If you are looking for a short erotic story, or perhaps a longer and much more detailed sex story, then look no further. There are erotic stories for all tastes, orientations and all kinds of people. On CougarFetish we keep it the straight category and more “tough stories.” CougarFetish is updated weekly with new stories, so feel free to come back for new, updated stories. Here you are sure to find many fascinating and tantalizing stories written by amateur writers, with the same interest in erotic stories as you. Whoever you are and whatever you are looking for, there is most likely a story to suit you.

What is an erotic story?

People read erotic stories. We often get the picture from Webcamfrauen.com or Stripotica.com so you also have a picture and maybe can share the story with the performer. Yes, what exactly is an erotic story exactly? Erotic storytelling is simply a form of erotic and sensual fantasies in text form. They are sexual fantasies and dreams in the form of written stories. Erotic storytelling is another way of describing sexual fantasies or erotic dreams in text form.

Dreams that you cannot get or are not possible in everyday life. Maybe you found your way here because you are simple and eager to read an exciting and thrilling story; Then you have definitely come to the right place. But we also hope that you will be pleasantly surprised by the stories we have to offer here on the page.

Erotic stories are about sensual experiences, about pleasure and fantasies. It is a story you can escape into and enjoy for a while. There are different erotic stories, true stories and fictional stories, with sex and erotica as a special theme. Erotic stories have existed in one form or another throughout the ages because eroticism and sexuality are such a big part of what it means to be human.

What are erotic stories about?

The stories are usually about – in addition to sexual experiences – dreams, desires and fantasies. The erotic stories can really be about everything between heaven and earth – here is something that suits all people. They can be pure fantasies, in which the author can indulge his deepest sexual fantasies. The stories can also be self-experienced and retold by the person who was involved in the sexual experience.

A good erotic short story can be passionate, fulfill a desire, be somewhat taboo or be a story in a certain direction. There are softer stories and more hard ones, all suited to the different readers who choose to participate in our stories. Here you have the opportunity to spice up your fantasies and your sex life, and maybe even get new ideas that you can implement yourself?

What makes an erotic story good?

A good erotic story can become quite an experience in itself. The stories allow you to explore your own deepest dreams and fantasies in text form. The story should be well written with picturesque descriptions and with a common thread in the story. It should be able to offer enjoyment at the moment, but also be a story you can return to. A good story that you should always be able to relate to and recognize yourself in; Maybe something you have experienced yourself, something you would like to experience or it touches a longing in you. It should capture you and then you want to keep reading, and at the same time provide an enjoyable erotic experience. Good stories have always captivated people – and so have erotic stories.

Who reads erotic stories?

Currently, there are no restrictions when it comes to who reads erotic stories; The stories are for all people, of all ages. If you like erotic stories in text form, where you can take your time to read and build the feeling – then you have come to the right place. Erotic stories are not for a certain type of people, or only for men or women or transgender people – if you appreciate the stories and are interested in them, then it is for you. And about those transgender people, it’s also a category that appeals mostly to straight men. All kinds of people read erotic stories. A little secret maybe, a little tingly – but a lot of fun. Maybe you read alone or with someone? Maybe you can read to your partner as part of your shared sexual experiences?

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