I will tell you here how I got my first ejaculation, by self-help. I was about 12 years old in the late seventies and could feel that something started to happen with the boy between my legs. Over the last year I had grown hair, and I also noticed that it sometimes got a bit bigger and stiffer than usual. This yummy girl in the picture is going to give you an ejaculation, probably not the first one!

One evening, when it felt extra stiff and hard, I was playing with it a bit and could feel a warmth spreading through my body. I didn’t know much about sex and what it did to you at the time. But something in me told me to start caressing it, and it wasn’t long before I could feel a pleasure running through my body.

I was fully aware that what was going on had something to do with my budding sexuality, for I had seen some porn magazines that the grocery store where I delivered goods had lying out in the stockroom; but how to make it spurt was not in the cards. But the more I wanted to fondle it, the more I wanted to make it squirt, as I had seen in the pictures in the magazines.

Finally, I found a way, with two flat palms, one on each side of my cock, I rolled it like when a boy scout makes fire with two pieces of wood, and after a while I ended up with a few hefty squirts. After the first squirt, my dick wouldn’t settle down at all, and it got another squirt, and another, which was both noticeable and noticeable. Three times I got a nice load of juice sent out over my stomach, and it just felt delicious. It was nice to be able to lie down and smear the warm juices over my stomach and feel that I had finally become a real man.

The next morning I regretted being so rough with my cock as it was a bit sore from the evening’s treatment, but no more than that, I knew it needed another go in the evening when I got to bed. And it did, it was rolled between my palms, like 2-3 times a day, not always before I went to bed, but sometimes when I got home from school. This went on for a few months, and every day it got a good rub, except for days when it was so sore that I couldn’t bear to play with it.

One evening, when I was over at a friend’s house, he had the idea that we should watch some films his father kept in the attic. They were old narrow films, so we got one file at a time, so that it could be quickly put away if his parents came home.

It was nice to sit and feel how the bulge in your pants just tightened more and more. At the same time, you “learned” how to fuck a girl/lad, so she saw both the sun moon and stars. The first few were what I call bang movies, straight on and hard.

But the 3rd movie we got put on started off slow, with an older man seducing a young girl, and kind of teaching her up to what a man liked. He led her hands and mouth, so she did everything imaginable.

What stuck with me the most, was when she was jerking him off, and he ended up squirting the juices all over her breasts, was how she quietly milked him. That was a whole new way of making it squirt for me, so it wasn’t many minutes after we watched that movie before I had to go home and try it.

Once home, and certainly not unaffected by the films, I quietly set about milking my cock, slowly, and must admit there was a difference from the pace I had normally used and to being able to milk it quietly. It lasted much longer, and was nice and wet from the presperm that slowly flowed out and “lubed” it. Much stronger ejaculation, probably because it took longer to come this way.

But I do admit that I do “skip a turn” nowadays 😁. Thanks for reading.