The cozy little dance hall was packed. The lights were dimmed and the rousing music echoed through the walls. I had really dressed up for the evening. I had put on a deliciously short skirt with a matching blouse. I also wore a bra and matching thong underneath, as well as a garter belt and nylons. The skirt was just long enough to hide the hem of my nylons. The dance floor was a swarm of working and sweaty bodies. I stood at the side of the bar and looked around curiously. I had been standing there for a few minutes, and my eyes went past the bar, where a couple of young women were laughing and giggling, hoping to be asked to the dance floor by a man. Although I definitely do not consider myself a lesbian, my feelings go back and forth from time to time. I especially fall for women who are rudely horny. And tonight I had decided to hit on a nice woman for a “one-night stand”.

One by one, I took a good look at the pretty women at the bar, but my attention was mainly focused on the woman next to me. She was pretty and young and had a delicious figure. She had the sensual smile of a woman who was aware of her attractiveness. Actually, she didn’t fit into this environment either. There was something chic about her. She was wearing a tight dress that showed off her figure very well. She wore black shiny nylons and red patent pumps with high heels. Her hair was jet black and real. She had a funny little rocker nose and a beautifully shaped mouth with red lips that anyone would fall in love with. It was one of those little mouths that drive you crazy because you want to look at it all the time.

My eyes were irresistibly drawn to her erotic gaze. Suddenly she was looking at me, and how. With her inky black eyes she began to explore my high heels, slowly climbing up my nylon legs, along my short skirt, past the buttons of my tightly buttoned blouse to the hair on my head. This was a completely new sensation for me. Usually I am the one who takes the initiative. But this young woman was different from the women I knew. It seemed as if her eyes were already completely undressing me. I stood quietly and said nothing, but I could not take my eyes off this attractive woman. “Hello, delicious,” she said suddenly. I’m Lucia and you are?” she continued in a sultry voice as she held out her hand. “Uh… I’m Karin,” I said slightly awkwardly and shook her hand. She looked at me again for a few seconds.

This made me slightly nervous, something that doesn’t usually happen to me. “Would you like to join me for a glass of wine?” she asked, still looking at me with a lustful expression. “Gladly…” I informed her almost shyly, and for a moment it was as if I was hopelessly shy. She was better at keeping her positive thoughts together than I was, so she was able to respond more quickly. She was probably also used to being in charge. She ordered two drinks at the bar. I could smell her delicious scent despite the distance between us. She had put on a very distinctive perfume, unknown to me. She took the two glasses from the bar that the bartender had set down, handed one to me, toasted me, and sipped from her glass. I looked at her again and saw that she was indeed devilishly beautiful.

You could become so addicted to her without even realizing it, even as a woman. We sipped our drinks again, while a nice song for dancing came from the loudspeaker. “I think you can dance well,” she said unexpectedly. “This woman is full of surprises,” I thought. “Lucia,” I said, “you don’t want to, do you?” “Why not,” she interrupted me. Surely, women often dance with each other.” Without another word, she took my glass from my hands, put it on the bar, and pulled me with her to the dance floor. There she simply slipped into my arms and began to dance. And how! She was so light in my arms. I had danced with a woman before, but dancing with her was an experience in itself. I let her wash over me and enjoyed the moment. I felt her rapid breathing on my face. She stroked her lips along my neck and I could almost hear her purring.

I pressed myself closer to her. “You are a beautiful woman and I could be very sweet to you,” she whispered in my ear, a little mischievously. Her voice was almost frighteningly husky. She seemed to sense exactly what I wanted. “Karin, we could have some fun together.” She held out her hands and pulled my head towards her. Her pink tongue shot out and slid along my lips. I immediately imagined how that tongue would flick along my clit. My nipples were hard by now, pressing through my blouse against her dress. A hot shock shot through my stomach. I melted under her touch, intoxicated by her scent, unable to utter another word. She led, that much was clear now. I could only follow. Lucia put her hand confidentially on my thigh and said gravely: “I want to go to bed with you, I want to come with you”. She said it without any shyness or restraint. Meanwhile, the excitement was pounding in my body like a hammer.

The last sounds slowly faded away. We strolled hand in hand back to the bar, where we drained our glasses in silence. “Come on,” she said, breathing heavily, “if you want to, and you do, let’s go. I can’t and won’t wait any longer.” As if hypnotized, I ran after her. Outside I got into her car and within half an hour we arrived at her house. She maneuvered the car up the narrow driveway and turned the car off. She opened the door and let her long legs slide out of the car, her dress riding up her thighs. The promise of what was to come and the exciting way her thighs slid past each other made my body tingle with excitement. I got out too. She pushed open the garden gate and together we walked towards the house. Once inside, we walked through a hallway, straight to the stairs. I walked obediently behind her, still in silence. Then I entered a spacious bedroom with many mirrors. She kicked off her heels and told me to do the same. Then she loosened her hair and unbuttoned her dress.

Her hands slid carefully from button to button, throwing her head back. With a casual gesture, she exposed her shoulders and lowered the dress below her breasts. She stood behind me and leaned against my back. Her breasts brushed against the fabric of my blouse. I could feel her nipples growing hard, and mine responded immediately. Her tongue slid along the inside of my ear, hot and wet. All I could do was moan softly. A heat radiated from her body like I had never felt before. Then she let go of me and stood in front of me. Slowly she slid her dress down and stepped out of it. Motionless, I stared at her and watched her delicious body appear.

Her skin seemed to give off light. Her tongue slid hotly along her lips as she released her breasts. My heart leapt into my throat. Then suddenly her hands were on me again. Hands running over my face, hands unbuttoning my blouse, hands pulling down my skirt. For a moment those hands stayed still and then slowly they moved again, lovingly undoing my bra in a way no one had ever done to me before. I felt like wax in their hands. Her hands now circled over my skin, over my stomach, down my thong and along my collarbones. I enjoyed her intense caresses until she suddenly gripped me tighter. Her fingernails dug into my arms, and for a moment I tried to resist, but it was in vain. Then she released me, told me to sit on the bed, and bent over me. “Kiss me,” she panted, horny with desire. I closed my eyes and pressed my full lips against hers. Her tongue filled my mouth as she pushed me down hard and spread me out on the bed.

Gasping for breath, I pulled my mouth back. Now my neck was exposed to her lips and teeth. She kissed me again and her saliva mixed with mine. She pushed herself on top of me, pressing me down with her weight, crushing me with her long body, holding my hands tightly above my head. Her licking tongue slid over my breasts and her lips sucked on my stiff nipples. It was ravishing, it was mega horny, and I moaned softly. I still had my thong on, but I was totally open and surrendered to her. She rode me like a savage, kicking and rolling. She set us on fire as she went up and down. The seam of my thong bit deeper and deeper into my pussy in an excruciating way. I almost wanted to beg her to tame me, but that was long gone as she had already driven me crazy.

I had never experienced anything like this before. I pushed my right upper leg between her thighs and rubbed my own pussy wildly against hers. Her hard nipples pushed sharply into the soft flesh of my breasts. Our tongues flicked along and over each other. I tried to satisfy my hunger by pushing my body upward, but she wouldn’t let me. We went fast, very fast, I didn’t even have time to scream. My hands were intertwined above my head, my resistance was gone and my nylon legs were waiting wide open for whatever this beautiful woman had in store for me. She, too, was drooling with lust, but she deliberately made me wait. I could hear her heart pounding. She was dazzled, stunned and out of her mind. Each tongue kiss warmed my body like a big glass of wine. With each tongue kiss, her lips were more fiery and our tongues fought a wild battle. Finally, she stood up and pulled down my wet thong. Then she threw herself on top of me again, pushing my legs apart to make room for her hands and face. Her fingers were suddenly playing everywhere, in my anus and in my pussy. She bit my nipples and kissed my stomach. She deliberately teased me to make me even hornier, if that was possible. Her warm wet tongue pressed against my hot clit and with long slow dragging motions she began to lick my entire pussy. Her powerful tongue slid along my clit again. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks. A hand slid under my bottom and I felt a finger teasingly slide between my butt crack. My pussy juice was now mixing with her saliva. “God how horny I am, fuck me!” I moaned softly into her ear.

Two fingers disappeared into my pussy, sliding along my clit. I begged, “Fuck me, fuck me, I can’t wait any longer.” But she didn’t. “Turn around,” she said suddenly. She stood up and “patted,” her hand landing on my bottom, warming my skin. A barrage of hard slaps came on my tight ass. It hurt, but I found it delicious. The lust in my womb now seemed like a raging fire, and I thought I was going crazy. She pressed her nails hard into my bottom. She ruled like a queen and I was her slave. The sweet pain of her fingers squeezing my flesh, mixed with the heat burning in my body, made me drift further and further away from this world, to a place where I could only feel my own needs and desires. Again I felt the pounding pain across my bottom. “Beg me to stop, you filthy slut!” she cried out in a frenzy. “Oh Lucia, it hurts so much, please stop,” I cried submissively, obeying her command. The roles were clear, she was the boss in this crazy game. “Okay, turn on your back, horny whore that you are,” she said in a dominant tone, “and don’t look at me. So I didn’t either. “Very good Karin. Now I decide what happens, I look at you and you look into the mirror above you. You are now my own horny little slut and I can do whatever I want with you,” she said. She took my breasts in her hands and teased my hard nipples with her fingers. She crawled over me and came with her pussy right over my mouth. Her wet labia glistened with the pussy juice flowing from her cunt. With my tongue, I gently licked along her labia. Teasingly, I occasionally let my tongue explore deep inside her pussy. An overwhelming wave of horny desire washed over me. “Suck my pussy,” she said.

Her voice had softened, but still had a dominant undertone. I did as she said. I placed my mouth on her labia and began to suck and lick enthusiastically. She had also become very wet and her pussy juice was running down my cheeks. “Oh yes, that’s delicious,” she moaned, “use your head, move it. Just as I thought she was about to cum, she stepped away from me. “Put your hands on your head,” she said. Automatically I did as she said. My arms went up, then were quickly tied to the bed with a belt. Tight and hard. “You’re going to get what you’ve wanted all day. You want to be tamed and you will be. I can do it like no other.” The desire had completely intoxicated me, so I made no effort to resist. I had truly lost all control over my body and mind. I was completely at her mercy. I didn’t know where she got it so quickly, but all of a sudden she had a huge black dildo in her hand, and she let it pass through her hands while she stroked it. She pressed the huge tip against my clit for a moment, and that already made me moan with pleasure and divine desire. “Spread your legs wider, naughty girl,” she said now, and I did so immediately. “Very good. Push your pussy up a little.” I braced myself, held my breath, closed my eyes and gently raised my hips. Slowly she pushed the head of the huge dildo further between my labia. My labia parted to make room for the huge device. “Yes, go on, go on, yes, harder,” I screamed like a lunatic, “do it hard, fuck me ready with that dildo!” My labia were glowing and my clit felt like it would explode at any moment.

I screamed, moaned, cursed and begged to be allowed to come. “The boss is going to fuck you now!” she screamed and suddenly rammed the huge dildo hard and deep into my pussy. My pussy swallowed it greedily and I began to thrust against it. It hurt for a moment, but it was a pleasurable pain. The dildo proceeded slowly and methodically, getting wet and glistening with my pussy juices. Deeper and deeper it went into my pussy, and I straightened up a bit to see everything better. I felt my pussy being completely filled. She moved it in and out. Then she stopped. Only now did I notice that the dildo had two sides with a head. The side she was holding was also round and slowly I realized what she was doing. She took a deep breath. Slowly, she bent over me and brought the other end to her pussy. “You are going to make me come now, she cried out. And you have to come too.” “Gladly,” I moaned and looked into the mirror. I pushed my pussy up even higher and the rubber cock slid into her cunt in one smooth motion. She thrust her pelvis forward wildly as her hot breath hit my face. “Let yourself go, my darling,” she whispered softly now, grinding her whole body against mine. I felt her tremble and suddenly saw goose bumps all over her body. Slowly she increased the rhythm. “We’re going to fuck each other and it’s delicious,” she growled. Quickly and at a fast pace we went up and down. We felt each other exactly and our movements accelerated. It was hot and horny. Butterflies and wasps fought each other. A fight that could not end.

It was like a hot ball exploded at the bottom of my body. Hot balls shot through my body. There was a war going on, but a war of pure ecstasy. Long waves of pleasure flowed up from my clit to my stiff nipples. “Fuck me, fuck me,” I could only stammer. She began to jerk her lower body violently and uncontrollably. Again and again, and deeper than I ever thought possible, she fucked me. My desire intensified as she also began to gently pinch my hard nipples. She breathed heavily into my ear. I wanted to caress and squeeze her, but my hands were tied. I became dizzy. I thought I was going to faint, it was so delicious, so horny! Sparks jumped from my gnashing teeth and out of my eyes. She screamed like a wild animal. Faster and louder. Shouting my name, she screamed and came as I continued to thrust. There was almost no end to my orgasm. Eventually the biggest waves subsided and I lay there for a while jerking. Exhausted, she rolled off me and I slowly came back to reality. Would it stop there? It seemed as if I was lost forever. No more one-night stands for me, just her!