After a drive of almost 16 hours, we arrived at our German summer campground. Like every year we go to a naturist camping. Lovely, just walking around naked. We are both completely tanned too, no white marks on my breasts or between my legs.

Even Coen’s cock is slightly tanned. After signing in, we drove to our spot. The campground has many open spots, no hedges or other kind of partitions. Quickly we parked our camper, took off our clothes and put the chairs outside.

We enjoyed a glass of wine. From now on it will be enjoyable. We were recovering from the trip and looked around a bit to see what and who was staying at the campground. It was still fairly early in the season, so the campground was about half full. Nice and quiet. Saw some nice people passing by.

It was nice and quiet at the campsite.

We all greeted with a sweet smile. At 8:30 we quickly went to the campground restaurant to get the pizza we ordered and ate it with a beer. After the pizza, Coen went for a walk around the campground. Coen, who had driven the lion’s share, said at ten o’clock that he was going to take a shower and then go to bed. I wasn’t that tired yet and stayed a while reading in front of the camper.

Coen was already asleep when I decided to take a shower as well. I grabbed my toiletry bag and towel and walked to the bathroom building. A large room with ten showers, completely empty. That’s the advantage of vacationing in the early season. I turned on a shower and stood under a nice jet of hot water with my eyes closed. When I opened them again, I saw that someone else had appeared in the shower. A nice blonde woman about 25 years old. Looked very good. “Hello,” I said, “Isn’t it nice to take a shower before going to bed?”

“Yes”, she immediately replied, “I do that every night during the vacations. Are you new today”? I looked at her for a moment and said, “Yes, driven all day. I’m Mila by the way“.

“Hi, I’m Maaike”. I poured some shampoo on my head and started washing my long dark hair and then rinsing it out nicely. “Oh shit, I don’t have any shampoo with me. Can I borrow some from you?” asked Maaike. “Get you a nice body lotion from me”. “Sure, just come over here”.

Can I borrow shampoo from you?

I grabbed the shampoo bottle and poured some shampoo on her half long blonde hair. I also immediately started soaping her hair. I often do that at field hockey with my friend Bianca too. She never has shampoo with her. Maaike let me go my way and when I finished and rinsed her head she said “Come here is the lotion”.

She sprayed some from the bottle on her hands and began to rub my back. Slowly, her hands massaged over my back to my buttocks. Those too were massaged with body lotion. She squatted down and continued with the back of my legs. In the process, her hands rubbed my labia between my legs a few times, which really turned me on.

“So, just turn around for the front.” I didn’t know why, but without saying anything, I turned to her. Again, some lotion on her hands and from my neck they slid to my breasts. We had never done it that way at field hockey. I felt myself getting even more turned on, especially when she massaged my nipples with her hands.

Too quickly, her hands slid over my belly with another load of lotion. From my belly she continued down, but she avoided the little triangle of pubic hair and my pussy. Just past my labia now down through my left leg and up through my right leg. There I felt her hand fully rubbing my pussy. I had become really horny. Never before had a woman touched my pussy!

“Do you like it?” said Maaike sitting on her knees. Without saying anything I grabbed her head with two hands and pressed her mouth against my pussy. Maaike immediately began kissing me. Her tongue slid between my labia to my clit. Meanwhile, she pressed a finger against my asshole. I exploded as that finger went in. Maaike stood up “Thanks for the shampoo” she called out as she walked out of the shower.

I was still excited, and I didn’t yet understand what had happened. I didn’t want to stop at all yet. I still had to go further, so I masturbated until I cum once more. I turned on the shower with some less hot water and let it run over my heated body to cool down. Wow! Dry off and back to the camper. Coen was unfortunately sleeping like a log, so there was nothing I could do but just lie down next to him. I really wasn’t ready to sleep yet. With one hand I stroked my breast and the other slid into my still wet pussy. Getting ready wasn’t going to happen, but I still enjoyed fingering for a while.

The next day, Coen was up early. He had gotten croissants and made coffee. I looked at him in despair. Should I tell him what had happened? We have an open relationship, so decided to do it and told him what had happened. “I would never have thought that about you, Maaike. Did you like it?” he asked. Honestly I answered “Yes, it was a completely new experience. This is the still nice when a woman gives me an orgasm. I even masturbated one more time in the shower, and later I fingered you in bed next to you for a while”. “I love you, if we are honest with each other, our relationship will never break down.” After saying this, he bent toward me and gave me a long tongue kiss. At the end of the morning, we got dressed, walked to the village to have lunch. Then back to the campsite and the clothes off.

Coen looked at me and I saw his cock come up. Without saying anything, I grabbed his dick, started jerking him off, pulled him into the camper and threw him on the bed. I knelt in front of him and began to slowly pull and suck his stiff cock. My lips wrapped around his glans and with my hand I continued to jerk him off. With my other hand, I fingered his asshole. When he was about to cum, I pushed a finger into his asshole, just as Mila had done with me, causing him to cum violently immediately. Satisfied, I lay down next to him.

Coen turned to me and kissed me on the mouth. I grabbed a toy from the cabinet to our bed and handed it to Coen. “You have already cum, now me” I said and handed him the Womanizer we had just bought. “First I want to feel and caress your body” said Coen. He started stroking my pussy. I was already quite aroused. With his mouth he went to my breasts to kiss my nipples while the womanizer started buzzing above my clit. I needed very little, and to come to a wonderful orgasm.

“Time to go outside and drink some wine in the sun” Coen said when we had recovered a little. The rest of the day we did not do much more, a wine, some food, coffee one and read a book. Around 11:00 Coen said he was going to take a shower and then he wanted to go to bed. “Are you going to take a shower tonight too?”

“Yes,” I replied perhaps too quickly. “Maybe your girlfriend will come too” said Coen as he walked to the shower building with his towel and toiletry bag. I actually hoped so too and just at the thought my pussy tingled! Quickly I grabbed my stuff, a knife to touch up my pubic hair and of course lotion. Coen came back.

“There is no one in the showers” he said. For a moment I was disappointed, but so was yesterday. I went under the same shower again. Let the hot water flow over my head and closed my eyes to enjoy. “Hi” I heard and immediately opened my eyes. There she was again.
“Now I have the shampoo with me. Shall I wash your hair now”? “Gladly” I replied now already slightly excited. Mila sprayed the shampoo ok my head and started with my hair. She stood behind me and pressed her naked body against me. Her small breasts I felt on my back.

Now my hair was rinsed out. She came to stand in front of me. I couldn’t resist and pressed my lips against hers, she answered my kiss with a long tongue kiss. Again, she grabbed the shampoo and started my hair again. “Eyes closed” she commanded, and I closed my eyes. Her hands slid through my hair. Suddenly I felt a hand with shampoo on my pubic hair. The triangle was also washed. As I stood enjoying myself, I suddenly felt a razor blade go along my pubic hair.

“What are you doing?” I asked startled, “I think pubic hair is just fine, otherwise I get such a little girl pussy.” “It’s much nicer to lick a bald pussy than one with hair” she replied as she continued shaving, “Close your eyes and enjoy”. With my eyes closed, I underwent the loss of my pubic hair. When she finished, she continued with my head, but first she took my hand and placed it on my now bare pussy. Gently she pushed my index finger between my labia. “Just finger your bald pussy” she laughed and I went all the way to masturbating.

blonde woman

I didn’t even notice that she wasn’t touching my hair. I opened my eyes and found myself facing a man who was jerking off. I was startled for a moment. “I thought if you’re having a good time I may as well. Need your help” he said stubbornly continuing to masturbate as he came closer. My hand was still on my pussy touching his stiff cock. I was a little off but still horny. He moved my hand aside and pressed his glans against my labia. I quickly turned around, but before I could walk away he grabbed me with one hand around my belly. His cock was now pressing against my ass. With his other hand he made me bend over. I gave up.

“Are you okay with me fucking you, if you don’t want to you have to say, so you know” he asked. I only nodded. His cock slid down and directly into my wet pussy. With his thumb, he opened my asshole and fingered it. Slowly he pulled his cock back and I felt him enter my asshole. With one hand, I fingered like mad while he fucked my ass hard. I came first, he had to continue for a while.

“I’m going to take a shower now before I go back” I muttered to him. He looked at me, gave me a kiss on my mouth and walked out of the shower. There I stood. This was totally not what I was hoping for tonight. Back to the camper. Coen was already asleep, so I went to bed too. The next day I didn’t wake up until nine o’clock. Coen already had the croissants and coffee ready again. “Been in the shower yesterday?” At length I told him what had happened. During my story I saw his cock rise.

“Maybe you should take a shower more often too” I joked. “You just wait and see” Jop said and looked at his now stiff cock, gave it a few tugs and poured himself another cup of coffee. It was a quiet morning at the campsite, a little reading, splashing in the pool, lunch and a walk in the woods. Around four o’clock we sat down by the camper with a glass of wine. “I have a surprise for you” reported Coen. And when he had said that, I saw Mila and that man from last night walking toward us.

Mila gave Coen a long tongue kiss on his mouth. With two hands he pulled her against him. “Surprised? This is Jochem, my friend, but you already know him” Mila replied. She came to me and kissed me intimately too. Jochem walked over to Coen and kissed him on the mouth as well. They too pressed their bodies together stiffly. Jochem now came to greet me. He kissed me and I felt his cock already growing again between my legs. “Sit down and have a glass of wine with me” called Coen. “What’s going on here” I asked.

“When I went for a walk around the campsite the first day I ran into Mila. She is a friend of mine so we chatted for a while. I knew Mila is bi so I suggested to her that we give you a good time. Jochem was just an encore. That was Mila’s contribution to your sex”. I was surprised but knew this was going to be a wonderful, horny vacation.