Katerina is a beautiful Russian whore, she knows it herself and loves luxuries she doesn’t have the money for. She comes from an average family and a job she tried, but was quickly cured of. Within the first week of work, she broke two nails, and as a 17-year-old, the money she earned was not even enough to pay for the makeup she wanted to use. She soon realized that there were plenty of guys at school who wanted to fuck her, but they couldn’t meet her needs with their pocket money either. Picture for your imagination.

Then she had the idea to hold a lottery. Everyone from grade 4 on up could buy a ticket for the equivalent of $10.00 and the winner would get an exciting date with her. She made numbered raffle tickets, and the news spread through the school like wildfire. Within two days, she had sold 60 raffle tickets and by Friday, when she would draw the winning number, 95 tickets had been sold. 95 horny little boys hoping for an exciting date with her. She had agreed to write the number on the bulletin board in the school, and after drawing a number, she wrote the winning number 47 on the board. Less than 5 minutes later, a boy she had seen before, but who would never have caught her attention, showed up at her door with the winning ticket.

Katerina thought she would just turn off her mind and get through the evening, and then enjoy shopping the next day with her $950 winnings. She left it up to the boy where they would meet and he mentioned a bar where she didn’t pay much attention to age and where he would like to see her at 9 that night. Katerina dressed nicely for the evening and was on time for her appointment. The guy was already waiting for her and immediately wanted a kiss from her, which she gave him, after all, a deal is a deal. Once inside, they had a drink together and soon the boy wanted to dance with her. It was more touching than dancing, but she let him. His hands had already explored her ass, he had already felt her breasts when the boy suggested they go to his older brother’s room, he wasn’t home and they had the place to themselves.

She quickly made it clear that she really had no intention of doing that and that, in her opinion, he had had enough fun for $10. If you don’t come with me, I’ll tell the school that you don’t want anything more than a kiss and you’ll drop out. Then you can forget about any more raffles, the boy replied. Katerina quickly thought that $950.00 was quick money, even if it meant sleeping with the boy. She finally agreed, but pointed out that he had until noon and then she would go home. The boy didn’t realize how quickly he had to check out of the bar, and fifteen minutes later they were at his brother’s dorm room. Once inside the room the boy started kissing again, but this time he wanted a tongue kiss and while they were kissing he was busy getting his hands under her skirt and a moment later he was in her panties. He slid the panties down and then lowered his pants. What do you want me to do, Katerina asked him and the boy indicated that he wanted to be sucked. Katerina had done this before and she sat on the floor in front of him. The boy was already hard so she had no further work to do and she licked the boy’s glans before taking his cock in her mouth.

While sucking the boy, she unhooked her blouse and uncomfortably removed her bra. With her torso exposed and her panties down to her ankles, she now sucked him and the boy soon got too much. Within a few minutes he was squirting and Katerina stood up. She showed him his cum in her mouth and then swallowed it. Not much later, her skirt was gone as well and she stood completely naked in the room. The boy whistled at the sight of all this beauty and a moment later he was naked too. He pulled Katerina onto the bed and began fondling her tits and licking her pussy thoroughly. He was by no means a skilled lover, but he did his best to get Katerina wet enough and as soon as he tasted it, he wanted to fuck her. Fucking fine, but with a condom, Katerina said, I don’t feel like catching anything.

The boy rummaged around in his brother’s drawer and a moment later he found a condom, which he put on his already stiff cock. Katerina joined in and asked how he wanted to fuck her. Get down on your knees, he replied, and Katerina obediently assumed the position she had been asked. No sooner had she sat down than she felt his cock against her pussy and moments later he was inside her and began to fuck her with the impatience of a teenager. She was not much older than him, but she understood that men never had a hurry. If you take your time, you enjoy it much more, but on the other hand, the busier he was, the faster it was over and she could go home. Even though he had already come once, the boy didn’t last long this time, and he certainly hadn’t made the most of his lottery winnings. Katerina dabbed herself clean with some tissues and gave the boy another kiss before getting dressed and leaving. $950.00, she thought as she closed the door behind her.

By Thursday she had sold over 140 fucking tickets.

The next Monday at school, the boy had apparently been busy bragging about his date, and soon Katerina was getting tipsy from some guests about when the next lottery would be. She pointed out that there would be another lottery this week and that the tickets would be $10 again. The kid’s story about Katerina getting fucked by the winner was good publicity for her lottery, and people started buying more tickets. By Thursday, she had sold over 140 tickets. She didn’t care that some other girls at school called her a whore and a slut. She had over $1,400 in her pocket and that was what she cared about. Friday morning she wrote the winning number on the board again and this time a guy from the senior class showed up.

This one was much less shy than the kid from the first time. He walked up to her and gave her the winning ticket and told her that she was his hooker that night and where he expected her to be at 8:00 that night. He also took an advance and grabbed Katerina firmly by her tits. That feels good firm, see you tonight, he said and then turned around. This could be a tough evening, Katerina thought to herself, and she left for the address that evening much less confident. As it turned out, it was just the guy’s house, and he lived there only with his father, who was fine with whatever his son was up to.

When she rang the doorbell, Igor, as the guy was called, opened the door and let her in. From the living room she heard the father ask who was there, and Igor bluntly replied, “This is the whore I won in the school lottery. As he said this, he pulled Katerina into the living room. Could be worse dad, she has nice tits anyway and before Katerina could react he had unbuttoned her blouse and pulled up her bra. There she stood in the living room with her breasts exposed to her father’s scrutinizing eyes. Just keep undressing bitch, let’s see what you have to offer with your horny drawl. Here? Katerina asked. Yes, here, you raffle your body, so show it now, Igor continued and his father nodded in agreement. Katerina knew she had no choice and did as she was told. Moments later she was standing naked in front of the two judging men. Igor stood behind her and pulled her arms up her back, bringing her tits forward even more and indicated to his dad that he should just feel if the bitch was already wet.

That’s not the deal Katerina tried to make, the date is with you and not you and your father. Do you want us to announce your nice extra income to the school board and your parents? Igor asked, and then Katerina knew that the evening was going to be much harder than she had thought. Dad got up from his chair and grabbed Katerina’s pussy right away. One finger penetrated her roughly and when he started to make fucking movements, Katerina could not prevent herself from getting wet and even quite wet a moment later. This whore is already horny,” Dad reported and it could be heard that his finger was soaking into Katerina’s cunt. Dad stepped back and wiped the coffee table with his arm. Put that bitch on her back, then she can give us a show to warm up, said Dad and a moment later Katerina was lying on her back on the coffee table with her legs tightly closed.

Spread your legs and finger that pussy slut, we want to see you cum on your fingers. Katerina had fingered herself often enough, but never while anyone was watching, and now there were even two men watching, still fully clothed. Hesitantly, she reset her mind to zero and began to do what was expected of her. In her mind she pretended to be alone and that helped. Soon she was dryly stimulating her clit and fingering her pussy. It took a long time, but finally her orgasm erupted and her pussy fluid dripped onto the tabletop. When she opened her eyes, she saw that both men were now naked as well, and Dad was pressing his cock right against her lips. She had no choice but to let him and Dad’s hard cock soon filled her mouth. Igor meanwhile pulled her legs up and put his cock against her pussy. Because it was already well wet, he slid in without any problems and so the Russian whore Katerina had two cocks in her body for the first time.

But this turned out to be just a foretaste. Father and son retired and Katerina was taken to Dad’s bedroom. There she took turns sucking both cocks and was also asked to lick their balls and asses. Again, Katerina had little choice, but the mere thought almost made her gag and little was left of her makeup. Igor now lay on the bed with his cock erect and Katerina had to lower herself onto him. Fortunately, he used a condom, which was a small ray of hope for her. Igor immediately began to fuck her hard, squeezing her nipples at the same time. To her surprise, Katerina got extra wet from this rough approach, but that quickly changed when Igor pulled her forward and Katerina suddenly felt daddy’s fingers going over her anus. No, not there, she screamed, but a hard slap on her ass taught her that her protest would be in vain. They were going to deflower her ass and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Dad spit on her ass and a moment later a finger entered her ass, soon followed by a second. When Daddy thought she was stretched enough, he put his cock against her star and pushed through. At first Katerina thought she was being torn apart, but then the cock penetrated deeper and it became bearable for her.

Inside her body she felt the 2 cocks sliding past each other and daddy was filling her bowels at a brisk pace. It didn’t take long until Daddy was about to spill his spice and pulled out of her ass satisfied. He wiped his cock clean on Katerina’s hair and then withdrew. Have fun with the whore, he said to Igor and left the room. Igor fucked her some more and then finally came. He removed the full condom from his cock and poured it over Katerina’s hair, which now had strings of cum in it along with what Dad had smeared from her ass. Go take a shower, bitch, you stink like a pig,” Igor said, leading her into the bathroom. There Katerina was able to wash herself in the shower and rinse her hair while Igor stood quietly watching.

When she was done she had to give Igor another blow job and when he was finally ready to come he pulled his cock out of her pipe mouth and squirted his cum all over her face. Get dressed and then fuck off bitch, we’ve had enough for today, Igor said as he threw her clothes at her in a ball. Katerina didn’t know how fast to get dressed and get out. With the remains of the seeds on her face, no makeup and her hair still dripping, she hurried home. She may have won a lot of money this week, but she doubted she would be able to play another lottery on Monday. Her whole body ached, especially her bottom. Once home, she took another shower and the next day she was too broke to go shopping with the money she had earned.

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