alley on the washroom, and also how I surrendered to Hank here again. I saw him standing in front of me and taking his cock out of his pants.

I would be yours alone, be for you.

I looked at Hank pleadingly and couldn’t help but ask him. “I would be yours alone, be for you. Why are you sharing me now?” “You are mine too, mine alone, therefore I decide that he fucks you. For my pleasure, and that will be your pleasure because you wanted to be will-less for me.

His answer confused me, he was right, and I let it happen. Without being there, I was fucked alternately hard and soft. By turns, this man was numb and tender. It did not bother me I did not belong to this man, he was merely the executor of Hank’s wishes. After a while, Hank took his place and put his member in front of my pussy. Bend down and whispered in my ear, let yourself go. No sooner said than done, the moment he slid his cock into me, a long moan escaped. He knew how to play me. He fucked me roughly, and it hurt here and there, but at the same time I enjoyed the pain.

His hand was around my throat, and sometimes he would squeeze my throat, and then his hand would weaken again. Tears flowed down my cheeks not from the pain nor from the fear, but from the wonderful feeling of being with him. He had taught me another lesson this evening. The revolt in the toilet had clearly been my own problem.

I had wanted to be will-less for him, I had not been, but if I will ever be will-less now it is because I want to be. I want to be of and for him, with that I give him the right to choose what to do with me as long as he considers my well-being. Sometimes you have to cross boundaries to find exactly where this one lies. Thank you, Master thank you, Hank, for teaching me another wise lesson.

She had arranged to meet Master Hank 1