It was about a year ago. With a group of friends, Elva, my sister, and friends from the volleyball club, we had gone to France for a vacation. There were a lot of young people at the campsite. During the day they were lying in the sun, swimming in the sea, playing beach volleyball. It was one big party. Every night there was a big campfire with singing and drinking. There was flirting for life. And yes, in the evenings there was licking. On the 2nd evening I made out with a Belgian.

We kissed and caressed each other. She had wonderful breasts and allowed me to caress her pussy through my pants, she stroked my cock. We didn’t go much further. My sister, blonde with beautiful tits, but prudish as hell, I thought. She was the only girl wearing a swimsuit where all the girls wore bikinis or just bottoms. Our group mixed well with Danes and Swedes. I saw my sister leave with one of those Scandinavians. When she came back to the camper around three in the morning, she blushed and said they had sex. I’d never seen my sister like that before…as a sex animal, with a stranger, on vacation. She never had boyfriends at home. “And you … have you ever had sex here?”

I shook my head no. “Some touching and kissing, though.” She laughed, “You still have ten days!” I looked at her and wondered… safe with rubber or would she be on the pill. “Can I ask you something…” her voice sounded shy. I nodded yes. “I want to buy a bikini.” Would you like to be a judge? You know what guys like.” Somewhere inside me a little voice sounded … this vacation could be very exciting. After breakfast, we rented a bike and rode to a village to do some shopping. I rode the bike and she sat on the back with her arms around me and her breasts against my back. That felt quite exciting. At the first small shop she grabbed two bikinis and went in. “Come with me, you have to judge!” Elva disappeared into a dressing room and after less than ten seconds I heard her cursing. “Can I help you?” I asked. “WAIT!” rang out. She opened the curtain and told me to look. The top was too small. Her breasts were almost falling out.

My eyes dropped. “The panties are high cut. And yes, I need to shave there.” She said quietly. I swallowed a few times. Her body was more beautiful than the swimsuit suggested and I immediately understood why the Northerner had grabbed her. She was absolute candy, as my friends called nice girls. “Should I try the other top?” I nodded yes and stopped. She turned away from me and in the small fitting mirror I could barely see her breasts. Again I had to swallow. She fumbled a bit with the other top. “Hey, are you still standing there? Peeping Tom!” she giggled. “Get these in a 36D or even a 36E.” I went into the store to exchange the tops. I was given the two tops I wanted. In the 36E, her breasts came out so nicely. “Do you like it?” she asked. I asked her if she wanted a gentle jiggle. She looked at me. “FF seriously!” “I’m serious!” I replied. She looked at me and gently shook her breasts from side to side. “Do you like it?” she asked again. “Horny!” I said smiling. She turned back to the mirror. “What do you think of the panties?” she sounded uncertain. “Great. Almost a thong. But what you said … you need to shave.”

Somewhere we heard Dutch. I left the stall and a moment later she handed me the items she didn’t want. At the checkout she said I would check out. “We’ll check out later,” she whispered. On the way back to the campsite she asked if she could use my shaving stuff. Of course my answer was yes, “Do you shave there?” I didn’t answer. She brutally squeezed my thigh, right next to my privates. “For you a question, for me a know.” “Don’t be silly!” she said. “What do you think?” I asked cheekily. “If you help me shave, I will shave you.” Sounded suddenly. I was stunned! Holy fuck. “What do you think?” I tried. “Well, just. You’ve been shaving with razors for a long time, I never have, so you can help me.” I was too surprised to answer. After returning the bikes, we went to the RV. We had a drink and she began to drift a little restlessly.

“Now what?” I went to my locker and came back with my clippers and shaving kit with brush and blade and put them on the table. “The clippers for coarse work and the knife for precision?” I confirmed and asked, “Do you want it bald or neatly trimmed?” Blushing, she indicated that she wanted just a trim for now, “So there won’t be any tufts coming out of my shorts…” I nodded understandingly. “Shall we then?” I asked. “I’ll get a bowl of hot water and a towel, then you can do some trimming with the clippers first.” Standing in the kitchenette, I watched as she lifted her dress and removed her panties. She grabbed the trash can and put it between her legs and squatted over it.

The clippers buzzed lustily as Elva trimmed herself. When I finished the tray of warm water, I went back to the lounge chair. I watched her trim her mound. I swallowed and felt a reaction in my crotch. “Now that you can look at me, I want to see your crotch.” I blushed violently and began to pant. “You have a hard-on, so what?” I nodded embarrassed. “Don’t be silly! Come on, me naked underneath, you naked underneath too.” I looked at her and lowered my shorts and boxers in unison. “Hey, you’re almost bald already!” I nodded yes and my t-shirt fell over my crotch. What had Elva said? “Me naked from the bottom, you naked from the bottom,” so I took off my shirt and giggled, “Me naked from the top, you naked from the top…” She looked at me and shook her head, her dress came off.

*Pussy I thought, not expecting it for a moment.

She had kept the bikini top on. I knelt between her legs and grabbed the shaving cream spray and applied a big shot to my hand. “You want to lubricate yourself?” I challenged my sister. “What do you think, you dirty dog?” She grabbed my hand, took some foam from it and began to lubricate her pussy. A nice tight bundle remained from the top of her lips up. “And now?” she asked. “Well, just tighten the skin a bit and shave.” She looked at me. “I don’t dare, do you want to…” I swallowed and took the blade from her. “How high can it go?” She pointed low. I pushed her skin slightly up and tight and with a determined stroke the line was set. She watched intently and cooed happily. I saw that her nipples had become rock hard and almost seemed to poke through the fabric of her top. “How wide do you want the line?” She placed three fingers on her mound, the tip of her middle finger slightly between her lips. “Stand up brother…”

I stood up, my boner almost level with her face. “That’s a really nice cock. I’ll go shave it right now.” I swallowed at the thought and sat back down. I only looked at her mound and the covered area. I pushed her legs apart and saw her lips parted slightly. Concentrate was my mantra. Don’t look at her too much as fuckable! I reminded myself. I stretched the skin a little and ran the knife flat along her fingers. The right one first. Elva sighed deeply. “Exciting?” I asked. “Yes… especially when you consider that girls often have a friend or classmate show them how to shave their pussy, here I am with my brother and a nice hard cock.” I started to laugh. “Does it bother you that my dick reacts? It doesn’t know a sister’s pussy from a friend’s.” She looked at me, “Of course it doesn’t bother me. I take it as a compliment that you get a hard-on because of me.” I began to blush even more and felt a level of excitement I had never felt before. “Now the other side.”

Gently I stretched the skin and lowered the blade. Elva removed her hand and I sprinkled some water on her mound to admire the result. The smell of her pussy had changed from a light sweat with the smell of urine to the musky scent of a cat in a highly aroused state. She got up and stood in front of the mirror on the shower door. “There’s still some hair here and there. Come on, you do it.” I grabbed the can of shaving cream and put some on two fingers. “Where?” Elva pointed and I smeared the first spot. Between her left leg and her labia. Her mound felt warm, soft and smooth. I had to concentrate to the limit just to shave her instead of enjoying the moment and doing other things. I stretched the skin and felt her outer lips under my hand. Elva moaned. Then I gently ran the blade along them. Her hand came down and she felt the result. “That’s better already! Now here.” And she opened her legs further and pointed to the top of her lips, where the point still stood. “Are you sure?” Elva nodded YES, I smeared the spot. I took a little too much time because she moaned.

I tried to ignore that signal, pulling and pushing the little lip aside and letting the knife do its work. Another moan and a shudder. I knew my thumb was now practically resting on her clit between her closed labia. Elva blushed violently and bit her lower lip as I looked at her. She sat up again and brushed the last of her hair away. “That turned out very hot.” She said after looking at the result and feeling it with her fingers. Well, another word I didn’t associate with my sister until now. ” Now you!” I tried to get out of it by saying it was all done. “I see stubble.” She said and my sister reached out and stroked the skin over my dick. “See – stubble!” I sat up and spread my legs. “That thing,” she pointed at my cock, “is in the way.” She teased. “You know it so well … Go ahead.” She took a dab of shaving cream and first lubricated my stomach from the base of my cock to my belly button. With the blade, she began shaving in short strokes from my belly to my hard sex. I got even hornier. From what we were doing or from her, my sister Elva? “There you go again.”

And she grabbed my stiff cock and pushed it aside a little. “That’s how I do it.” Her hand around my cock felt … exciting and so horny. “Sit down and spread your legs,” she said sternly. She also smeared a dab on my ball sack and the skin of my thighs. “MES,” her voice sounded a bit played. She shaved the insides of my thighs completely smooth with a few strokes. I felt her breathing along the soaped and wet parts. That was so horny! Then it was my turn. “Are you going to help me tighten them or are you going to let me do it all?” She asked, looking at me. “You do it so well.” My voice sounded soft. I felt pre-cum rising and knew … I was close to a big orgasm. I obeyed and watched what she did. In the mirror of the open shower door I saw us… I closed my eyes so as not to get even hotter, but the image was still there. To get at it properly, Elva carefully grabbed my sack and pulled the skin tight. The blade did its job. “Hold your cock.”

She said and shaved the hair away there too. Then she studied the result. “Well, you’re neatly bald again. Will you rinse off? Then I’ll go to the bathroom.” She stood up, her breasts touching my cock. She stepped into the shower where the toilet was. The door closed. I was so horny that I grabbed my dick and jerked off. Not wanting to make a crazy mess, I grabbed the towel Elva had used to dry her lower body. As my hand flashed back and forth, I heard noises coming from the shower… It sounded like a woman fingering herself, pumping two or three fingers into her pussy. She was moaning in restraint. My hand went crazy and my orgasm erupted. Quickly the cloth was added and I caught my seed. The moaning in the shower got louder! Elva growled deeply and for a moment there was complete silence. I put the towel with the sperm away and started to clean up the shaving stuff. From behind the door I heard the toilet flush and the shower start.