It is ten past ten on a Friday morning, and after English and Math it is time for a short break. I get a chocolate milk from the vending machine and find my usual spot in the cafeteria near a window overlooking the bicycle shed. I often sit there with the other girls and look out the window. They always smoke by the bike shed during breaks.

For many people this is not the ideal view, but for me it is the perfect spot. With a little luck, I can catch a glimpse of the most beautiful girl in the school, Sandra from class 5b. Yes, I am a healthy German girl who really sees the pretty boys, but Sandra is different. What everyone will notice; a nice figure, long blonde hair and beautiful full lips. But for me, she is more, it goes beyond her beautiful body. Two things. She is always dressed well. She has a penchant for sweaters that you want to touch, a bare shoulder, nice smooth satin or those cuddly sweaters. It makes her so sexy, it excites me. It seems wonderful to slide my hand underneath and gently caress her skin. The other thing that attracts me to her is that she smokes so divinely delicious, it gives her so much feminine power and beauty. I find that so sexy to see; the longing, her satisfaction after the first puff, her lips, that beautiful smoke, the elegance, her confidence, her enjoyment…..everything! Just awesome!

Just now I see her coming up, as she greets the other girls in the bike shed, she takes a pack of Malboro out of her coat pocket. She takes out two cigarettes and gives one to her friend Irina. She gives Irina a light and then lights her own. They both take a long first drag, look at each other with a satisfied look, and blow out their smoke in the same direction. They talk to each other and join in the conversation with the others in the bike shed. Sandra is wearing her black off-the-shoulder mohair sweater today. She just got this new one, and it covers her delicious breasts lovingly, inviting gentle kneading. I know it’s quite unusual for me to know her entire wardrobe by heart, but I just love her choice of clothes, it turns me on. Every time I see Sandra, I take the opportunity to sneak a peek. Nobody knows, it’s my big horny secret. In my mind I am more and more preoccupied with her, so I know very well from a distance how she is and what is on her mind. …. Although sometimes I get the idea that Sandra is up to something herself….

And yes, I am super jealous of her friend Irina, I also want to be next to Sandra. I also want to know what it’s like to smoke freely with Sandra. To laugh, talk and enjoy with her. I would also like to touch her from time to time. Stroking her soft sweaters, seemingly by accident or just deliciously on purpose, or playfully cuddling her luscious hair. I want to be with her, I want to look super horny and smoke a lot, one cigarette after the other. I want to be Sandra her friend, or maybe a little more….. I want to be with her….. But pussy, no. I don’t belong to this club, I’m on the good side. As a non-smoker with a chocolate milk in the cafeteria. I would stand out terribly just standing there without smoking. Irina made the switch. Irina was also part of our good side, she has been smoking for about a year, if I think back. I remember at the beginning of the year, right after New Year’s. They were talking about good intentions, Sandra was talking about her smoking. Her mother had caught Sandra sneaking out to smoke. Sandra’s mother had quit a few years ago, but because of Sandra, she started again. Now they both smoke easily a pack a day, even just in the house. And recently her older sister, who is also getting the hang of it. Immediately after Sandra had said enough, she received a poke from Irina: “You’re already such a good influence on me too, hot chick! They looked at each other and laughed the way girlfriends do; meaningfully, understanding each other, knowing how it is…..

Now I had this break to watch them for a while, to think a bit… Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, school bell. Ten-thirty, geography.

Saturday afternoon, I’m walking from my room to the kitchen when Mom finishes a phone call. She looks up and asks if I want some time off next week. Next week is a school holiday and I don’t feel like making any commitments, so I don’t answer too enthusiastically. Mom continues with her question. She just had Astrid, Sandra’s mother, on the phone asking if we wanted to watch the house during her vacation. Oh… I feel myself blushing and try to turn away as indifferently as possible so that she doesn’t notice my reaction. Mom just keeps talking, seemingly oblivious. Astrid and her two daughters are going to visit family on Texel for a week, and she is looking for someone to take care of the plants, the mail and the cat. I said yes right away, I’m sure you want to do it,’ says mom. Inside I’m super happy, in my head I’m jumping and screaming, but I answer Mom with a nonchalant ‘Yes, you do.

That Sunday they came to our door to arrange babysitting. I didn’t dare go to the door right away, luckily mom opened it earlier. Mom and Astrid chatted endlessly; they knew each other from club life. And partly because they were both single mothers, they had more contact lately. I could tell from the conversation that Sandra was standing there. After a while I was called in. There she was, my horny goddess Sandra at our door! I was so excited that I insisted on getting the babysitting instructions right away. Very simple,” said Astrid, “we have an invoice on the table about how to take care of the plants and the cat. And take the mail from the mat every day, simple, right!’ ‘Yes,’ I replied with a slightly hoarse smile, ‘Fine, it will be fine. Sandra looked at me and asked, ‘Do you have to do book reports this year?’ …… Never before had I stood so close to her, never before had we had such direct eye contact, never before had she said anything to me one-on-one. Man, wow, I’m out of sorts. Her direct approach, a hint of dominance, I feel so green, much younger, inexperienced….

She looks directly at me with her green-brown eyes and forces me to answer. Simple question… The answer is simple… Only now I have to try to say it as casually as possible. …. Huh… Yes’, to make it come across smoothly, I complete my answer with ‘Still reading a lot of books’. Sandra smiles kindly and gives me a very short, friendly pat on the arm; ‘I’ll put my book reports on my desk for you to use. Thank you,’ I reply, and her gallant tap on my arm immediately calms me down. I get the overwhelming feeling of her overwhelming personality all over me, what a fantastic moment…. I now belong to one of her acquaintances, I belong to her a little… Mom and Astrid finish the conversation, I don’t understand anything due to my intoxication. We said hello and wished them a nice vacation. Sandra quickly gives me another inviting wink, “Make yourself at home!” and they go home.

Next morning, early awake. I can sleep late, vacation. But impatiently I lie in bed and listen to Mom making her preparations for work. When I hear her coming out of the shower, I jump up to take a shower too. I get another curious look from her; “That’s early. I reply that it is a waste to stay in bed on such a beautiful day.

After showering, I quickly join her for breakfast. It looks like Mom can’t get out of the house, “Come on, it’s already after nine,” I think to myself. It turns out that Mom doesn’t have to go to work until ten. Sigh, the minutes fly by, I flip through the newspaper five times without being able to absorb a single sentence. And then, finally, a kiss from Mom. I’m going,’ she said as she walked to the front door, ‘see you tonight.

I wait another minute and look down at the parking lot, I see Mom get in and drive away. Yes, now I can. I feel the adrenaline rising, I hear my own heartbeat. Key from Sandra, own key, shoes on, go! With an impatient step, without trying to be noticed, I cross the gallery to the other wing of our apartment building. No one sees me, fortunately no need to say hello or goodbye. Quickly to her door, number 641. Heart pounding in my throat, Sandra’s key slides into the lock. I open the front door, quickly step inside and push the door shut behind me. Wow… I try to calm myself down, ‘relax girl, relax…’. I am now in the hallway, with some coats on the coat rack. Jeez… unfilmable… I’m in the house of the inaccessible Sandra, her home, her life, her daily place. And I am allowed to be here, I take this opportunity. Coming to my senses a little, I step forward and gently caress one of Sandra’s denim jackets. I gently press my face into it, MMM, a mixture of perfume and cigarette smoke. Beautiful smoking, Sandra,’ I whisper softly.

A small step away is the door to the living room, which I enter. It is just like ours, but furnished in a completely different style, modern and sleek. For formality’s sake, I quickly read the bill, which is easy to do. But now no ears. Let us have a look at Sandra’s room. The first bedroom door I open is the right one, pictures of her and Irina on the bulletin board, I can’t miss it. Enjoying but nervous I enter her bedroom. Unreal … one moment she is unreachable for me and now I am allowed to enter her room. The thought that I could take her book reports with me calms me, I could just come here.

I walk around a bit, caress her bed, look at her furniture and pictures. Nice big mirror and chair, she has taste. I also notice the ashtray, that naughty girl has really turned this house into a smoking household, I also saw an ashtray in the living room. Like the rest of the house, her desk is neat and tidy. Over the railing of her desk chair hangs the divine sweater she wore last Friday. Gently, I slip my fingers into the super-soft wool. …. I can hardly keep my hands off it. As I enjoy it, I look over at her desk and immediately see the reports she mentioned. On it are two packs of Belinda Menthol Super Kings and two lighters. I can’t believe she still smokes those, she’s been smoking Davidoff for ages. I take the packs, both open, only a few cigarettes left. I smell the opening, ‘hmmm, nice menthol. That smells really nice, that must be wonderfully sexy to smoke. But yeah … can’t be like that anyway. But I am very curious, a cigarette from Sandra…., a female menthol cigarette. Here in the house it could be, here one smokes daily. But my clothes, mom could smell it on the last day. Hmmm, I must do it, I want it, this is a unique opportunity, I must, I want to smoke. Just like Sandra… Well, why not…, must be possible…. Yes, I’ll just do it… Just like Sandra, only in her nice sweater! I don’t care, no one has to know…

Without further hesitation I undress completely. Man, I’m amazed at my own courage. I’m standing naked in Sandra’s bedroom, if she only knew! I feel my heart pounding again, the rest of the house is completely silent. Tenderly I take the divinely soft sweater, it falls gently into my trembling hands. I slide my hands into Sandra’s opulence, my arms, my face, my body, my naked breasts, my ass…. Breathing stops…… All powerful, bloodshot… I am surrounded by the warm, soft, horny opulence of my unattainable goddess. I feel her hair everywhere, caressing me tenderly. I pull the sweater well over my body, shoulder exposed, just like Sandra. It feels wonderfully light and protective around me, my nipples nice and hard in the suggestive wool. Every movement feels like a caress, like a caress from Sandra herself. …..

That feels great, that feels good. I open her wardrobe. I let my eyes glide over all her beautiful clothes, most of which I know as if it were my own closet. The big unknown is her underwear, I gently feel the pile of panties and choose one made of black smooth satin. I gently press the little secret to my face, inhaling the scent and gently kissing her sacred spot. Oh… that feels good, that makes me so horny. I want to feel this, I want to wear her satin. I pull on Sandra’s panties and let them slide up my legs. Like a glove Sandra’s satin now covers my own sweet pussy. Oh Sandra, you had to know baby….’

I see the packets of Belinda Menthol lying defiantly on the desk and quickly grab my own pile of clothes to take them out into the hallway so the smell of smoke doesn’t get in. These few seconds of running back and forth actually took too long, I want to smoke now. With one of the packs and a lighter, I go to the mirror. I look at myself. I smile mischievously at myself… In my bedroom, my sexy sweater, my underwear…. Ready to smoke a cigarette from her…. Mean horny little slut,’ I whisper to myself, ‘this is really…, enjoy it baby…’ I take one of those nice long white cigarettes out of her pack. Slightly awkwardly I take it between my fingers. I’ve seen Sandra do this so many times, I’ve learned a lot from her. I grab the lighter and light my very first cigarette in one smooth motion. My eyes closed, I take a full drag. I feel and taste the overwhelming menthol smoke coming over my lips. From the sensation I think of everything at once in my mind, the excitement…, the unknown…, my first cigarette smoke…, taste…, experience…, Sandra…, excited…, I hold back for a moment…, look at my reflection full of sensation and blow out my very first smoke vigorously. Nervous and horny, I can’t stop myself from laughing, ‘oh, you little bitch’. Another puff, MMM…. That feels good. I blow the smoke all over the room. Looking good, baby.

Another hit, what a nice feeling. I’ve seen Sandra puff so many times. Now me. A little awkward, but it’s working. Another puff… With my other hand I feel over the sweater, wonderful to have the sweater on, it caresses me with every movement. The sweater falls easily over my hips. As if it was Sandra herself caressing my ass…. Another pull, wow…. One more, one more…. I can’t take this horny look off my face, I enjoy it intensely, my pussy gets more and more deliciously wet. Another delicious puff, full on I let the smoke enter from my warm lips… Inexperienced as I am, I now have to choose a moment when the cigarette runs out, not too close to the filter. Another puff, and then I squeeze it uncomfortably into Sandra’s ashtray.

A little dizzy, I look up and come to my senses. I look around, the whole room is filled with smoke. It frightens me a little, “What a lot of smoke, open the window. I feel much more relaxed and confident now. I have just seen a lipstick on the desk, I grab it and in front of the mirror I let Sandra’s last lipstick slide over mine. The beautiful pink colors my mouth super sexy, “Oh Sandra, I’ve never felt you so close, now your delicious lips too… My pussy gets so nice and wet, I tease myself by not sliding my little finger behind the satin yet. I keep my discipline and put my fingers on top of Sandra’s panties, Sandra’s sacred spot is drowning in my hot pussy juice… I grab a second Belinda Menthol and take a big drag. Hmmm, that’s nice when you light a new one, tastes great. The lipstick makes my long white filter menthol cigarette even more feminine… Another puff… that feels so good. Now I am like my horny goddess in her soft sweater, relaxing and enjoying a cigarette. In the mirror I pose horny, hold my cigarette up high and let the smoke escape from my painted lips.

Again and again, another puff. I let myself go into the delicious menthol smoke. The temptation to put my finger under my panties becomes almost impractical… I enjoy the freedom of feeling this way, my horny look in the mirror becomes more and more self-confident. I smoke, horny Sandra, I smoke too now,’ I whisper to my reflection…. I squeeze out the cigarette, I feel like a glass of water. In the kitchen I take a glass and calm down for a moment. I take in the situation, me here in the house that I have fantasized about so much. What I secretly do here now is so horny, it feels so good, the fantasy of having Sandra closer to me is getting stronger and stronger… My glass is empty, in a small second I think again about the packages Belinda. Not thinking any further, I go back to her room; ‘I’ll just have a cigarette’. As an excuse, I think to take this chance now, ‘I can always buy another pack if I have to…’.

With a routine action, I light my third cigarette. I decide to go into the living room for a moment. The sweatshirt slides meaningfully over my ass. Horny, I walk around the room, smoking deliciously feminine. No one sees me, smoking with impunity like a horny cigarette bitch. Now that I am not in front of the mirror, I enjoy the full clouds of smoke that I let out of my mouth, big columns of smoke into the room. What a horny feeling to take a puff again and again without any restrictions.

After this third Belinda, I sit down in Sandra’s chair. I now have a nice view in the mirror, with one foot on the edge of the bed I can play nicely with my pussy, caught in Sandra’s panties… I look at myself and enjoy, relaxed, relaxed… I still feel the stimulation and taste of smoking, I see myself horny in the mirror. Three cigarettes smoked, ‘you horny woman’. Quite a lot for an inexperienced girl like you. These are light cigarettes then, this Belinda Menthol is very nice to start with, especially for girls. Like Sandra before, she also smoked them. And also Irina a year ago…. Oh… yes!….. shit…… Of course!… Like Irina a year ago…. Oh Sandra, you horny girl… That’s why you stood at the door yesterday… That’s why you let me borrow your book reports…. That’s why Belinda’s packages were up for grabs…. You horny Sandra, you hot little slut, I can still hear you saying: ‘Make yourself at home! Oh how deliciously fake you are!

My pussy is now steaming full of the horny moisture, I can’t hold it anymore…. Aaah, smoking goddess, slut…. Your little plan worked… I fell into your trap… Sneaky little secret, you win. I surrender, ‘Yes Sandra, now I smoke too’. I want a new Belinda, right now! Eagerly I take my fourth cigarette and light it full of horniness. Greedily I let the menthol smoke flow into my mouth, full of satisfaction I blow the soft blue smoke into the room… My finger passes the edge of the wet satin, horny, swollen clit…. “I surrender smoking horny, I surrender!”‘ You’re right, Sandra, I need to have a nice smoke with you.’I look at my reflection in the mirror, with my hot pussy from behind the horny, wet panties. Another puff, and another… ‘I’m coming’ ‘yeah horny smoking pussy of mine, now I’m just like you! You did it Sandra, I smoke your Belinda cigarettes’, ‘I’m coming, I’m coming…’ ‘I want my own packs of cigarettes’ ‘I’m coming now, yummy smoking slut!’ ‘I’m your next prey, Sandra, I’m your new cigarette slave!

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