I am a naturist and have become friends with a Danish naturist couple who live just outside the village near us in a large villa, and I was once invited to visit them, which was not announced to a deaf person. It was a beautiful day, and we agreed to meet and I had to come through the garden because that’s where they would be anyway, they were both naked when I arrived. They both gave me a big hug and three kisses, after which I took my clothes off myself, and a little later we were sitting at the Rosé.

We chatted a bit, and I was given a tour of the pool inside and we entered a large living kitchen and went to the room.
Through a hallway, we came to three large bedrooms and a spacious bathroom with a double bath and a large shower and sauna. And there was another door, which they debated whether to show, but finally did.

But whatever I expected, at least not this one, they were lovers of S&M and this was their playroom with all kinds of punishment tools. Again I was given a tour and got horny, which Olga noticed immediately and asked if I wanted to play too. I immediately agreed and was tied by my wrists to some hooks in a beam and by my ankles to hooks in the floor. Carl grabbed my hair and pulled my head towards him, putting his lips to mine and the French kiss was a fact, just after which I felt a whip hit my bottom. I felt a slight pain that increased with each stroke and my cock grew stiffer and stiffer, you could see the pleasure in my cock. Carl stopped the kissing and put nipple clamps on my nipples and cock, hung a 4 kg weight on my sack hanging from my balls and increased this to 5 kg.

She grabbed my balls and started squeezing them harder and harder until I begged her to stop because of the pain. Meanwhile, Olga had inserted a large butt plug into my ass and came running with a soft toothbrush and started to work on the sensitive edge of my glans. I could barely hold it in and felt my cum bubbling up from my balls, and the next thing I knew cum was spurting out of my cock. My wrists were untied and a bench was placed in front of me, I had to bend over and lie on it. My wrists were tied again and Olga stood in front of me with her pussy in front of my mouth and I had to take turns licking her clit and putting my tongue inside her.

The butt plug was removed, I felt Carl press his glans against my starlet, pushing it all the way in at once. This worked effortlessly as she was still open from the buttplug and so I was fucked for the first time in my life. Olga had grabbed my head before Carl started fucking me because she knew I would turn around to see what was going on behind me and now I couldn’t. So I had to keep licking until Olga came too and a little later Carl came too and squirted his cum into me.

It was a completely new experience for me, but one that I could also experience having sex with a man. The three of us went at it deliciously and washed the inside of Olga’s pussy so that she came again. After talking for about an hour with a glass of rose, I got dressed and said goodbye to both of them with a big French kiss. And I have made friends for life with the same hobby, and I also fuck Olga sometimes.