The submitted story of a woman breastfeeding a secret love. The photo is of milkmaid Milaa. You may fantasize that she is feeding you.

For some time I had a profile on a naughty site. In the process, I came into contact with Rick. He was a really nice brown guy in his late 30s. I had just given birth to my baby son and was in need of some excitement.
Rick and I used to chat all day long. I sent him horny chats and pictures because I was ready for an exciting adventure. He liked fuller women and was very attracted to my body. He also found it very exciting that I was breastfeeding. Furthermore, he asked me if we could video call if I did and wanted pictures of my leaking breasts. I thought this was strange at first but did what he asked anyway.

For a few weeks, we chatted a lot, but a date was out of the question. One night I was home alone since my boyfriend had to work overtime and I was very horny. I called Rick and told him I was alone and horny…. He didn’t let me say this twice and told me to send him my address and he was on his way.
Quickly, I put on something exciting and put the little man to bed. And then the bell rang. There stood Rick. Even more gorgeous than on the pictures, and a look in his eyes that made me wet myself. I guided him inside. He introduced himself and immediately started kissing. His hands wandered over my body. I took him by the hand and took him to the living room. He took off my bra and put me on the dining table. After which he started to massage my breasts. When he did this they already started to leak. My boyfriend didn’t care anymore, because he found breastfeeding disgusting. I actually found it quite horny. Rick licked every drop that leaked and squeezed it until it squirted out. The sight alone made me shudder. I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

Rick was massaging my boobs harder and sucking my nipples. While I pulled his cock out of his pants. I jerked him off, as he didn’t leave my big milk tits alone for a second. I was getting mega horny at the idea of him drinking my nutrition. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me, but he wanted me to taste my own milk first. So sucked my nipple and with his mouth full of milk he kissed me. I found the idea strange but was so excited that I did it. And I liked it. I had become so horny now that I was squirting my own milk all over Rick’s horny brown cock and licking it clean. Rick pushed my head hard over his cock and pinched my nipples hard again. The milk kept coming and he rubbed it all over my body as I continued to suck delightfully.

Rick said I was his horny milk whore and if he could come and drink with me more often. With my mouth full I nodded yes and Rick pulled me up by my nipples. These hurt but it didn’t matter. Rick pushed me on my back on the table and drove his big brown cock in1x into me. He grabbed my tits tightly again and fucked me as the milk dripped and out. After a few minutes I felt myself cumming and not too much later Rick came too.
Rick went out the door and soon my friend came home. With sore tits and a dripping pussy I lay down next to him on the couch and the next morning I saw that my breasts were blue from Rick’s rough hands… Luckily my boyfriend never looked at them anyway.