Hello everyone, I’m Tina, a German cougar. My photos and bio are up for viewing. Sorry blog owner, a little promotion for a story. 😁 I had a very horny experience, which made me have horny sex until today. I want to tell you about it now. I do webcam work because I wanted to earn a little pocket money on the side, safe from home, I decided to have sex in front of the cam. I can recommend it to everyone to sign up for this work. Anyway, on with the story.

I came across it by accident and just wanted to try it out. So I bought a webcam, made a profile on a webcam site and just started. A bit scared at first and in the beginning, it was actually more bad than good, because I hardly had any visitors in my chat. I wanted to quit again because it would bring me so little, but fortunately, perseverance wins. And soon I came to a better position on the webcam site Stripchat. Before it went any further, people had to get to know me first.It doesn’t really matter how you do it and what you do. So I thought of something, did it myself in front of the camera and the men watched and that was pee sex.

I liked the peeing sex so much that I even got horny and ejaculated. I didn’t really expect that. I didn’t know that fetish. Still, it was very horny and I always looked forward to the evenings when I would sit in front of the webcam. One evening when I was back online and had few visitors in the live chat, a man came in and immediately asked me for a private chat. This is a chat where only we can talk and no other viewer can read our conversation. I did it immediately and he asked me if I could do for him what he wanted most, that there were other camgirls who did that, but that visually they would not be as good for him. This younger gentleman was looking for love in an older mature woman. This statement surprised me greatly because anyone who has ever looked around on a sexcam platform knows that there are some really hot and beautiful girls around. Well, I thought, tastes differ, so what the heck. he was looking for an older woman, a real-life Cougar like me, with a little of domination.

I then told him to just tell me what I could do for him. He asked me if I could push my pussy as close as possible to the cam and then pee in a high curve. That was new to me, but I had no problem with it. In my bedroom where I did my sexcam shows, I had laminate and so it could work if I wiped it off quickly afterward. So I said yes to him, only I didn’t have to pee then. So I told him that I would drink a lot of water now and that he should come back to my nether regions after about 2 hours. He said no, he wanted to stay and talk to me alone. That seemed a bit silly to me because he would only have to pay money to have a normal conversation with me, but he didn’t care. So he stayed, and we talked about God and the world while I drank my water. I learned that his name was Hans, lived not so far from me, was single, and worked in construction. Just normal small talk. After a while, I had drunk so much that I already had a real water belly.

This German Cougar is Starting

Now all I had to do was wait for the water to flow from my stomach into my bladder. Time flew by during the conversation, and now I also realized that I had to pee like a pig. I told Hans and got into position. Again, I made sure all the technical devices were out of reach and began to pee. It was a thick stream because I had drunk 2 liters of water. The stream left my pussy with a lot of pressure until it landed on the floor, making a loud splashing sound. I had the feeling that it didn’t want to stop. But after a while, the pressure eased off and it got less and less and then stopped altogether. That was quite a relief. I picked up my keyboard again to ask Hans if he was okay with it. I got no answer, just a request for a Cam2Cam chat which I accepted and in the top right corner of my screen a window opened with a picture of a cock being held by a hand. And then of a cock being pulled off by a hand.

Then the jerking slowed down and sperm squirted out of his cock in large quantities and multiple thrusts. The sight was cool, it shot through my head. I had seen that here now for the first time during cam sex and thought it was really hot. It was cool. Can we do it again tomorrow? Wrote Hans, to which I then answered yes. We agreed on a time and both left the chat. I also logged out completely and wanted to mop my floor and take a shower first. When I had done everything, I went to bed because it was already late and luckily I could sleep in the next morning because it was Saturday, I spent almost the whole day in bed and was just waiting to go online again. I couldn’t wait to put on another great show for Hans. Then it was too far again, I had already had enough to drink and my bladder was already watering. I logged on and only a short time later I received another private chat request, this time immediately with Cam2Cam. This time Hans was in front of the camera, so I could see his face.

A friendly guy, I thought to myself and winked at him. Then I got back into position, but this time I pulled my labia wide apart so Hans wouldn’t miss any of the details. I checked again to see if I was right and then I let it go again. It was another violent flow and it seemed to take forever to stop. When I finished and saw the look on Hans’s face as he stared at the monitor, it made me really horny and I started doing it to myself. My fingers went over my clit and it only took a moment for me to cum hard, I moaned and my pussy twitched like crazy. Then I lay exhausted on the bed and could only see the glint in Hans’s eyes. Then he wrote: “That was a great show, I would love to see it in real life. Although I still don’t know what exactly made me do it, I wrote. Then come by tomorrow, and I’ll do it live for you. Although I regretted it as soon as I sent the message, I wanted to do it anyway.

What about 5 o’clock in the afternoon? Asked Hans, I answered perfectly, gave him my address and my last name so he knew where to ring the bell. Then I told him I needed to freshen up and that I would see him tomorrow. So we both left the conversation and I cleaned up and went back to the shower. For the rest of the evening, I couldn’t get it out of my head what I had started. But I had to get through it now and whether it would be horny or not I would see then. The night was very restless for me and all day I could only think about my upcoming date. And then the time had come. The doorbell rang and I pressed the buzzer and waited for Hans to arrive at my door. As I said, he was sympathetic-looking, tall, and well-built. No belly, but muscular and well-dressed. I invited him in and we sat down on the couch. I went to the kitchen and got a beer for him and a 1.5-liter bottle of water for me. “Ah, you prepare well.” He said, winking. “Sure, it should be just like cam sex, isn’t it?” he just nodded and drank his beer. We talked a lot and about all kinds of things, I drank my water, and then I noticed that my bladder was pressing again.

I just grabbed Hans by the hand and pulled him into the bedroom. I told him to sit on the chair in the corner. I undressed and lay down on the bed with my pussy facing him. In the time it took me to undress, Hans had done the same. He was now sitting naked on the chair with his already stiff cock in his hand. I didn’t want to keep him waiting and just let it go. I peed and he slowly pulled on his cock. That made me really horny. When I finished peeing, Hans got up and came over to me. He walked around the puddle on the floor, pushed me further onto the bed and got between my legs. Then he started licking my pussy. He literally licked it clean. My hands clawed at the sheets and I felt a fierce orgasm rise within me.

All erupted with a scream and violent shocks that wouldn’t stop. But Hans didn’t stop licking, he just kept going, sucking and sucking on my clit so hard I almost went crazy. Then I gently pulled him to me by his head and we kissed. It tasted funny, but also very horny, the mixture of pussy juice, urine and his saliva. Which made me very horny again. Hans spread my legs even wider, lay down between them and pushed his hard-on deep into my pussy, first fucking me slowly and then faster and faster. I wrapped my legs around him and grabbed his ass with my hands and just let him fuck me.

He fucked me, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. But suddenly he stopped, got off me, knelt beside me and held his cock in front of my mouth. “Open your mouth, sexy Cougar”. I took his part as deep into my mouth as I could, and then he squirted. There were 4 violent jolts pumping his cum down my throat and with a little effort I managed to swallow it all. I had never done that before, but I liked it. Now we were both satisfied and lay down next to each other. “Man, you’re a horny slut,” Hans said, which I let stand. “But you’re also a good fucker and spontaneous.” “Who would miss something like that, I didn’t expect you to invite me to your house and offer me something like that.” “I don’t know myself why I did it so quickly, but it was a good idea, don’t you think?” I asked him, which he only answered with a nod. “And what happens now?” he then asked.

I already had an idea, so I said to him, “We’ll clean up here now, then we’ll take a shower, and then you can invite me to dinner, so I can get pumped up today and drink something other than water. “Great, that’s what we’ll do, let’s do it.” It shot out of him as he jumped off the bed. So we both cleaned up, took a shower, got dressed and went to a nice little restaurant around the corner that I had known for a long time. During the meal we talked further and I wanted to know if he had already practiced his fetish with other women. He denied it because he had never dared to tell a woman, so this inclination remained unsatisfied for a long time until we met during cam sex. He then said, “I started it through a friend, he used to do it with his ex, but in his new relationship he can’t live with it either.” Somehow I could understand that, but in the meantime, those peeing games made me horny too.”

My buddy, also likes older Cougar women, and I even talked about it once what it would be like to be pissed on and we found the thought horny, but where would you like to meet a woman who pisses on two guys at once?” Said Hans and looked deep into my eyes. I took that as a challenge and wanted to know. “What kind of man is your mate, is he nice, what does he look like?” It shot out of me and I wondered again why I was asking this now. Hans took his cell phone out of his pocket and showed me a picture of him and his mate on the beach. His buddy also made a good impression and was also well-built. “So you two want to be pissed on by a woman together, huh? I asked him and he just nodded. “And what’s in it for the woman?” I asked him as I looked him in the eye. You could really see it rattling through his head, then the answer came. “Horny sex with two well-built men and always a good meal and a day of shopping.” He said with a grin. “Okay, then I’ll do you a favor, but I also want value for my money, if not, there will be real problems,” I said and then I regretted it again, what was wrong with me? Hans could only grin, and his eyes really started to light up. “Okay, then I’ll pick you up next Saturday at 5 pm and we’ll go to my friend’s house, okay?” I nodded and we toasted. We sat in the restaurant for quite a while until it closed at some point, Hans took me home.

In the car we chatted some more, then I said, “I have to go now, I have to pee again.” “Can I watch?” Said he again. “But only if I can stand above the toilet, I don’t feel like cleaning it up again.” “Sure, no problem.” Said Hans and followed me to my flat. I went straight to the toilet, took off my pants and panties, stood with wide legs above the toilet and peed. Hans knelt down in front of me so he could see it better. When I finished, he came back to me and licked my pussy clean. That made me so horny again that I wanted to fuck. I pushed him aside, knelt on all fours, Hans immediately understood the request, took off his pants, knelt behind me and rammed his stiff cock right into my wet pussy. He rammed me like a rabbit. After a short time, I cum again and moaned loudly, probably making him cum too. He grabbed my ass firmly and pulled me to him with a jerk, his cock was now deep in my pussy and he was squirting. His cock was really pumping me full.

Very slowly he pulled his cock out of me, helped me up, gave me a passionate kiss and hugged me. Then he whispered in my ear, “Thank you, you’re the best.” I didn’t know what was going on, but I told him, “Thank you, I can only give back.” I then took his semi-rigid cock in my hand and pulled him to the sink and washed him off. He got dressed and we said goodbye with an intimate kiss. When Hans had closed the door of the flat, I went to take a shower, after all, I still had a good load of cum in me. After the shower, I put on my pajamas and went straight to bed, it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep. The next morning, I thought about everything again and looked forward to the next Saturday, despite a few doubts. You can read all about it in the following story.