We finally got the key to our new place. Finally, a little house just for us, where no one will bother us. We proudly open the door for the first time. As soon as it locks behind us, we hug each other happily, proudly, but also excitedly. My friend Hans holds me tightly and gives me an intense tongue kiss. Photo from Shiny Lily, VR cam.

The fact that I return this kiss only too gladly is enough confirmation for him to make his most exciting dream come true. He unties my black scarf and blindfolds my eyes with it. Now that one of my senses is hidden behind the blindfold, I feel with excitement as he slowly opens my blouse button by button. He gently pushes the half-cup bra down over my breasts, then gently strokes my nipples, which harden under his touch. I congratulate myself for deciding to wear a blouse and a nice short skirt to celebrate this day. Female clothing sometimes has its advantages. Suddenly a sharp pain runs through my hard nipples. I take a deep breath and try to find the source of the pain. It feels like he is pressing his sharp fingernails deep into my nipples, they are nipple clamps.

He removes the nipple clamps.

He removes the nipple clamps and lets my nipples roll back and forth between his fingers with relentless pressure. I can imagine him enjoying the pain on my face. How do I feel about wearing a bra, he asks me. He had asked me not to wear anything under my clothes today. Remorsefully, I turn my head to the floor. It’s true, the last time he tortured me like this, he made me promise not to wear underwear today. How could I forget? Now I know why he grinned so wickedly when I got dressed this morning. He probably didn’t do much all day except think of ways to punish me. Trembling at everything he does, I suddenly realize that in my carelessness I also put on panties. I hope he won’t be too angry about this new offense. I get a little nervous and try to hug him tighter.

But he feels that I do not deserve his closeness and the feeling of security that comes with it. He releases my nipples, giving me a brief sigh of relief, then grabs my hands and holds them behind my back. With the other hand, he gently caresses the thin nylon fabric that wraps around my legs. Slowly he makes his way to my thighs. The closer he gets to my pussy, the stronger his movements become. He will soon notice that even here I have not complied with his request, although I have shaved my pussy smooth. He is still nice and affectionate; it could be that he thinks I have unnoticeably pulled out the extra piece of cloth. My nerves are on edge. What will he do when he realizes that he has no access to my pussy? I breathe a sigh of relief as he, obviously peaceful, finds his way under the layers of fabric with his hand and begins to caress me. Gradually, my tension and fear of punishment disappear and I surrender to his tenderness.

He was just waiting to continue his rough treatment. He likes to surprise me by spanking me when I feel safe and relaxed. The pain emanating from my swollen labia now runs through my entire body. He shows me all too precisely where he would like to see two silver rings. I have the feeling he wants to pre-drill the holes with his fingernails. Now I can well imagine how the heavy weights on them would feel, for their very effect he imitates with his relentless fingers. Were it not for the necessary protection of my pussy, he would probably try to pull my labia to the ground. Finally, he bites my throat like a vampire, causing a short scream of pain. That is enough satisfaction for him for now and he lets me go. I try to kiss him gratefully, but he turns and pulls me by the hand into the next room. Still angry, he pulls my panties and pantyhose down to my calves and puts me over his knee. He starts muttering about where the nipple clamps are.

His hand conjures a delicate redness on my ass.

As his hand conjures a delicate redness on my now finally bare buttocks, he declares the housewarming party open. He gives me stroke after stroke on my poor buttocks. He always works on one spot until I think I can’t take it anymore, then he looks for a new piece of skin to abuse. That way I know he really wants to punish me. Otherwise, he always tries to give me some time to enjoy the pain after each stroke. Also, he usually spreads the strokes out better so that my skin can relax longer. But today, one stroke follows another, and my whimpering only drives him harder. After deciding that my buttocks are red and sore enough now, he gently lifts me up and pulls my panties off completely. He signals that I should wait on my knees for more. Pleased with the little break, I try to figure out what he’s going to do to me. I hear him rummaging through the bag he brought with him and wonder what he will do next with the breakfast stuff. But soon I feel that he has brought other things unnoticed. As he ties my feet and knees together, he tells me that he doesn’t mind so much that I forgot to wear underwear, but that I put on pantyhose again instead of the nylons he wanted to see and feel.

He also says that I will remember for a long time what will happen if I refuse such a small request from him. After tying my legs together tightly, he thought it was the right time to undress me completely. Then he laid me on my back and began to devote himself to my steeply erect nipples. While alternately sucking on one and biting it with his sharp teeth, he pinched the other between his thumb and forefinger and pulled hard. Although this play with my breasts makes my breath quicken, I try to resist the uncomfortable pull. Hans recognizes this attempt with a short bite on one nipple, which quickly makes me forget my plan. I decide to give up my resistance and surrender to the feelings he is arousing in me. After a while he takes pity on my nipples, which are more sensitive than expected, and turns me over on my stomach, my hands tied behind my back, and removes the nipple clamps. I think I am pretty much immobilized now. But he disagrees. He tells me that he is going to get some things and that I should go to the study in the meantime.

He wanted to give me an extra penalty for every meter I was out of the middle of the room. To make my job at least a little easier, he takes off my blindfold. Blinking, I tried to get my bearings and realized that I still had a long way to go. Of course, he had to choose the room farthest away. As he closes the door to the apartment behind him, I try to make my way to the hallway that lies between me and the study. Lying on my stomach, I made my way, inch by inch. I have just passed through the first door and am already out of breath when I try to continue. Now I am lying defenseless on my side, unable to roll onto my stomach under my own power. No matter how hard I try, it is impossible for me to move an inch. Exhausted, I lie there and wait for Hans to return. A moment later he finds me lying on the floor, completely immobile, far away from the study.

Very irritated that I didn’t follow him, he tells me that he has to change the program for today because I am so naughty. No breakfast picnic together, in the middle of the living room, like I wanted so much. Instead, he loosens the cord between my hands and legs and ties my hands to my neck. He asks me if I can move better now than before. I can only answer in the affirmative, as I can now almost walk on all fours. Although normally you don’t do this on your elbows, but on your hands, and you don’t move both knees at the same time, but separately. But he wants to see for himself and now leads me through the apartment. This is not how I had imagined the apartment. Again and again he grabs my stretched, red buttocks as an invitation to push me forward with thrusts.

When we were finally back in the living room, looking out onto the balcony, he helped me up. As soon as I am safely on my feet, he pushes me forward with his belly against the cold window of the balcony door. He enjoys my anxious moans, checking to see if the cold is having the expected effect on my nipples. He is satisfied that they are stiffly pressed against the window pane. Then he grabs my hair and slowly pulls my head back until he can kiss me on the mouth. Greedy for every drop of tenderness, I return his hot kiss. Finally he devotes himself to my wet pussy again. His fingers make me moan and I want to spread my legs so he can feel his fingers deeper in my pussy, but my bonds prevent that. I have to be satisfied with his fingers, which alternately stimulate my clit and then penetrate me a little. My restlessness grows and I imagine him piercing my pussy with his cock.

I wish he would just fuck me like he needs to. After a seemingly endless time, he hears my wish and pushes me to the floor, then lies on top of me and fills my soaking wet pussy with his big cock. He thrusts his cock in and out of my pussy hard and fast and brings me to a great orgasm. But he doesn’t let me do it yet, I irritated him too much today. He pauses for a moment, waiting for me to calm down a bit. Then he continues more slowly. I feel his hard cock sliding in and out of my pussy, becoming like wax in his hands. I feel at one with him and whisper hoarsely into his ear that I am his alone and that he can do whatever he wants with me. He doesn’t let me tell him twice and drives himself to a wild orgasm.
After a short pause, he removes the rest of the restraints and we begin to prepare the first breakfast in our new apartment. With a twinkle in his eye, he lays the tablecloth on the floor and says that there is nothing wrong with a picnic now, the only thing he says is: “Next time wear nylons. I never want to see pantyhose again”. Satisfied and happy, we enjoy breakfast. And he replaces the nipple clamps….

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