It is a rainy evening in Zurich as I sit on my laptop surfing an erotic webcam site. My eye quickly falls on a beautiful Latina named LovelyBeccaa. She has long dark curls and beautiful almond-shaped eyes. Her lips are full and pink, she has a mischievous smile on her face. But the thing that attracts me the most are her delicious breasts that form a perfect curve under her tight top.

I decide to send her a message, soon we are talking. She tells me that she is from Colombia, but is currently living in Zurich for her studies. Our conversations soon become more and more intense and we start to turn each other on more and more. Before I know it, we are both naked in front of our webcams. She lets me enjoy her beautiful body. Her nipples are stiff, her pussy is already wet with excitement.

After an hour of chatting and enjoying, we decide to meet in real life. She lets me know that she is up for an adventure and I know exactly what I want to do with her. I book a ticket to Colombia and within a few days I am at her door. She opens it with a big smile and invites me into her apartment. The tension and excitement is written all over her face, I feel it all over my body.

I take her in my arms, we begin to kiss passionately. Her lips taste sweet and her tongue dances sensually with mine. My hands slide over her body and I can’t resist kneading her delicious breasts. She encourages me and we are both naked in her living room.

I push her onto the couch and start kissing her all over. Her neck, her breasts, her stomach and finally I end up between her legs. Her pussy is still wet and I start licking it. She moans with pleasure and her hands grab my hair. I lick and suck her swollen clit and insert my tongue deep into her pussy. She squirms under my touches, soon LovelyBeccaa cums, moaning loudly.

But I am far from done with her. I turn her over and push her forward on the couch. My hands slide over her buttocks and I slap her hard. She moans and asks for more. I slide my stiff cock into her wet pussy and start fucking her hard. Her buttocks are slapping against my body and I hear her breathing getting faster. I decide to take her anally as well and she lets me without any resistance.

I feel her tight ass clench around my cock and I start fucking her hard and deep. Her moans get louder and louder, she begs me to take her harder. I hold her waist tight and push my cock deeper and harder into her. Finally, we both come at the same time and collapse exhausted on the couch.

We spend the rest of the day exploring each other’s bodies and fulfilling all of our erotic fantasies. But in the end I have to go back to Zurich. I promise her that I will be back soon, I can’t wait to lie in her arms again and show her how much I have missed her. Because one thing is for sure, this encounter will not be the last.