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I am Anton, 19 years old and a student of ICT. I am one of those students who sleepwalk through his education, paying attention to everything but the study and the subject. Every day presents a new challenge; how could I get through this day without becoming apathetic. Sometimes things happen that make study time a lot more enjoyable; that give you something to keep your mind occupied. For some people, these are practical jokes; others regularly stay away from classes to take more extensive breaks. For me, it was two things. I often stayed away from classes to play foosball in the cafeteria. And the rest of the day I filled up by thinking about a girl with whom(s) I had a crush. Her name was Nika and she was the same age as me, 19. She is about 1.70 tall; had long brown hair and brown eyes. Ea she was from Ukraine, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that the woman there are so beautiful! That was also the reason why I was so interested in her, and because Nika sometimes sought eye contact and in that way let me know that she saw something in me. The thought that such a pretty girl would be interested in me made my heart beat faster. However, I thought she was just flirting, and in reality didn’t really see anything in me. The eye contact, attention-seeking and flirting went on for over 3 years, to no avail. Until one day. In the third grade, we were classmates. Despite that fact, we never really talked to each other. But I knew she was also a webcam model.

She had her group, I had mine. But on a particular morning in May, just before the end of the school year, she and I were the first in our class to arrive at school. I was sitting in the smoking area of the cafeteria, even though I don’t smoke. No one but me was in the room. At one point, Nika walked in and sat down across from me. “What a shitty time to start, huh?”, she said. (It was 7:40 in the morning) “Well, that rooster running outside only just stopped crowing,” I remarked dryly. Nika giggled. “And then you have to take n’s, consecutive five-hour classes. That’s enough to knock over a horse,” I continued. Nika giggled again. I was well on my way to conquering her. “Yes, before I can take lessons normally I need to wake up properly. It won’t work out like this anyway,” she said and I agreed with her. “Oh well, what do I care. I’ll go home and come back in a few hours. I only have to walk a few minutes anyway”. “Yeah, you have it pretty easy in that regard. I have to take the bus for half an hour,” I responded. “So going home makes no sense to me, unless I were to stay home”. “Well, then you come with me, or do you want to stay here?”, she said spontaneously.

I didn’t know what I was hearing. The girl I had been crazy about for more than three years invited me to come to her house with her. “Do you have coffee?”, I tried to ask indifferently. “Coffee, tea, milk, I have it all in the house,” she sounded enticing. We got up and walked out of the school. We noticed a classmate coming around the corner and, to avoid whining, we took a path along a lake. This was a detour that took only 2 extra minutes. While we were on our way to her apartment, we chatted about small talk. We arrived at her apartment and she opened the door. “Have a seat,” she said as she walked through the room to the kitchen. She had a nice living space, cozily decorated, but that’s something you can leave to women too. Nika was in the kitchen making coffee, and before it was done she came and sat next to me on the couch for a few minutes to talk.

I asked her if she lived alone since it seemed unlikely that she had enough money to pay for the apartment on her own since she was still in school. She told me that she lived with a guy she once had a relationship with. They had ended the relationship but were still living together, in friendship. At least until she earned enough to find a place of her own. He was generally at work anyway with his own painting business. And when he wasn’t working, he was usually with his new girlfriend. The coffee was ready! Nika walked to the kitchen and I watched her. She was wearing jeans and a light blue sweater. She was also wearing black pumps with one of those gold-colored square rings slightly above the nose. I also saw that she was wearing natural-colored tights.

She was a glorious presence, even on the webcam 😉 “Milk and sugar?”, she asked and turned around, seeing in a flash that I was taking in her shapely body. “Yes please, two scoops,” I pretended. Grinning, Nika walked into the kitchen, out of sight. “What did you do with your girlfriend last weekend?”, she called from the kitchen. My heart began to beat faster. Why was she asking that? “I mean, did you go out, to a disco, or a movie or something?”, she asked right after; Apparently she was startled herself by how her question initially came out. “Not that much. Honestly, I haven’t seen her in over 2 years,” I tried to make it clear that I had never had a girlfriend. “If you haven’t seen her for 2 years, I don’t think she’s coming back,” she joked.

She came walking back with two cups in her hands and a slight, mischievous smile on her face. She placed the cups on the table, and sat down next to me. “So she won’t mind if you look at other girls,” she was referring to a minute earlier. My heart was pounding in my throat. “I don’t mind if you look at me, Anton, I kind of like it; so you don’t have to worry about me reporting you for sexual harassment or anything, that’s something for those sanctimonious frigid bitches.” Silence for a few seconds. She looked at me as she sat next to me with a cup of coffee in her hands. I looked at my coffee, since I could never tolerate direct, silent eye contact.

Suddenly, “So I’m sitting here next to a real virgin,” she pushed the boundaries of conversation. “Yes you are, so just be careful, soon I’ll be offending you,” I nervously tried to break the tension, but Nika was resolute. “Doesn’t matter, I can take a punch,” she almost whispered. Now I couldn’t swallow. I knew where this would end. To my first time, and with someone I was crazy about. “Nice weather, by the way, huh?”, I tried to be silly distracting. “Weather, as far as I’m concerned, maybe severe weather. We were talking about something else. And don’t say you don’t want me; I’ve seen you look at me for over three years. Now you’re nervous, maybe even a little scared, but in your fantasies, you’ve certainly done it to me pretty often.” “Maybe I have,” I admitted. “I knew”, she said in a soft voice, “And who knows what you did to me in your fantasies. Back then, you didn’t have any nerves either, did you?

You were shameless too, weren’t you? You know now that I can and will make your fantasies come true. So now you don’t have to suffer from a sense of shame either”. “But that’s something completely different. When the fantasy was over, I could move on knowing that only I knew what had happened. I was in control of the whole situation. That would no longer be the case this way,” I explained. “Then we have control of the situation together,” Nika responded, “You can share control with me; you can trust me with that; the two of us share a good time; no one else knows about it, no one has seen us walk out of school together; and even if we did, I would never be ashamed of having made love to you. We can go all out and there’s no one who knows but you and me. Just think, I have to share control with you too, I have something to lose too”. “But you’re used to it, this isn’t your first time anymore”. “But I had a first time too once.

And I remember how grateful I was when my then-boyfriend supported me. I know how it feels”. “You have to trust me,” she said and stroked my thigh, then kissed my cheek. She had wet lips. Slowly her hand slid up through my thigh. I bent a little toward her and kissed her on the mouth. Yes, wet lips. Less and less trepidation possessed my mind. My hand slid over the bulges of her sweater, where I betrayed to her still veiled nipples that she was becoming aroused. Nika and I made passionate love and her tongue entered my mouth, while she rubbed her hand hard over my crotch. She had to feel that I was hard now too. “Good,” she confirmed, before again pressing her open mouth over mine.

Our stroking tongues gave me a sensation that made me even hotter. Like Nika, I now let my hand slide over her pussy. She was getting pretty horny, judging by the movements she started making with her lower body. Meanwhile, my pants were getting tighter and tighter. Together we continued to make love and tongues. I loosened up and asked if it wouldn’t be better to go to her bedroom. This she agreed with me. “Shouldn’t we finish the coffee first?”, she asked curiously about my current opinion of our little adventure, or at least its importance to me. “Fuck the coffee!”, I said. Nika grinned. “Fuck ME!”, she gloated. “Your wish is my command”, I gloated back. I lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom, following her directions. Once there, I threw her onto the big bed. Here, no doubt, she will have had many adventures.

When she came down on the bed she sprang up about three more times. I kicked off my shoes and kicked them into the corner. Nika leaned back on the bed on her elbows. I pulled off her black pumps and looked at her beautiful feet in a seductive way. My preference for feet was a fetishistic perversion I acquired during my teenage years. Two size 38s wrapped in natural-colored pantyhose over her toes. And what toes! As if created by God. The big toes were giant compared to the other toes. Full and round. I was salivating at the thought of sucking on those feet. I held her feet up, pressed my face against the soles of her feet and sniffed the scent of clean nylon. Then I passionately ran my entire tongue along the full length of her soles; from her heels to the tips of her big toes.

Nika got a blissful smile on her face and sank back moaning and giggling. Only now was the shape of her full breasts clearly visible. I looked down at her feet again and saw that she was flexing her toes. This sight made me shudder with horniness. I pressed her feet against my crotch and rubbed her crotch with my fingertips. Despite the fact that she still had her jeans on, I felt the warmth of her pussy and the thought of a moist, thick-haired, open vagina shot through my mind. I unzipped her fly and saw part of her white, cotton panties. I pulled her pants off her ass. I rubbed my fingertips over her crotch again and felt not only the warmth but also that she was soaking wet. I let my middle finger slide gently over her crotch, feeling the slit. Then I slid my fingers down her legs.

She had beautiful brown legs. Shapely upper legs. I could see nice knees and just below them the edge of her lovely pantyhose. My cock rose and rose as I began to massage her feet. Nika began to breathe faster, and I wondered if anyone had ever paid attention to her feet. On to the fruity dish. I wanted to see her plum and pulled her panties down her legs. My instincts had not failed me. I saw a delicious, red slit surrounded by a dark brown, thickly-haired coat. Her pubic hair ran down to her buttocks. I wanted to lick this fuck cave clean, lick it off, suck it dry; but decided to wait until she was so horny that the pussy fluids would run out on their own. I unzipped my pants, pulled them off, then pulled off my underpants too. I now had only my sweater and socks left on. Nika looked at my dangling, semi-rigid dick in amazement.

She then told me to lie back on the bed. She took off her sweater and then her bra. She had beautifully shaped breasts with delicious, large nipples that stood straight up in delight. She bent down and, to my amazement, I saw that she was agonizingly slow to run her entire tongue along the soles of my feet, while I still had my socks on. Quickly she took off my socks and repeated this. Wild with horniness, she began sucking on my big toes. (Did she happen to have the same fetishistic tendencies as me?) Meanwhile, she stroked her fingertips over the trunk of my cock, over my scrotum, and then between my buttocks. I thought I was in dreamland when she began to massage my anus. What a great feeling is a female finger feeling your anus.

After a while, she stopped touching my asshole and lay down on me in the opposite position, known to most people as position 69. As I felt her breasts pressing on my stomach, I saw her languorous, red slit right above my face. I squirmed with lust as I sniffed the hot, horny scent coming from her pleasure cave. I couldn’t wait any longer and let my tongue slide through her hot slit. The sticky, salty juices tasted delicious, so I just stuffed my whole tongue into her pussy. I licked through her slit, dripping the warm juices. The brown pubic hair tingled at my nose, and her juice ran down my cheeks and chin. I pressed my tong between her labia and sucked on her slit, while Nika pressed her pussy back.

She wet my entire sack with her tongue, and sucked me wildly, moaning and swaying her head. This went on for minutes. While I was licking Nika’s vagina clean with my tongue, my nose accidentally came against her anus. In the state of arousal, I was in at that moment, I didn’t let anything stop me. The idea that came to mind was therefore quite perverse, but as I explained, I didn’t let anything stop me, and shame was long gone. I pulled her buttocks apart while she sucked heavily on my cock, her saliva dripping down my balls and butt crack. Wildly, I slid my tongue through her sweaty, fragrant buttock seam until I stopped at her spasming brown asshole. With all my might, I then pressed my tongue into her ass.

As she savagely sucked on my cock, and her pussy juice seeped down my neck, I savored her poop hole. I feasted on her ass and fucked her hole with my tongue. I pushed a finger into her anus, to which Nika let out a squeal. I slid it in and out and felt her sphincter squeezing it. Tight and extremely hot her ass was inside. I pulled my finger out again and licked it like ice cream. The harsh smell and bitter taste turned me on beyond belief. Suddenly, she stuck a finger in MY anus, at which point a pain shot briefly through my lower back. I felt her fingers slide into my hole and Nika giggled. “That’ll teach you to just stick a finger in my ass like that. Now you know what it feels like too” And while she fingered my anus, she started sucking me again.

My cock gleamed with her saliva as she then let her tongue descend and began licking through my butt crack. I felt her wonderfully soft and wet tongue slipping over my brown star and then felt her try to fuck me in my hole with her tongue. Her head went up and down wildly and her tongue penetrated my slit a bit as she moaned loudly. At one point I felt a drop of her saliva slide down my buttock. She stopped verbally working my arse and began to suck me divinely again. Her head moved wildly up and down and I felt her wet lips tighten around my penis as they slid along my pole with great suction. Her soft tongue tickled my glans. I buried my face in her juicy, warm pussy again as she drooled and licked at my cock.

Meanwhile, we massaged each other’s assholes, occasionally sliding a finger slowly in. She finally turned around and closed an opened mouth around mine; wildly cramming her tongue into my mouth and playing with my tongue. I could taste my own arse on her tongue, and she hers on my tongue. We didn’t swallow for so long that our saliva mixed together. Her saliva dripped into my mouth and along with the corners of my mouth. She slid up and so I could easily slide my tongue along her nipples before sucking wildly on her breasts.

I felt her moist pussy hairbrush along my navel. I put my glans between her wet labia, and she crouched down until my cock was up to the root in her warm slit and my sac was touching her anus. Her long, brown hair tingled on my chest as she began to milk my cock using her muscles.

Moaning, she rocked up and down, always contracting her vaginal muscles as she ascended, milking my cock in this way. Each time her lower body sank onto mine, her ass pressed my scrotum flat against my thighs. To avoid any pain, I spread my legs a little wider. Nika got wetter and wetter, making my hard cock slide into her glowing hot pussy more and more smoothly. Nika licked her lips and then mine. I felt myself getting hotter and hotter and decided it was time for another position, so I could have time to let my overheating subside in addition. Nika climbed off my pussy-flavored cock and lay her back on the bed. I climbed between her legs and teased her by rubbing my trunk through her slit and over her tickler. She squirmed from my teasing and with a movement of her lower body, my pole slid into her passionflower. She folded her legs over my shoulders and hooked her feet behind my head. Since this was taking place right next to my ears, I could hear the sound of her pantyhose crunching. A rush of horniness shot up my loins. Nika noticed this and began rubbing her toes along my neck and the back of my head. I stood up with my upper body to get a better view of the whole thing. Nika was clearly enjoying herself. Her legs were in the air and as I fucked her, I held her feet and immediately began massaging her big toes, then lustfully licked her entire feet like a water ice cream.

Then I tore off the pantyhose of her right leg and put the big toe of her right foot completely in my mouth after a thorough licking. As never before, I sucked on the ever-curving toe until my saliva dripped down her foot. As I fucked Nika I almost sucked the juice out of her toes. After sliding my tongue between her toes and sucking on her heel as well, my shiny cock fluttered out of her warm cave, sliding my cock between her buttocks and along her anus. She removed her feet from my shoulders and turned around. She begged me to fuck her from behind. So I did.

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