An erotic story, written by a woman who visits a naturist campground with her husband.

Our first vacation to a naturist campsite was in France. In the beautiful area of Provence. Fields of fragrant lavender and mountains of grapevines. We had chosen a small farm campsite halfway up a mountain. A terrace campsite with a small swimming pool with sun loungers around it and in the corner a large jacuzzi. If you sat in it, you had a beautiful view of the valley. We pitched our tent in such a way that we had a view of the bubble bath and therefore also of the panoramic view of the valley. On this campsite, no children were allowed. So peace and quiet. Most guests were over 50. We also belong to that group. We had just finished our dinner and drank a bottle of delicious local wine. I don’t do well with alcohol and soon got a bit drunk. Red blushes on your cheeks, honey said, Tony. We enjoyed the view and it was already getting dark.

The silence on the naturist campsite was great

The silence on the campsite was lovely. We heard voices down by the jacuzzi. A couple was getting in. She is a small fat woman and he is a big guy of over 2 meters and muscular. It’s great, I said, peeping at people. Nice ass she has and what a pair of memes said Tony. But darling, yours are the best, and he stood up and grabbed my tits and sucked hard on my nipples. He gave me a wet smack kiss and filled my glass with water. Drink honey, it will make you horny. I peered down. There was a light burning in the bubble bath and I saw that the bear had a boner. I got up and walked into the tent. Where had I put my binoculars now? In the trunk, Tony said. I took a peek and through my binoculars, I saw that he was fingering her. And she had his cock in her hands. What a horny couple.

They kissed each other and he pulled her on his lap. Let me have a look too said Tony and he pulled the binoculars out of my hands. I am going to the toilet Tony, see you soon and I walked downstairs towards the toilet building. I peed and decided to have a look. I walked towards the Jacuzzi. The woman sat next to him and greeted me. Is there room for me I asked? Yes, the man replied. He stood up and gave me a hand so I could climb into the tub. What a huge cock. The couple sat apart and I took place Henri them. How lovely, the warm water and the bubbles. I am Angela and gave her a hand. Mila is my name and my husband’s name is Fred. I took a good look at Mila. Thick tits with big nipples and by the looks of it a pussy with a bunch of black hair. Henri spread his arms and I felt his hand against my neck. His feet touched mine and I closed my eyes. How wonderfully relaxing this is I said.

His hand caressed my neck and he said I feel that you are still tense in your neck and gently he began to knead me. I looked in the direction of our little tent and saw that Tony was watching us with the binoculars. I winked at him and he raised his hand. I moaned softly and Mila asked if what Henri was doing was nice. Mmm, I moaned again. Get so horny from it. Also, of this Mila asked and she gently pinched my nipple. Oh yes, that is very pleasant and she came close to me. I became hornier and hornier. Especially knowing that Tony was watching us. Henri’s other hand was on my leg and went towards my pussy. I spread my legs a little so he could reach it more easily. Mmm, it sounded in my ear. Bare pussy and his fingers slid over my clit. Meanwhile, Mila licked my nipples and sucked on them too. I get so horny from that and looked at Henri’s mouth.

He smiled and gave me a kiss. His tongue went deep into my mouth. And his thick middle finger went deep into my pussy. We tongued fiercely and I felt that Mila had stopped sucking on my nipples. I turned my head and tongued with her. Henri’s hand-pounded deep into my pussy, and I felt Mila’s thick tits against mine. I stroked the hard nipples and took turns taking them into my mouth. Sometimes I looked towards Tony and saw that he was making pulling motions. He’s so horny about it too. Mila got up and sat on the edge. Her legs were wide so her labia were visible. Black wet curls. My hand spread her labia apart and my tongue slid Henri her lips. On her clit I sucked softly and circled it. She moaned in pleasure. I felt Henri remove his hand from my pussy and pull me up and came to stand behind me.

His huge cock pushed against my pussy. Gently inch by inch, he slid it in. I was completely filled. My tongue disappeared deep into Mila’s pussy and Henri fucked me slowly in my pussy. The fucking rhythm became faster and Henri. My finger was on Mila’s clit and with my tongue I fucked her. I felt Henri’s big balls bounce against my ass and he was panting heavily. Henri, I cried out. He pumped harder and harder. And Henri and Henri. The water gushed out of the tub and Mila cried out Cumming!. I bit down on her clit and her lust flooded out. Henri looked like a machine and pounded on hard. Mila sank into the water and sucked on my hard nipples. Now I come too I moaned and Henri fucked me even Henri. It came from my toes. With a growl and moan my pussy pulled tight around Henri’s cock.

Oh dear, I cum too and hard streams of hot seed were sprayed into my pussy. I turned around and looked towards Tony. He raised his thumb and saw that he had a towel in front of his cock. That one jerked itself off. It was delicious, Mila said. And the three of us tongued. Will you come and have a drink with us tomorrow evening, I asked. Then you can meet my husband, Tony. We will, said Mila. Then we will have a date said Henri. Agreed! We got out of the bubble bath and I walked upstairs. What a horny girl you are said Tony. I got a good look at everything thanks to your binoculars. Tomorrow you can join us, Tony. I invited them for tomorrow night. He poured my glass full again and toasted the naturist vacation.

The next morning we woke up early. The birds were singing and the sun was already burning warmly on our tent. Tony who woke up with a huge thick cock was lying on top of his sleeping bag. Come here with your pussy and spoil this cock. I crawled on top of him and sat on my crouch. His cock slid into my pussy without mercy. You are always wet and he chuckled, he pulled on my nipples which made me even hornier. I fucked him slowly. Nice but now Henri said Tony I want to cum. I rocked up and down my tits went in all directions. So horny sight this is Tony moaned and my hand slid between his legs and suddenly I stuck my finger in his anus.

Mmm, I fingered his ass and he fucked along. A deep growl from his throat is the sign that he is about to ejaculate. I take my finger out of his ass and step away from his cock and took his cock in my mouth. He pounded his cock deep into my mouth and the delicious seed squirted into my mouth. I loved it and swallowed it all. So Tony said that you have done a wonderful job again. I am going to make coffee and gave me a slap on the ass and stood up. Honey said I, that Mila has a cunt with lots of pubic hair. And Henri liked my bare pussy so much. Could you suggest to her that you trim her pussy tonight? Good plan sweetie, I will do. But get out of bed, your coffee is ready.