I wanted to tell you about my feet fetish. I don’t know why, but I love it! It all started when I was 18 and got a part-time job at a shoe store. Of course, you start in the warehouse and behind the counter, but I already loved this. Then I got to help people. Advising them, measuring their shoe size and getting them the right shoes. Especially, measuring the size got me slightly excited. It’s not that I’m a dirty pervert who spends extra time on someone’s feet or does strange things with them, but I can’t deny that I don’t find it horny. It’s also the smell and then especially with women, maybe it’s exciting because I fantasize about the smell of her pussy.

As I got older, the fetish developed. I got a girlfriend, didn’t dare to tell her I liked feet so I made sure I could touch her feet without her looking for something behind it. Nice foot massage, for example. I desperately wanted more, but how was I going to propose it to her? On the internet I had already read about foot jerking someone off with her feet, I could hardly imagine it better than that. I took the plunge and asked her if she would mind trying that with me.

She took it well! How good it felt. She was good with her feet and I have never cum so good. Her whole feet were all over it. It’s not her thing, but she comes on to me regularly. For example, she sometimes lets me lick her feet when she’s on the couch watching TV. I get to massage her feet almost every day. The smell of feet turns me on, especially if they have been in athletic shoes and sweating a lot. I know it is a special fetish, but there are many people who share this fetish with me. I am not ashamed of it, although I don’t show it either because I have made my love for feet my profession. I am now the owner of a shoe store, where I work every day with great pleasure. I am only afraid that if everyone knows that I love feet, there will be fewer customers.